Sunday, August 26, 2012

Poor blog is starving

but our lives lately have been on "full speed ahead".  Between two projects for Creative Imaginations and another two for Gecko Galz and a make n take for Posh Scraps "Back to School" crop this past weekend, I caught myself going out the front door as I was coming in.  Throw in the fact the kids did not have school last Wed. so we were doing a flash back to last, mix in a little Wine and Art Walk in our town last Sat and a reunion with a good friend, Becky, last Friday and you have our life lately.

So, first, of course, our oh so loved Grands (but be sure to scroll all the way down to see E with a belly dancer...did I whet your appetite?

All three Grands have various stages of bronchitis and Leighton has an ear infection: the price one pays for starting a new school year in a day care &/or new school.   Oh, and Leighton is no longer the One Tooth Wonder...she is now the Two Tooth Tootsie!

and on to Friday after Mama got home, we switched back to our car and headed to Tarpon Tavern to pick up our and our friends', Mitch and Kim, tickets for the Wine and Art Walk here in Tarpon Springs.  Who do we spy but our dear friend, Becky, her neighbor, Sonia, another friend of theirs and the three dogs.  "Come have a brew with us!", I said.  "YES!" they said and so they did.  What a joy it is to reconnect with good friends.  Then we were joined by Darrel and Katherine, Susie and Justin, a couple of friends of theirs and our favorite house sitter, Tom, even roamed through.  We LOVE Tarpon Tavern...excellent food and personable owner, Dan.

So, fast forward to Sat. I head out to Posh Scraps to join the "Women who do Lunch Bunch" for Posh Scraps "Back to School Crop".  I started a project, stopped to help the owner, Michele, design the challenge, did a make n take and then had to head home.

The Days were in town still looking for their B n B and we met up at our house where they were spending the night. 

We met up at the Tarpon Tavern and good thing as it poured down rain...our first band of bad weather from the latest storm (you know...the one the Republicans delayed their convention because of).  We had the most incredible sampler ever...far too much food at such an amazing price.  I was too busy eating to take pics...sorry.

Then, when the rain stopped, we moved on.  And hit about 12 of the 17 shops offering those of us who had purchased tickets, a shot glass taste of some lovely wines...and an introduction to a few shops even E and I did not know.

We ended up at the newly resurrected Zorba's for a belly dancer and some food ( a whole other blog post... too many bar tenders and too few wait help!) and here are the pics.  Yes! that is E out on the dance floor with the dancer. 

 And here is all we have gotten of the "hurricane" that delayed the Republican

Oh, and what reminded me and nagged at me to blog more regularly was the movie E and I watched today: Julie and Julia.  I shall try to be more regular for anyone who still follows my blog...and apologies.  Some times life gets in the way of my life.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Charmed I am sure!

I am a charm bracelet person.  Perhaps I inherited this trait from my mother who had a hearts charm bracelet when she was in high school.  Each heart had a story and many had been given to her by young men going off to war and by her girlfriends who she was still in contact with beyond her 50th. high school reunion.

I started my first charm bracelet when I was in high school as did many of my girl friends.  We exchanged charms on birthdays and holidays and I still have parts of mine somewhere.  I started a second bracelet when E and started spending time on Ft. Myers Beach and traveling to southern ports.

This became my beach bracelet and I still add to it each summer.

Then E and I traveled to Italy and I became addicted to the Italian Charm Bracelets.  My watch no longer works but when I can find another, I shall resume wearing this one and find someone who can figure out how to get these little suckers into place.

And then, Jo, Bill, E and I took off on our Med cruise.  and I wanted to have just a "travel abroad" charm bracelet" and Jo joined right in.  We collected the most lovely charms together which makes this charm bracelet even more special. 

And then Kristen and Chris started my Pandora charm bracelet.  This was mainly because I had banned any further birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day ect gifts of gnomes.  Kristen would like me to separate the charms she and Chris have given me from the ones others have so this shall be done!

So, this summer I started my gorgeous granddaughter's charm connection far back in time to my mother and through her me.  I will add one charm each summer and perhaps a few more for special occasions. 

As for my mother's charm bracelet, I took four of the charms that she had the most lovely stories about and put at least one if not more on shadow boxes I created for my sister, my niece, my daughter and myself.  I included pearls from my grandmother's broken necklace, tatted lace from my great aunt, and a hanky from my aunt's voluminous collection.  Every one of us has a piece of our history.  I was so pleased to find that my daughter has hers in her bedroom.

Leighton Kaye, you come from a long line of 'charmed' women...welcome to our club

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Terrific Thursday in Paradise

 Once again we got the boys to school on time and picked them up with minutes to spare.  Once we got home to their house, they entertained us with driving lessons, basket ball hoop repair,
 funny face making,
 and golf tips.
 They showed us their new shoes for school,
 how to get a good case of the giggles,
 and how to play nice with one's brother.
 At 5:30pm, I drove up to where the little guys are taking swim lessons.  These people at SEALS Swim School know their stuff.  The boys have only had 5 half hour lessons so far and this very qualified little gal has them floating on their back, kicking, holding their breath, swimming for the side and blowing lots of bubbles.

 It doesn't hurt that their instructor is a cute gal...the boys are suckers for cute ones.
 And, while her brothers were learning survival skills in the pool, Leighton was perfecting her flirting and her aerials

E and I have been talking about how much we are enjoying this new schedule with the Grands.  We get one on one time with Leighton on Wed. (well, at least til Nov.) and then after school time with the little guys Thurs and Fridays.  Life is good.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesdays with Leighton Kaye

 We've started a new journey with the Grands today.  From now until Leighton turns one in Nov., she will spend every Wed. with Nana and Papa at our house.  We will be taking Colvin and Landon to the new school which is mid way between our homes and picking them up after school Wed.-Friday.  Leighton will join them on her birthday.

It has been nice today to have her all to ourselves.  She is a happy sweet baby and we are enjoying her presence .  The last time we sat all three of the kids, the little guys had pretty much given up wanting to be rocked and cuddled before their is nice to have a sweet little one back in my arms falling asleep to the creaking of my grandfather's rocker.  I am sure he would be happy knowing yet another grand of his is carrying on the tradition. 

The little guys are about half way through potty training and are quite proud of themselves...just ask them!   On our way to school, I asked Landon what his teacher's name was as he is a collector of names (he recites them like a litany ) and he replied, "Teacher".  Ok.  Works for me.  lol

Have a great day!