Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks

It was a chaotic, busy and absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving at our house this year. Rob swung by Kristen's, helped her load the kids in her van for the trip to our house. Chris had to work til 4:30 so we spent the remainder of the time playing with the kids, cooking (mostly E) and working on our printer and computers (mostly Rob) and chasing 2 little boys hither, thither and yon (mostly Kristen and me). Dinner was wonderful and E and I, despite sending home lots and lots of left overs with the kids, have been eating on turkey, apple pie, dressing etc ever since.

I hope to be able to post 3 of the 4 layouts I did at Posh Scraps yesterday but may wait til I put the finishing touches on the 4th one so it may be tomorrow before I get them up.

Hope your Thanksgiving has been a wonderful one.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Girls' Day Out

Kristen and I have a tradition of my taking her out on her birthday for lunch. This year, due to the early arrival of Ms leighton, this lunch was delayed until this past Monday. We took our favorite little girl with us as we figured that the earlier we got her in to the lunch, shop routine, the better. Besides, how often do I get to dine with two such lovely ladies?

Kristen had never been to Bon Appetite in Dunedin but had requested some where on the water and this place fit the bill. It is where Glo, Sandy and I go every year to open the holiday season. Kristen and I both had the 1943 salad and Leighton had some Mama's Milk. She actually slept through most of our outing...are we that boring? lol
Here we are...three generations. Do you see any resemblance? And what is that expression on my face. I mean, I know I don't take very good pics but really?
Kristen got her wish...this restaurant overlooks Honeymoon Island and to the south, lovely and excellent food
After our lunch out, we hit Jo's and Mike's looking for the perfect first tree for our little lady. Now it had to be pink and it had to be glittery with lots of bling. And we found a hot pink tinsel tree that fit the bill . Hope our little lady likes it.

I am hoping your week is going well!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

and still more lovely gifts for the kids

Our grand children are certainly going to make the best dressed kids list yet! Jill sent a sweet package to the kids and Kristen opened it yesterday when I went to help with the boys. The hats have the cutest little trucks on them and the boys looked pretty spiffy in them.
And check out these darling little pink things...the tights have ruffles on the bottom and the sweater is so soft. Thanks Jill for thinking of the kids!

Little Leighton Kaye managed to squirm out of her head-to-toe sleeper and then promptly went back to sleep!

We're off to ride into town this morning to the Farmer's Market for fresh veggies. We've been making a more concentrated effort to eat better lately. With all parties and celebrations coming up, we will certainly be challenged.

Hope your week is a great one.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Leighton Kaye at two weeks and one day. She actually had her eyes open!

And the kid already has attitude! lol
Does anyone know what this bug just struck me as really fancy; even it's feet are red.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am seriously thinking of changing this blog to

Nana Postings from Paradise. lol

And, once again, Blogger decided to scramble my be it. The first is of E's pride and joy. Three years ago, we planted a Meyer lemon tree. We had great hopes of lemon chiffon pies and fish dishes garnished with these lovelies and I even thought lemoncello, though E said it was the wrong kind of lemons. The first year, we had two tiny lemons...the next year was the year without bees and no lemons. This past year, E took no chances, borrowed a small paint brush from me and set out to to pollinate the plant himself...and then the bees showed up and showed up again. Our tree has so many lemons I may have to open an lemonade stand in front of the house!

This is another picture of our beautiful Leighton, or, as Papa calls her, Baby Bella!

Yesterday was our play date with the little guys while Chris went to class. He had them dressed so cute and they did the booty dance for us more than The table is a bit too high for the boys but Papa is going to make them one to fit...just as soon as we get the rest of the lights up, finish putting the outside heater together, find the ornaments and snow people...well, you get the picture.

I got my update from my dr. today and, once again, got a A+++. We are going to test in in 3 mo. for anemia and thyroid as I've been experiencing some fatigue and, for me, enui. In a conversation recently with four friends over 50, we all seem to be going through the same thing recently. My doctor said, perhaps I might want to take a bit of time out here and there and rest. HA! I can do that eons from now!

Hope your week is going well...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feeding time at Nana and Papa's house

It was Kristen's b'day dinner here with all the family in attendance. The boys had the most fun of all with the exception of us laughing ah, with them. Their dad has taught them the ref's signals for Touch down and Home run and now those have been added to High Five, Fist Bump and my favorite, Hand Jive...nothing like a little sign language, right?

The clothes we bought them for Christmas are all going be good. I will have to hem the boys' pants but everything else fits fine.

Dear sweet Leighton slept through most of the days events but she did smile for Papa (I am not going to tell him it was probably gas! lol).

Hope your weekend was a good one.

Blues, Wine, and Art...oh and the Jolly Trolley

Friday evening early, we caught the Jolly Trolley down on the Sponge Docks and rode in comfort to the Preview night for Dunedin's Blues, Wine and Art. Things were just getting started when we arrived so we roamed down the Trail and into Jolli Mon Grill. We got chatting with another couple on the trolley and they had recommended it. The food was very good...I had the seafood salad on a bun with black beans and rice and E had catfish fingers which he love
Jolli Mon's is a funky old Florida kind of place with most of the seating in the spacious courtyard. We will definitely be going back. The prices were very reasonable and, always a must with us, the beer was cold.

Dunedin was all aglow with decorated trees and lights and each store decorates the light pole in front of their store. Some are very amusing.

This is for Clare. He is a little young but he might be your way to a green And I know how you love a man in a, ah kilt.
We will be going back to Dunedin again for a stroll through the shops early next month. When we lived in St. Louis we would take one weekend afternoon and roam around Old Towne St Charles. There were international Santas roaming the street, Victorian singers and even roasted chestnuts on the street corners. We would shop, visit and sip our way from shop to shop and pick out a new ornament or three for our tree and then eat dinner at our favorite restaurant, Lewis and Clarks'. We have finally found a place here to recreate this tradition, Dunedin.

Kristen's b'day dinner is here today so look for baby, boys and family pics tomorrow. (this might be construed also as a warning to those who have O.D'd on my

Hope your weekend had been fun!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter

You are such a delight: a great daughter, amazing mother, and my dearest friend. Happy 36th. Love, Mom

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lunch at Pete and Shorty's

Last Wed., Kim and Mitch called us saying they were on their way through town and did we want to meet them for lunch. OF COURSE! We picked Pete and Shorty's on Gulf to Bay right next to the Original Hooters. We love this old Florida style restaurant with its lovely beer garden and great food.

Mitch and Kim had the Frito Chili and E and I both ordered the pork tenderloin sandwich. I got a side of the great fries and he got the fried pickles...all so very very good. Oh and a beer could I forget the liquid refreshments.

The first time E and I met Kim at the restaurant, I guess I somehow 'neglected' to tell her about the women's bathroom art. Of course, she lifted the leaf and set off the lights in the bar and restaurant itself. And, of course, the place was crowded and all the regulars know she looked! lol. My daughter, who took me here the first time, warned me about fig leaf! lol
Kim and Mitch are coming back through Tampa today and meeting us in Dunedin later for the Art/Wine/Blues festival going on there tonight and then they are spending the night with us....Yeah!

Hope your weekend is a good one. I have the Posh Scraps Holiday event tomorrow in Palm Harbor Florida. Some of my projects have been posted on my altered blog and the make n take I am doing from 10-noon. The goodies that Michele, the owner has put together, are amazing.
Tomorrow is also my daughter's 36 b'day. We'll be celebrating on Sunday.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 17mo. b'day to the boys and one week yesterday

to our darling Baby Leighton Kaye.

Been a busy few days here in Paradise and not much let up before Sunday. Watched the little guys here Tues, worked on projects for Posh Scraps on Wed., over to help Kristen with the grands today, Book Club here tonight, the Wine, Art and Blues Festival in Dunedin tomorrow night (and VETS day), the Holiday Event at Posh on Sat. (I'm doing make n takes from 10-12), Kristen's b'day dinner here that evening and I'd have scheduled my collapse on Sunday but we're heading to Homaosassa FL with Justin, Susie and a bunch of our friends.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Santa and Mrs Santa went shopping today

and look what they got for Landon, Colvin and " Bella" Leighton Kaye. Oh, and Santa also found a cute little kitchen for the boys to go along with the rocking horse. Gonna be a great holiday this year!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Only our Suzie would think of this...

And what does every little girly girl want and need? A purse and not just any purse but one that is soft and pretty and PINK and filled with a brush and comb for that someday when our little Leighton has a bit more hair. And the pillow ...ooh la la. Thanks, darling Suzie!

Speaking of our friend Suzie, she and her honey, Justin, are coming over for supper and E is cooking Chicken Ravioli Casserole and a salad and, were it just a tad cooler, we'd try out our new fire pit tonight.

We had the little guys today while Chris went to class and they get funnier every day! I love those wild ones!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Leighton was the surprise...

Kristen's friends, Manina, Vicky and I conspired to throw a shower for Kristen. The kids needed a new camera so we shopped for that. Lots of friends went in on that gift and there were still tons of gifts to open. The shower was to have been a surprise for the kids but their newest kid surprised us all coming three weeks early. We offered to defer the date but the kids said they could make it ok...

The top gift selection is from my oldest pal, Jo in St. Louis. These outfits are darling and she even put in a couple of toys for our boys.

The second gift was from a wonderful woman I met through ACOT, Kara Clark. She sent this amazing package of goodies for Leighton. The darling little shoes were the show stopper.

E fixed a crab mousse and a goat cheese log with honey , sesame seeds and raspberries, Vicky a veggie tray, Manina crackers and cheese and some crostini. I ordered the cake from Sweet Bay and it turned out perfect. I had taken one of the napkins Manina had for the shower and the decorator took it from there. Manina did a wonderful job with the decorations, the phone calls and invites and made the event run so smoothly.

And the guest of honor slept through it all!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Baby Leighton Kaye comes home...

We watched the little guys yesterday so Daddy could finish up some projects for Leighton's room and do some laundry and pick up Kristen and the baby when they were ready to come home. The little guys love the baby's room and the changing table has become a 'fort' for them.

Leighton is prettier and tinier than I remembered from seeing her just a day before. I don't remember the boys ever being this little when in fact, they were actually smaller than she is right now.

Landon and Colvin are fascinated with her and are very gentle. Kristen got them baby dolls of their own to care for and they are just about Leighton's size. Chris' sister sent them wooden trucks and Jo sent the boys toys that play sounds when you push different buttons...they were happy.

The boys are a bit confused about why Leighton does not laugh when they tickle her little toes. This is a game they play with each other with great abandon. Some day, she will...boys.
We are co hosting the UnSurprise Shower here today around of that later. I do want to do a second post hopefully this evening with pictures of some of the lovely gifts Jo and Kara have sent. The little outfits and shoes etc...are so darling.

Hope everyone has a great day!