Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Touch a Truck Sat.

We took the Grands and their mama last year and had such fun, we went again this year too.  Every conceivable "truck" was there and, just like last year, the Grands' favorite was the big green trash truck.

 Landon even got his picture taken by a photo reporter for our local paper, The Tarpon Spring Beacon.  We'll be watching for that for sure!

Our town workers have to be some of the best ever.  They were friendly and made is such a delight for the kids to explore and have fun.  Various civic groups had fun booths and the city offered free waters, hot dogs and pop corn.  I LOVE my town.

And coming soon to a blog near you (ok, it is mine) will be Sat. evening's Night in the Islands and our visit with Bob and Janet Miller on Sunday!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Amazing weekend with wonderful family and friends

Our weekend was so jam packed that I am going to divide it into two posts instead of just one big one.  Leighton did not have school last Friday so we kept her with us for the day.  Colvin was suppose to come spend the night but the poor little guy was running a temp.  So, Friday, E and I headed out for an early dinner at Miss Vicky's on the Anclote river and were home and ready for bed early.

Sat. morning I met the Grands, their mama and their "Auntie" Lisa in down town Tarpon Springs for the Touch a Truck event.  The kids had such a great time last year, that I was not sure if this year could surpass it...but it did! 

And their favorite truck of all...the trash truck.  Landon had his picture taken by a reporter from the Tarpon Springs Beacon newspaper and it should be out in just a couple of weeks. 

Tomorrow...the rest of the story!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Day

When the Grands got up from their naps, Mommy and Daddy headed over to our place.  We had an egg hunt (Uncle Rob...Nana did a poor job of hiding them because they found them way too fast), dinner and everyone left on a sugar high. 

I decided to down size a bit with my bunny collection and allowed each Grand to pick one bunny to take home (removing the one my Aunt Rita gave me, the one my mother had sitting on her bed and the one my honey gave me) and, while the boys seem to have no problem selecting one of the bunnies, Leighton debated long and hard before selecting the softest one of all.

Today she and I headed to the Tarpon Springs Library for Toddler Time and had a wonderful morning...lots of us grandmothers with toddlers...almost more than moms.  Interesting.  I think there needs to be some Grandmother and Toddler groups not just Moms and Tots...we'd be the GOTS!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sat. Egg Hunt and play ground

Last year, Kristen and I took the little kids to Tarpon Springs' Egg Hunt at the sports center and were so impressed by how the hunt was run.  The kids are all divided by ages so even our little guys and girly got a ton of eggs.  The plastic eggs have either candy or a prize in them...we got all candy, which I am sure, Mommy rationed out.  Yesterday was the egg hunt so off we went again.

And then it was off to the bounce house.  Little girl was a bit too little so she stayed with us while the boys had a blast.

Our last stop of the morning was the amazing playground at the sports center.  They were all too little last year for the huge playground but, after a year of gymnastics each, the boys threw themselves into the fun.  Leighton went swinging with her Mommy...maybe next year for her.

After their naps today, the Grands and their parents will be coming over for our Easter dinner and egg hunt.  Sure hope they like the things the Easter Bunny dropped off for them here. 
Hope your Easter is a lovely one.