Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kip's Room

When my friend, the Kipster, first visited us in our new home here in Tarpon Springs, she announced to one and all that the guest room is hers! Now this has become a huge joke as she has yet to sleep in "her" room here though she has spent the night several times since we have moved in. Janet beat her to the first night's claim when she spent the night here before leaving to rejoin her honey and family in Pennsylvania early in our move. Then came Jayne who flew in for the Girls' Weekend and a convention she was attending in St. Pete and then my niece, her husband and daughter stayed in "Kip's Room". My business partner, Di, was the next to enjoy the room while Kip slept on the couch, AGAIN! lol

But, this has all changed. Kip has finally slept (and is still sleeping) in her room! And here she is from last night ready to head in...she made a bling-y sign that proudly proclaims "KIP'S f---ing ROOM" That is our Kipper!

The crop was fun and I really enjoyed the Kip N Kaboodle class. Lots of pretty papers and we received enough product to do several layouts. My class is tonight and the enrollment has risen (thank heavens). I set up a display for Hang Ten with several of our past kits complete with grass edging and our Hang Ten Surf board! I'll take a pic today.

I entered a silent auction for a Graphics with BlueTooth and the bids are up to 55.00. There is only one other person bidding for it and I think he works or is staying in the hotel but I have staying power and will hover over the bid card on Sunday before the final bell. I have been drooling over this device since I first saw it advertised in a scrap mag.

Barb and I stayed up until almost 3 am last night visiting and correcting the wrongs of the world (lol). This is unheard of for me and I may be dragging a bit later on . Both Barb and Kip are still abed and E has taken off with a full van to sell at the kid's garage sale.

Have a great day all!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Walking the causeway at Howard Park

In order to keep our 6 day a week morning walk from being routine and boring, we've decided to have a walking adventure at least once a week. Yesterday morning, we put the top down on "Hot Mama", our new car and headed through Tarpon Springs to a lovely park. We drove through the wooded part of the park, over the cause way to the beach and then walked the cause way back to the entrance and then back to the beach. I wish you could have been with us! The view, the tang of the salt off the Gulf, the breeze through the palms, the love bugs...oh, yes! The love bugs are back but kept themselves to the two bridge passes, thank heavens.

We even saw about a four foot sand shark cruising for his/her breakfast along the shallows. The cause way side of the island was filled with birds walking the muddy flats left by the out going tide in search of a bite to eat. The beach side was just starting to get the last of the summer visitors or perhaps they were early seasonals.

What a great way to start our day!

This evening starts the MS Crop in Oldsmar. I'll take the Hang Ten stuff over around 4 and set up a 'tropical' booth with a display of our kits. Can't wait to see Miss Linda, Elle, Kip, Mary Mary (you are coming arn't you, pal?)and all the other wild women of the HIlltop Memories group. And then my friend, Barb, will be getting in with her dd, Gerri-anne and her pals, Lisa and G-a's next door neighbor. It will be good to see the Kit N Kaboodle gang again too.

If this blog doesn't change tomorrow, it is because Kip, Barb and I stayed up to late tonight talking by the pool after the crop and slept in a bit tomorrow. I will post with pictures from the gang as soon as I can.

Have a great one...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"What I did on my Summer Vacation"

These are just a few of the pages from the 8x8 album class I am teaching at the MS Crop here in the Tampa area this weekend. The album has 2 Deco Boardz by Junitz as the covers and uses the Crate Paper Zoom line.

This album is great for kids as a memory keeper for the family vacation or also for adults with a sense of humor who remember the dreaded back-to-school essay, "What I did on my Summer Vacation". I promise, this project is far more fun! If you are interested in a kit should I have any left after this coming weekend, please e-mail me at

And Lauderdale Gals, I've got yours put to one side!

This is a Hang Ten Paper Arts project!

Busy morning

1. return printer...too big to be portable
2. pick up van from the repair shop
3. take donations to library
4. take bike to fix it shop for tire replacement and tune up
5. finish writing and printing directions for the MS crop class
5. finish running the titles for the mini album
6. PLAY!

Will post pics of the MS crop class "What I did on my Summer Vacation" later on today. Any that do not sell or are used in class will be available for purchase via my e-mail.

Back later, gator!

p.s. Anyone else "moon stuck"? The light from the full moon washing through my bedroom window woke me a 3:30 a.m. so I sat on the lanai and watched it for a bit. Lovely...I think I like being "moon struck"!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Haunted House

In between getting ready for my class for the MS Crop this weekend in Oldsmar, I've been playing with an idea I got talking with Kip in one of our classes at Creative Escape. I happen to have a couple of paper mache houses that I had planned to alter for fun and am in the process of turning the largest of my collection into a haunted house. This is a work in progress but I'd really like to have it done by Creep Over Retreat to put in our room.

Perhaps this dangling carrot will inspire me to get my directions typed and the pictures taken and run for this weekend's class. I would far rather get up in front of lots of gals and teach than to write these out. Maybe it is my far too many years of teaching writing that has made me dislike this process or the fact I am far better telling and showing than I am writing them out. Whatever it is, I've been procrastinating as usual in regards to these.

So, I've made myself a deal: if I get the directions done today, I can play with the haunted house tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Monday

Having been a long (and I mean looooooong) time fan of Bob Dylan, and a big fan of Creative Scrap Shack, I could not resist snagging this from Chris' blog! Hope you don't mind pal.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Garage Sale is over

and I am not only brain dead but tired, sweaty and have a huge headache. We did sell close to 200.00 worth of things and got rid of some big items. E will take a few boxes to Kristen's next weekend while I am at the MS crop and see if he can move some more and then, depending on the items, make a run past Goodwill on his way home.

Shame I don't offer beginner Scrap classes out of my home because I sold a bunch of the papers and embellishments I had in my stash! I still have the big red Sizzix machine left with a Sizlets Stencil die, a set of alpha bars and some assorted dies left. I'll save all this stuff for when an lss in the area has a garage sale. If interested, let me know via e-mail (

I'm off to award a couple of prizes at Creative Scrap Shack for a mini contest/challenge I did last week for Talk Like a Pirate eye patch and best picture of a pirate. That was sure a fun day!

Off to get a cold brewski and float in the pool. Love to all

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Afternoon from Paradise

E is watching football and, as soon as I finish organizing my blue cardstock, I'll be scrapping the rest of the afternoon. I have a secret surprise I am working on for the gals at Creative Scrap Shack and can't wait to get this Trick or Treat started!

The rain held off until around 12:30 and our last customer of the day bought all my scrap cabinets from Target...yeah! Our stereo system went early as did the lamp and lots of other biggie items. We cleared about 165.00 today and hopefully can get more sold tomorrow. It was slow and I am thinking it might have been the weather. Our neighbors all came by and bought things and we got to meet some we had not met before which was so nice.

The kids did not fare as well only netting 10$ and that was after they got themselves breakfast at Mickey D's (or was that before?)lol. Anyway, they live on a better traveled street than ours and may have a yard sale next weekend to sell anything that does not go tomorrow. E may take some of our left overs there after he drops me off at the MS crop. I'll save any scrap crap (as E is wont to call it) for a garage sale at one of the lss near here.

Off to scrap! Have a good one.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Friday eve to all

I've been a crazed woman lately. I've gotten so much accomplished the past 3 days it is unreal. I am not sure if it is the walking every morning or the high blood pressure pills kicking in finally, but I am not going to mess with whatever it is.

Took my new car, Hot Mama, out for a spin this afternoon, top down, wind blowing through my 'needs to be cut' hair. First stop, hair salon to make a cut appointment and then on to the library for some good reading or, at least I hope so. I ran by TJ Maxx but didn't see anything to tempt me and finally to the drug store for the pb reading. It is down from 156/96 (the day I went to the dr.) to 135/45. YEAH! I am out of the "you are going to stroke out any minute" category on the machine!

We are already for the garage sale and the purging here in the work room inspired me to organize. I was so tired of not being able to find what I needed when I needed it. It is bad enough that Harry Jr., our new computer, is still not up and usable (well, it is but it won't accept my scanners, printers, etc), but to lose my scissors and cutter was the last straw.

I've redone all my card stock, my Prima (and other)flowers, my altered items shelf, my Xyrons, all my patterned papers, my storage bins, and ribbons, inks and etc. are yet to come. I probably won't want to make any messes when I am

The kids are due for supper around 6 having dropped off one load of their things for the garage sale already. It will be good to get this sale behind us.

Have a great evening and what about Survivor? I think that tribe made a huge mistake sending chicken home and keeping that whiney pro wrestler. JMHO.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning...

It is such a lovely day here in Paradise with a promise of rain for the afternoon. Guess that means the yard work will have to wait and I can scrap the afternoon away in bliss.

We started off our walk with the best of intentions this morning heading up to Home Depot about 2.5 miles from our house. We only got as far as Alt. 19 and turned back. We were swarmed by skeeters and E has the welts to prove it. He is much sweeter than I am and the bugs always go for him first and hover the longest. And, of course, we did not spray with Deep Woods Off nor coat ourselves in Avon's Skin So New. We ended up doing our half hour but around the neighborhood. E will head up to Home Depot after breakfast. We need some paint for our yard sale signs and bug spray for some of the bushes in the front yard.

I finished my projects for the Reveal at the Creative Scrap Shack. I loved working with the kit for October! ( Can't wait to post these as they were such fun to create.

Jackie's Crop for MS is the weekend after this one (see side bar on left for link)and boy is this going to be a great crop. She has so many donations from such wonderful companies, too many to mention here. My all time favorite, Cosmo Cricket, came through with lots of fun stuff for the silent auctions etc. Hang Ten Paper Arts had some donations as well. This is a worth while event and Jackie has worked very hard to make it a success. Bravo Jackie!

Off to finish sorting my chipboard. I've been throwing shapes, alphas etc. higgly piggly into two drawers and I can't find anything. As long as I am sorting for the garage sale, I might as well go drawer by drawer, right?

Have a great one!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Morning Mates...guess what day it is?

I've always wanted to be a Pirate. I think the call of the seas, the quest for adventure, the dream of buried treasure and watching Peter Pan several times too many offer a reasonable explanation for my desire.

Last year, Ft. Myers Beach had it's first Pirate Festival, complete with a treasure hunt and imported pirates. I know that Clearwater has had had Pirates' Festival for years complete with formally organized pirate crews similar to those in New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration. Since Captiva Island has a history of being a Pirates' Get-a-Way, it seemed only fitting the celebration commence.

As you can see, my sister and I each snagged a handsome specimen of a pirate (cough cough)and the crew I got a picture of was in all their splendor. Unfortunately, the renowned Captain Jack Sparrow made not a single appearance the entire day.

Speaking of Johnny Depp, I believe the resurgence of interest in pirate lore and reenactments is due somewhat to the popularity of the movies. I had lots of fun when I googled "Talk like a pirate" and found games for all ages, something that would turn this post into pirate language for me and even a pirate name generator. My pirate name, by the way, is Mad Dog Bonney...fitting, wouldn't you say?

So, to all the worthy pirates out there who read this may ye days at sea be calm, may ye treasure chests be full of plunder and may ye rum keg never run dry. Enjoy your day and Arrgggggggg to ye all.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rubber Suit Girls Rule!

My friend, Roz, sent me this very cute little diver with her wet suit, flippers and mask to commemorate our first meeting. We both attended Ginni's Paradise Found crop along with an assortment of other scrappers. There was a fun place for the weekend with a pool and a fantastic view of the Homassasses River (which I am sure I have spelled incorrectly).

Several of us decided to go on a side trip so we could Swim with the Manatee. It was an incredible experience and I've scrapped several layouts about it. The most amazing thing, in my opinion, is how stunned (er, ah stunning) we middle aged women looked in our black wet suits. Anyone who tells you that black is always so slenderizing was obviously not one of our group that day! We declared ourselves the wonderful, amazing Rubber Suit Girls...long shall we rule over the river! lol

Many thanks to Roz. I'll name the cutie and she shall have a place of honor in my scrap room where I can see her. She sure brings back some great memories of that fun experience!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

RIP Harry

Yes, is sad but of Harry, my big computer whom I had a love/hate relationship with for the past almost 7 years, have died a noble death. Rather than trying to replace those non-functioning parts, Rob (one of the two members of "Mom's Personal Geek Squad") has decided we would be better off just getting a new computer. He says he will be able to put the two hard drives into the new one so I guess Harry is going to be resurrected of . Not quite the old Harry but not another totally new one either...more like Harry 1 1/2. lol

Off for our morning walk and am pleased to announce I have lost 5 1/2 lbs so far and E has lost a bit more. When we get home, we're pricing items for the garage sale and waiting for Rob who has is working overtime this morning at his full time job.

We had fun with the kids yesterday as always. The food was good and the company delightful.

I'll post some pics later when I get the chance. Have a good one and Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

E's Celebration

I took E out to dinner at the Old Red School House restaurant on Alt. 19. We had lunch there right before the owners closed for vacation and have been awaiting the seasonal opening. The inside is so very cute with lots of antiques for sale and fun things to look at while you wait for your food. Oh, and the food...amazing! E had the half rack of lamb and said it was perfect! I had the veal picata and it was so yummy. We did fairly well following our new way of eating and both of us only had the littlest bit of the carbs. We had great salads first and, after the meal, E got a Birthday Bread Pudding complete with a candle. The night was cooler so we got to ride with the top down (explaining the bad hair in the photo of the two of us...that is my story and I am sticking to it).

I've been scrapping up a storm and can't wait for the reveal on Oct. 1 at Creative Scrap Shack. Don't miss the October Bash Cyber Crop there on Oct. 19. It is shaping up to be 'booooolicious!"

The kids are all coming over today to cook for E. He has been sternly advised that he will NOT be allowed in the kitchen. Never fear, he has already done a 4 cheese macaroni dish and all they will have to do is put it in the oven. He can be such a stubborn guy sometimes!

I need to get some kits together for the upcoming MS crop (details on the left w/link)here in Oldsmar. It is sold out except for a couple of seats for Sat., if I am not mistaken. This is going to such fun. Kit N Kaboodle owners Gerri-anne and Lisa are coming up from Ft. Myers with Barb and Sondra and Gerri-Anne will be teaching a class on Friday night. My class is on Sat. night and is called "What I did on My Summer Vacation". It is really cute if I do say so myself!

Off to vacuum up some rolling balls of cat fur. Tis the season for shedding! Will post pics of the family celebration for E tomorrow. Have a great day!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to E!

Today is Gene's 62nd. birthday and, as is our tradition, I sang the Birthday song to him off key (hard to sing it any other way for me) and gave him big smoochies. I'll take him out for an early supper later.

We took our half hour walk and explored the North Anclote Preserve more today. I showed E where the fishing dock is and,other than some flies driving us nuts, we had a great walk. Two days in a row...some record for us. lol

I've got some things I am working on and one is helping plan the big Halloween Crop along with all the other members of the DT, for the Creative Scrap Shack ( For those of you who frequent the board (and you is such a fun place), if you get a package from Tarpon Springs, don't throw it away. Just a hint, dears.

Had a dermo apt. this morning about the crud on my right foot and ick...more pills and two ointments but he did give me the bleach cream for the age spot on my cheek...ah, vanity!

Off to scrap! Have a great one.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Thurs.

It is offical...I am OLD! I am now on high blood pressure meds, a diuretic, and a anti-0steo w/vitamin D. If I don't take these, the Dr. told me my quality of life would diminish as in no biking, increased headaches with strong risk of a stroke (from the bad ol' days when I smoked)and other factors.

The good news is my mammo came back clean and I got A+++ on all my blood tests. I am even sounding old today, obsessing over my health...sorry about that.

In an effort to stave off some of the aging side effects, E and I are making some life changes....not too many but a few that are long overdue. We are going to walk 30min. at least 4x a week (I'll try to bike in between since I love it so) and we have started South Beach again. We could both take off 30lbs and be much healthier people. South Beach worked for us before we went to Italy and we are aware of our need to take off weight for good.

We had a great walk this morning but went way beyond our 30 min. The park gate was open on our way home and we roamed through. We saw such beautiful wild flowers and the birds were singing their little hearts out. E still has not seen the river from the park or the fishing dock or the beach there but we can save those to look forward to.

I've been scrapping! I finished two layouts and have 2 more all blocked out. Creative Escape, while it was not the "life altering" experience a few women said they had, was impetus for me to get back in the groove!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CE version (more tomorrow)

The first project was my favorite in terms of the potential for future use. This soldered pendant is 1.5x.5 and incased in microscope glass. After I soldered it, I added some copper Krylon inks to "antique" it a bit as the silver was really bright. The little girl is my mother at 4. I am feeling ambitious and want to try a collage about 8x10, perhaps. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.

I am not a big card maker so this class was not something I would have signed up for. The cards are cute and it was easy to make a few little changes. For example, on the file folder one, the teacher had the ribbons tie the front closed. I kept mine open and put a corner and a tag inside so the card opened up. I didn't do the 5th. one. These were a bit too easy, imho, for the caliber of the event.

The next project was also on my top favorites list from the event. The holder is a plastic folder folded in half. I obviously need some practice with the book binding tape but I am in love with this project and very pleased how mine turned out.

The last project I have posted looks absolutely nothing like the sample. Heidi Swapp did a beautiful job with her canvas creation but it was not anything I would ever use. Rather than wasting the goodies, I learned the technique Tim Holtz taught her for applying the distressing inks and did my own thing. I used the bird mask on the mirror but there were no StayzOn inks available in class so I'll redo that (and get rid of the fingerprint too) later. I also want to do a pale green color wash over the brown. I wish she had taught the technique right at the start of class rather than waiting until most of us had started or perhaps I am just not a patient person (fancy

Tomorrow I will post the calendar pages from that class before I put them into the mail to my great niece. I will never use them. I'll redo the calendar so it works for me. This was one of the most disappointing classes. I'll also post my stamped and smeared album from Rhonna's class. I'll probably cover the pages I've stamped with paper and find another use for this. This class was the most disappointing because I love Rhonna's designs and thought we'd get lots of great information and ideas. I didn't come to this event to be given a 21 days to break a habit/get a new habit in place lecture.

Ending on a more positive note...Have a Great Day!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Home home on the range...

It is good to be home! I had a fantastic time at Creative Escape and, while most of the classes were very good, what I have decided made the event worth the very pricey tag attached to attending was the company I kept! These women in my life are so funny, so talented and such good people, that we could probably have gone to a Motel 6, cropped on the floor, had order in pizza and still have had an amazingly good time.

Will I do Creative Escape again...probably not. Do I have any regrets about paying the huge admit fee, the hotel for four nights and the plane fare? Not a one. I think after almost twelve years of scrapping, I am ready for something more. The classes that I thought were so excellent all taught me something I did not know (and there is a lot I don't know, believe me) or were clever and well thought out. I want to attend an event where all of the classes are of this caliber.

Here is a brief review of my favorites:

Tracey Niehaues' "My Thoughts Exactly" folder class was so darn cute and so much fun to assemble. The products, K&Co, are one of my favorites and the concept was top drawer. I'll post pics to go with these tomorrow and will label them. Tracey was low key, patient and focused on the class, the steps to complete the project and the students. She was the top teacher in my book!

Chris Randall's Simply Swanky Memory Jewelry: WOW! Can I just say what fun I had in this class and how much I not only learned but immediately spun off some things I just have to create. This was the soldering class...I already have a trip to Home Depot booked for flux and soldering and some pieces of glass. Guess what people are getting for Christmas? lol. I would have to say that Chris ties with Tracey for top teacher of the event in terms of techniques taught and inspiration to create more.

Jennifer Wagner's Purse-onal Memories Album: loved the papers we used, the BE purse, the mini album inside and the fun concept. I spun off a bit from the one Jennifer had designed and made mine more collage-y and a tad more vintage. I didn't finish the mini album that goes inside but this is one project I will finish. I liked Jennifer's teaching style...she is easy to follow and her ideas led me to create ones of my own. I had been avoiding playing with this purse kit because it seemed too cutesy when I saw other samples in the stores and on-line. I like this one.

Heidi Swapp's "Today" memory board: I loved the canvas but the green design Heidi did hers in did not work for my room so I learned the distress ink techniques that Tim Holtz taught Heidi and did my own thing. I think Heidi's was cute but not for me. I will be playing with canvas a lot more.

The pictures are of the amazing mountain range surrounding our resort, our group at the soldering class, four of the gals from the Ruban Rouge group and our ten! And yes, some of us dropped our shoes, hiked up our pant legs and climbed into the was just too much temptation not to!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Day Two: the sequel

We started early with Janet and I waking at 3:30 am, 4:10 am and then at 5:30 when Kip's phone alarm went off and she thought it was 3:00am. We met up with Jill after a leisurely start to our day. We rented a car which took a tad bit longer than it should have since the gal at the rental desk was a tad distracted filling on a loan ap on the phone.

The four of us proceeded to shop our way through several cities surrounding Phoenix. Kip's fave was the one in Gilbert AZ just because she liked saying the name...Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert. and Gilbert. I bought some lovely things and far more than I shall ever have time to use but I am going to give it my best shot.

We did the techniques today and that went pretty fast. Our classes start at eight tomorrow morning...I might be acclimated by then. The evening RahRah was less than CKU, thank heavens and relatively painless. I honestly believe that women in my age bracket are entitled to not cheer, to not get overly excited about a "name" and to require something besides, "lets thank our sponsors for making this event wonderful" when I have paid $600.00 to aforementioned sponsors...

Now, I do believe we are going to get our money's worth out of this event. The prelims are looking good and I am open to learning something!

My favorite store of all was Melrose Vintage here in Phoenix...being the lover of shabby chic and vintage, I thought I had died and gone to heaven...which is what Kippy and I did at one of the stores waiting for the others to check out.

I am going to do a layout with the picture of me looking through the window..."I've been Framed! " lol

See ya same time tomorrow! Love, Jules

Broadcasting live from somewhere in Arizona

Yesterday had to be one of the longest days but one jammed packed with hysteria. What else could I expect with this group of crazed women? I arrived at the Phoenix airport at 9:27am having left Tampa at 7:40am. What this means is I am now somewhere between these two time zones in no-man's land.

I met up with Jill in the Phoenix airport and spent a cheerful couple of hours (see picture)waiting for Janet to arrive. Once her plane arrived, we found a van driver who was willing to stop at a grocery/liquor store on our way to the resort so we are set with junk food and wine to last us the rest of the visit. Miami Dawn was already here.

Kip, Mary and Linda finally got in around 6:30pm and off we went to dinner where we met up with our old CKMB Early Bird pals, Pam from Canada and by bike buddy, Karen from outside of Boston. (see Kip's blog for this pic)

This place is so beautiful done in the lovely adobe motif of the region. The picture of the mountain is Squaw Peak for which the resort is named.

Linda, Dawn, Mary Mary, Pam and Karen are all off on a HumVee trip through the desert and Kip, Janet and I are off on an adventure of our own...a self directed tour of the scrap stores here in Phoenix. The event actually starts around one with check in but, not being people who enjoy standing in lines, we'll amble in a tad later.

For more pictures and commentary, please refer to Kippy's blog (//

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Up we go into the wild blue yonder...

So far this morning, I've managed to spill hot coffee, drop my egg sandwich and break a strap on my shoe...and that is just since I've arrived at the airport. Hoping these 3 end the streak of bad luck since we'll be boarding the plane in just a few minutes.

I did a quick check list last night before I went to bed and I can only imagine what the airline inspectors are going to think with needle nose pliers, wire cutters and a soldering gun all securely tucked away along with my candy and Gardettos (sp?) Oh well.

I only have a second so stay well all and I'll report in when I can. Several people have offered us bail money just in case so we can party hardy, right Kipper? This ain't Vegas baby so we'll tell all and have pictures in addition!

See ya later, gators!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today is the first day of the rest of your fifties, Kipper!

Hope your birthday was a good one, my friend. And what could be more fun than shopping for 60% off goodies at Ruban Rouge? Or having a wonderous lunch at the Thirsty Marlin in old town Palm Harbor? Or talking about how much fun we are going to have at Creative Escape or spending the day with your pals who love you?

Best wishes, Kipster, on the rest of the year! Love, Jules

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My altered journal for Creative Escape

(front cover, inside front cover, facing page and back cover)

What a fun thing to send a bunch of creative gals coming to AZ! I love the blank journal that Creative Escape sent us and wanted to make it mine ASAP. Long having been a lover of the old, the vintage and the vamp, I decided to alter mine as if I were traveling in my grandmother's hey day. I wanted it rich and bedecked with ribbons and charms and flowers but to still leave plenty of space to record my trip to this event and to have room for pictures as well. So far, I am pleased with what this is becoming. I have a few more images to stamp on some random pages and will complete the project upon my return home. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Hang Ten Paper Arts

It is the one year anniversary of Hang Ten Paper Arts. Jill M. had her on-line store and was looking for something new and I had kit ideas but no way to sell them. Between the two of us, a year ago today, we launched Hang Ten Paper Arts. When Jill decided to return to work full time (not that the Shack was not a full time job, mind you), Linda J, owner of Hilltop Memories, took over the sponsorship of Hang Ten and Diane joined us as a third partner. It has been a roller coaster ride of joy and, at times, sheer panic but I am so proud of our project driven kits and the quality and quantity of the contents.

To celebrate the Birthday, we are offering six mini kits this month. For 35.00 you can select any three as long as the supplies last. These are limited in number and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Diane and I each designed 3 and I am sure you will be able to find 3 of the 6 to tickle your fancy.

So, thanks to all of you who have faithfully purchased our kits and who encourage us with your kind words. We have some surprises in store for this next year, so fasten your seat belts. Remember, we are not a subscription kit company. Our motto is, "If you like it, buy it (or two or three) and if not, come back next month!"

To see the selections for the One Year Birthday of Hang Ten Paper Arts, please go to Linda Jenkin's site,, scroll to the bottom and click on the Hang Ten logo. and happy Labor Day Weekend.