Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Reading love poetry in the kitchen

Posting from Paradise
My dear friend, Clare, sent my honey and I a book of love poetry from New Zealand and, for many nights, I would read my honey, the chef of the house, a love poem as he cooked us wonderful creations. He reminded me last night that I hadn't read him a love poem in a long time. So, here is what I read to him tonight:The ConfirmationYes, yours, my love, is the right human face.I in my mind had waited for this long.Seeing the false and searching for the true,Then found you as a traveller finds a placeOf welcome suddenly among the wrongValleys and rocks and twisting roads. But you,What shall I call you? A fountain in a waste,A well of water in a country dry,Or anything that's honest and good, an eyeThat makes the whole world bright. Your open heart,Simple with giving, gives the primal deed,The first good world, the blossom, the blowing seed,The hearth, the steadfast land, the wandering sea,NOr beautiful or rare in every part,But like yourself, as they were meant to be.Edwin Muirand our dinner was the sweeter for me having read to him.

Wed's BIG WAVE is for the visitor from....

Posting from Paradise

Fuquay Varina, NC (just because I like the way it sounds!).

FYI: I have added a second blog for my layouts, altered art and my class projects: Jules's Creations which you may access by going to "view my complete profile" and clicking on that one. Thanks

Wed. in Paradise

This is a view of one of our favorite restaurants, Parrot Key, from the end of the dock which extends out from the outdoor dining area. Parrot Key is located on San Carlos Island just before you go over the skybridge to Ft. Myers Beach. Just down from the restaurant are the shrimp boats, the excursion boat to Key West and the gambling boat.
I love sitting outside and watching the Back Bay boat traffic. The food is wonderful with a very Carribean flavor, fresh and tasty. Most evenings there is live music and on Sundays, one of the original Platters plays and sings.
When our friends are down from St. Louis for our week at the time share together, we often rent pontoon boats from the marina , Salty Sam's, next door to the restaurant and cruise to Lover's Key for shelling, swimming and sun. They also rent kayaks here and we have been wanting to try the Back Bay as part of the Great Calusa Blue Way goes through this way (a 100 mile marked water trail for canoes and kayakers).
Welcome to my world. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Top of the evening to all the visitors

This is one of the many roses we have growing in our rose garden on the street side of the house. I spent some time this morning weeding out here and the chore was made so much less a chore by the aroma.

From The Art of the Moment: "By accepting what's given to you moment by moment without looking over your shoulder, you keep inventing a better and better world".

This rose is for you...enjoy your evening knowing someone here in Paradise is thinking of you. Posted by Picasa

Catch the BIG WAVE going out to

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Overland Park, Kansas with a hello!

Two words for you this morning...

Posting from Paradise

Ciabatta (Italian for "slipper")bread. I love this stuff. My honey picked up several small ciabattas for a recipe he made for our lunch and we have been having a loaf for breakfast every morning since. He always buys enough of anything to feed half the neighborhood! Yesterday morning, I slathered mine with a Classico pesto and today used a calamata olive spread I found at Fresh Market. What a way to start the day! More later...breakfast is ready!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Posting from Paradise
Posting from ParadiseWe went to the cemetary today to make sure my Uncle Harlan and my step Papa Joey had flag. While the Am Vets had made sure the vets graves had them, there were only flags at the entrances to my uncle's and my Papa's areas. I was so glad we took the flags out. It was an awesome display of the good ol' Red White and Blue.From the Art of the Moment (and please add your interpretation this time): "Before and orchestra can start playing, the conductor raises his baton to create what is called in musical language an anacrusis---a silent upbeat. In the same way, every moment can bre interpreted as a silent upbeat, as a brief interval between what was and what is still to be".I feel that I am living in the anacrusis.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

From the book " The Art of the Moment"

Posting from Paradise

A second line from the book that moved me is " Beware. Feeling blue is never an excuse for passing on a chance to feel joy."

A lot of things in my life lately have been dogging me, getting me down and I've allowed them to make me feel the 'blues'. I have ignored amazing sunsets, wonderous mornings, intoxicating aromas and the companionship of those who love me. I believed that I had to work through this time and figure it out for myself...and, in my stoicism, I neglected joy!

I have worked through some of this and am taking a fresh look. My joy is my family, my friends, and this beautiful place in which I live. I have missed this but no more...JOY!

And today's BIG WAVE is to

Posting from Paradise

Myersville,Maryland...glad you stopped by.

It's another lovely day in Paradise

This is a picture of one of the public marinas in Downtown Ft. Myers. The bridge goes over to Cape Coral (or The Cape as it is called here). The marina is on our river that leads to the Gulf and is much traveled especially on weekends. There is a restaurant next door to here that has a wonderful view and near by is the Thursday Farmer's Market.
This is just one of the many things I'll miss when we move but I am sure they will be replaced by others just as wonderful.
Today I am going to be doing some more cleaning...I seem to be doing that a lot lately...and putting more of the papers, etc. that I know I will never use into the ever-growing goody box for my dd to share with her scrapping teacher pals and for my niece as well.
A wonderful woman, Zora, helped me find the perfect holder for my next class. Can't wait to show off this baby...too cute for words. Will be working on this one today too.
Have a great day. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Essence of Time

Posting from Paradise

Now that I have made more space in my life, I have returned to reading a wonderful little book called, The Art of the Moment, by Veronique Vienne. This isn't a book you have to start at the beginning and read til you are done, but something to pick up the first thing in the morning and read a page or two while sipping that first, most wonderful cup of coffee or tea or right before you put out the light and slip into lala land at night.

One line that struck me profoundly today is this: "Welcome unexpected interruptions for they are often the lead-ins for happy accidents". The phone rings, the door bell, someone pings on msn, a bell lets me know I have an e-mail , my honey asks me questions and I react and often not pleasantly. Interruptions have meant a cessation of what I had my mind set upon. I like the line. It reminds me, life is often what is happening while I am planning my life (to paraphrase J. Lennon, I think).

So, my thought for the day is to be more open to interruptions and more receptive to the opportunities they present.

Today's BIG WAVE goes out to....

Ripe, Kent, UK...hello there!

It's the Weekend in Paradise

I woke up early this morning with a light heart. I had been dreaming about my grandfather, whom I dearly loved. This half remembered dream got me wondering about something that has a history with me.

Ever since I was a young girl clear up through the present, the men I love have been asking me to fetch tools for them while they are working on some project or another, usually something for me. Now, I have no problem being Step N Fetch It, but I am puzzled by why men would assume I would know that a whatsamacallit tool is or even what it looks like. Screw drivers are the worst. I have vivid memories of my dad saying, "get the screwdriver for me, will you" and me staring at the 102 he had on his work bench. It didn't matter what one I brought, it was always the wrong one and the one he needed I could never find. This was true with my ex and even my current (and forever) honey. Why do men assume we know? Over time I have learned the differences between some of the screwdriver's such as a Phillips head etc. but it seems even those are some times different.

So, I have devised a plan and, as soon as my honey is done puttering, I am going to try it out. I have assembled most of my cutters on my work table. I am going to ask him to please bring me the one with the scoring blade. Wonder how he will do?

Have a great one!

Friday, May 26, 2006

EGADS...I almost forgot 2 things...

Posting from Paradise

The first is The BIG WAVE: today this goes out to Little Rock, AK.

and the second one is I just had two of my layouts picked up by an ezine for publication in June!

Now if that doesn't chase the blues grilfriends do!

It's the Weekend in Paradise

I wasn't going to blog today because I am dealing with some issues that I would prefer not to deal with and feeling kind of blah. Then I thought of all the good things that are happening to me now and the blahs just lifted. Kind of like that old song my mom use to belt out in the kitchen, gonna leave my worries on the doorstep and (something something) to the sunny side of the street!

One of the best things in my life, besides my wonderful honey and the kids (ok, and the zany cats) are my girlfriends. First of all, they have the best sense of humor both collectively and individually. They are also outspoken, tolerate crap minimally and are there when I need them in a snap. I only hope I am half the friend that they are.

This pic was taken the evening we met for supper after our Heidi Swapp class at Ruban Rouge in Palm Harbor, Florida. We went to the pier to a Spanish restaurant and, as you will notice, we even took our honeys with us for a change. There is nothing better than good friends, good food and good wine on an evening like the one we had. I revel in their love and support.

Now, how could I have a case of the blahs when all this good and more is in my life? The only thing I do wish is that my mom could be here to celebrate what would have been her 80th. birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom! I miss you so. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The BIG WAVE goes out to

Posting from Paradise

Boonsboro, Maryland....a frequent visitor!

Kayaking on the Estero

There is nothing better in my book than to spend a morning kayaking on one of our beautiful rivers here in Florida. The Estero is by far, my favorite.
What I think I like the best is that this pretty river winds hither and yon on it's path to the Gulf. We start by going under a bridge with that cool, damp smell. The sounds of cars overhead and the people noises from the dock where we rent our kayaks soon disappear as we paddle past the Koreshean Settlement. Many of the structures have been renovated from this Utopian town and you can see where the Koresheans built bridges from one side of the river to the other. This is one of my favorite parts of our journey back into time.
After a turn or two and after floating past some homes and mobile home parks, comes a funny house and barn built right on the water.
The owner of this place must have the best sense of humor as he or she has painted cds hanging and twirling in the breeze strung from a tall tree overhanging the river. On one branch of a tree across the river from this house, the owner has perched a row of plastic pink flamingos, and there is a fun bridge built from the house across a small inlet to another part of the property. Every time we have gone past, Big Band music has been playing softly and a rooster announces our arrival and departure. I've never caught more than a shadowy movement from the owner.
I think I need a dose of the Estero River soon. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

And the BIG WAVE of the day goes out to....

Posting from Paradise

Washington DC...if this is the Prez reading this...fella, you and I have got to talk!

(I've tried posting this message 3x...I think the CIA is interfering in my>

The Day I Lost My Kids

My kids love to sit around at family gatherings and tell childhood stories. These usually start with "Do you remember when Mom....(fill in the blanks with bad mommy tales all highly exaggerated!).
One of the stories they tell is the time I lost them both in J.C. Penney's. They were both little and both had a slight speech impediment (which they have outgrown). I was trying to find Easter clothes for them. Kristen was about three and in the umbrella stroller and Rob had to be about six, maybe seven at the most. Neither wanted to be shopping and were getting antsy.
I turned around after finally finding a dress in Kristen's size and, not only was Rob missing but the stroller empty as well. I had only taken my eyes off them for a minute and poof...gone. I had been through this once before and had found them playing "let's scare the hell out of Mommy" by hiding under the rounder nearby. As I was trying to control myself and not scream, "If you two don't get back here right now, I'll blister your butts", the intercom came on in the store.
"Would the parents of Obbie Fernan and Titen Poorman please come to Customer Service. We have two lost children". Our last name was Fehrman but not only could the kids not even say their first names clearly, but said their last name differently. Now you can only imagine the skeptic store manager when I tried to explain these were both my children and that Poorman and Fernan were really Fehrman. After showing my drivers' ID, I was given my kids back. During this whole thing, neither of them said a word thus putting more doubt in the store manager's mind.
There is a rule when my now grown children tell these horribly exaggerated 'bad mommy' stories. When they have each told a tale, I say, "Now tell me something good about your childhood". Generally there is dead silence. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Today's BIG WAVE goes out to....

Posting from Paradise

Brooklyn New York...Howdy!

Tuesday in Paradise

Yesterday was pretty much a bust as I was just too tired to do much at all from my night before without much sleep. Did marginally better last night. At least after an hour of tossing and turning, I did get back to sleep.

I am knee deep in the scrapper's lament, "I have too much stuff" and part of the reason for that is that if I find something I really like, I get a couple just in case the co. stops making I have got to purge again as, despite my continuous cleaning, sorting and giving older stuff to my dd for distribution to her scrapping pals, I still have too much.

And then there is my addition to toys: I have all but one of the Xyron adhesive machines and these take up one whole shelf in the hall closet with their replacement cartridges (big sale on those so I had to stock up, right?). I just got more ink and another cute cartridge for the Design Runner and now am thinking about a new camera. I love my 5.0 Sony Cyber Shot but it only goes to 3x on the telephoto and I could have sure used more than that at the Air and Boat show. We got talking to a guy who had a great camera (Cannon Sure Shot)that has 12x telephoto and yo could almost see the pilots teeth in the plane shots he got!! It is bigger than my Sony Cyber but WOW...the pics.

We have Altered Artists' Society meeting tonight. We're doing something really cute with wooden serving spoons, paints, Mod Podge and pictures. Will show and tell tomorrow.

The pic is a shot of the beach on Sunday....wall to wall umbrellas and people. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday Janet M

Posting from Paradise

our future resident of Florida! Hope your b'day was a good one. Janet in PA gets the Big Wave of the day today! If you don't stop having b'days, Janet dear, you will catch up with me!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wow...what more can I say...

The air show and the boat races were awesome. I have a video but my ds says he has to install a new program for me so I can put videos on my blog. The sounds, the sights, the power...ooh, la la! This is me in my new cute outfit. My honey says I reminded him of an oh so sweet how can i get upset with that! Posted by Picasa

WAVING from Paradise

Posting from Paradise

This morning's Big Wave goes out to Reston VA. Howdy!

As the waves break upon the shore...

Happiest of Sunday Blogger Folks, and it is going to be a warm one here in Paradise. My honey works from today and, depending on when he gets off, we may take a bit of our time and head to the beach for a walk.

The realtor yesterday only had one person come through our home and he was not qualified to buy it. Curiosity I guess. We have decided on a plan and, if we do not see more advertising and actual walk throughs, we will be going with a bigger realty company. I do not want to have to make two mortgage payments!

I ordered two see through containers from the Container Store to compare to the ones I got at Ruban Rouge. The ones from CS are nice but not nearly as nice as those from RR. I can't get the (what I call egg cartons) inserts to fit in the CS ones and I can only load them with about half the page kits I've put together for layouts as the RR ones. So, guess it is back to RR for more of those.

I am getting excited about teaching my class at Whims. I am hoping I get enough sign ups to do a class both Friday night and Sat. morning which makes it more worth my trip up. Can't wait until this sell the house thing is over and our new one done. I'll be about an hour out from Whims, about 30 min. from RR and my dd and ds and lots lots lots closer to my pals. Look out HIlltop Memories gals: I'll probably become a fixture at your crops.

Off to read the blogs! Have a great Sunday Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The BIG WAVE of the day goes out to

Posting from Paradise
Fairbanks, Alaska....howdy!

It's the Weekend in Paradise

My front porch has to be one of my very favorite places in this house of ours. I'll miss having coffee out here with the overhead fan going and some light jazz playing on the radio. I love the fountain and the fact that people wave and say hello when they walk by. We added this front porch to the house design when we had this house built. There is just something about a front porch!
Our new house is going to have a front porch too. It sits in front of my new workroom, so while I am playing with adhesives, papers and other assorted scrappers' delights, I can look out upon our new neighborhood. The new porch is neither screened nor bannistered but I hope to do that eventually.

I had an interesting conversation with a couple gals who work knee deep in the scrapbooking industry about what drives the industry itself and how this is so different from most consumer based ones. The easiest comparison is the car industry. If consumers buy more of the big SUVs, the industry bows to the demand and produces more of those; if red cars aren't selling, the car manufacturers come up with the colors that do sell more cars. And, despite the ads for new cars by a few celebs, a very few people buy a certain car 'cause someone famous says it is good.
In the scrapbooking world, the trends are generated out of the industry itself and the manufacturing companies. They hold Design Team searches and we buy tons of the new product and try out by the hundreds (and I've done this too), they hold Best Scrapper of the Universe and Best Album contests and we buy the product and enter. Sometimes we don't even like the stuff but what the industry generates, we buy. The consumer in the scrapbook industry does NOT drive the industry, the companies and their celebs do. Point in case, there are thousands and thousands of "baby boomers" out there with enormous amounts of buying power yet, to date, there has not been one single magazine, not one single "celeb" and not one single idea book that is aimed at this group of women. Guess we are just not 'trendy' enough and cool! Someone is missing the money boat and someone will eventually come out with something...probably when some of those "celebs" and manuf. reach my age. I am not advocating an overthrow of the government, but feel this is just the way it is. Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 19, 2006

Tag Post: Ten Sounds I Love to Hear

Posting from Paradise

1. "Hi Hon, I'm home" from my sweetie.

2. palm fronds rubbing back and forth in a breeze

3. beach sounds (kids laughing, waves slapping on the shore,
the ice cream guy, the pop of beer

3. my gkids calling me with good news!

4. ping ping on msn which means one of my pals is wanting
to chat on-line.

5. my cats' purring

6. our realtor calling with a solid offer on our house (haven't heard this one yet)

7. great jazz

8. laughter and giggles

9. sighs of contentment

10. "Hello, is this Jules? We'd love to publish your layout entitled...............(fill in the blank!)"

I have tons more than ten sounds I love to hear but these will do for Tell me where to find your list.

Today's Big Wave goes out to....

Posting from Paradise
our first time visitor from Maple Shade NJ...welcome to Paradise!

My Prima shoes

I have to stop collecting Prima flowers. I have tubs and glass bottles and plastic bins filled with Primas. I was going to give these velvet shoes to Goodwill but decided to play first. I love them now and just have to keep them for some special occassion! I hadn't had my hot gun out for eons.

We have an open house scheduled here for tomorrow from noon to three. Please keep your fingers (and all other available body parts) crossed for us. Getting an offer would be nice!

Off to swap the deck here and try to get rid of the floating cat hair dust bunnies. Bathrooms are clean and laundry done. All I have left to tackle is the (shudder) workroom. I hate having to box everything up every time we have an open house but there is no other recourse. For me, art is messy and I thrive in being surrounded by all my stuff! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 18, 2006

So I just figured out how to post from Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Just one of those days

Posting from Paradise

First, despite my good intensions, I didn't do a thing in the workroom...ok, I moved some of the massive amounts of papers and cleaned two bathrooms but I doubt that counts as 'creative process'!

Then, the CTMH gal showed up with my new catalog and the dog from across the street scratched her brand new SUV...ouch!

And the worse, so far (the night is young!), is that I had to cook...anyone who knows me well, knows I Do NOT cook. Well, maybe making a salad is not cooking for most of you, but it is for me. With my honey working his part time job, I am trying to pitch in and help. It is the housewifey thing to do, doncha know? But I am not at my best in the kitchen.

So, as the sun sets on Paradise and the drinks are chilled and served stirred, not shaken...I leave you with this wise advise...if something strange is floating in your glass remember this: alcohol kills everything!

The BIG WAVE for today goes to....

Posting from Paradise

our visitor from Kocael, Turkey! Thanks for stopping by!

Rock Stars I've Known and Loved

Ok, so I never really knew any rock stars! The closest I've ever come to that is having a boy friend in college who played in a rock band and sitting next to a minor league British band from the 60's in Heathrow Airport last summer on our way to Rome. But, in my mind, I've known lots! lol One of my students went on to play in a fairly well know blues group called Murder City Blues.

I always use to say that my claim to fame was the fact that I had front row seats at the stadium in St. Louis for the Beatles tour. Well, my boy friend of the month got them and asked me to go. I wasn't even a Beatles fan and had found it really tacky how some of my classmates seemed to go nuts over the mention of any of their names. And here we are, eons later and Paul is in his 60s and I'm not far behind.

As a child of the 60s, I went to my fair share of concerts, many without my parents knowledge (ah, only a minor 'bad girl'!). I saw the Supremes, The Mamas and the Papas (who gave some friends of mine who were sitting behind them at a restaurant after the concert some of my pals still had one of the bottles (autographed) at our ten year reunion I heard). I saw dozens of minor leaguers like Red Rubber Ball, Johnny Rivers, The Kingston Trio (after their prime time), but I never did see The King.

We have a friend who is a big Elvis freak. If you are reading this Steve, this one's for you!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today's Big Wave goes out to....

Wexford, PA....a big hello from me in Paradise.

Happy Hump Day

Here I am with one of my grandpuppies, Gumbo. Gumbo was a Katrina victim puppy whom the kids started off fostering. He was scrawny, ridden with fleas, mites and
parasites of all kinds. The rescue people helped the kids with the vet bills and Pet Smart was donating and giving discounts on food, etc. When no one claimed, Gumbo (named after his home state of La.), the kids adopted him. He is a one big puppy and he and his older brother, Sirius, race through the house and out in the backyard, then plop down and rest.

Started the morning my favorite way: coffee, my honey and me in the hot tub. It was and is a cloudy, gray day here in Paradise with nary a breeze. The palms across the street looked quite dramatic outlined against that streaky dark sky this a.m. before the sun started it's climb. E is off to work at 8 and I need to figure out just what I want to do this glorious gift of a day. It is suppose to cool some so hopefully I can open up the house.

I am working on a layout of my messy workroom and the lack of space. I have tons of pics of the mess in which I exist when I scrap and alter. I take a look at some of the scrap rooms posted by scrapbookers and celebs in the industry and wonder how they can create in such tidy I had a sign on my desk when I taught that said, "A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind" and now I have one that says, "Art is messy"...maybe I should use that for the title of the layout? I also have some pics of the "After" when I had to box up tons of stuff from my room due to the open houses...but they really aren't me, ya know! lol I guess "me" is something of a combo of these two extremes like now.

What is with the big push to the return to 2 page layouts? I use to do these all the time but now almost every publisher in the industy is wanting these...what with the return to white pages, rounded corners etc., CM should be doing a booming buisness. What is next? Stickers? lol

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You saw the is the layout!

I love the paper by Somerset Studio and I finally got to use my two new door stamps. Into my Doors Album it goes.

It's this thing about doors...

I have a thing about doors. I love old, ornate or even new and unusual doors. I have been taking pics of them for about 3 years now and am in the process of compiling a coffee table album of my layouts of doors. I have been trying to figure out what to do with this pic from Rome, Italy and so that is my project for today (along with the 3 unfinished layouts on my work table).

Yesterday was another Big Biscuit Day (as Kipster would say). I opened up my newsletter and there was one of my fave layouts and me as a winner of a Mother's Day Contest! What a great surprise. This has actully been a Big Biscuit month for me...the invites to teach at Whims So Doodle in St. Pete and Ruban Rouge in Palm Harbor, celebrating Mother's Day with my kids, getting to hang out with Kip and Teri, Stampington & Co. requesting my hinged panels and now the contest. I can not complain at all! Gotta love those biscuits!

My Big Wave of the Day goes out to LUTZ, FL. If you are a scrapper, blogger from Lutz, let me know. I'll be hunting for some local gals with whom to crop as it looks like our house in Connerton (between Lutz and Land O Lakes) will be ready mid to late Oct.

Everyone have a great day and watch for updates! Off to visit is four am and I can't sleep!

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Big Wave goes out to....

Posting from Paradise

Bernie Missouri today! Stop in and chat!

It's Monday in Paradise

On Sat. morning before I left to meet Kip and Teri at Ruban Rouge for our Elsie Flannigan class, my daughter, Kristen assisted by my favorite (and only) son-in-law, Chris fixed me a wonderful breakfast. It was such a lovely morning, all cool and breezy, that we ate outside. She used a bunch of her Pampered Chef stuff. She is attending nationals for PC and is almost a director in addition to teaching full time.

And, for some odd reason, here is the same picture again! LOL. The kids have been restoring this house for the past two years. They bought it cheaper than it should have been as it had been totalled inside. The man who owned it beat his wife (the walls were the proof), grew and processed drugs (hooks everywhere in the ceiling), and who knows what else. The kids have done an amazing job in a short amount of time. The big job now is the master bath which had to be gutted as it was infested with mold. Not too much longer and it will be done! Yeah.

I'm planning on doing a big bunch of whatever I feel like doing today. I need to move some laundry along but am feeling industrious and may scrap my fingers to the bone. Have a great day all!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

This was, as my pal, Kipster would say, a "Big Biscuit" weekend. Not only did the kids wine and dine me on Friday night and we find out our house will be ready mid to end of Oct., but I got an invite to teach at Ruban Rouge. This gives me two locations where I can teach in the St. Pete/Palm Harbor area. I'll start classes before we move and either stay with the Kipster or my dd, Kristen, when I schedule a class. As a matter of fact, my first class at Whims in St. Pete is scheduled for June 17th (my mini album coaster class with Wild A papers).
More below:

This is one of the trays I bought with my gift certificate from my kids at Ruban Rouge. The trays are a tad over 12x12 and have optional inserts like the one pictured here. I bought the inserts on an earlier visit. I think I may keep my chip board letters in this one or some of the ephemera that I keep piling up on my desk. More below: OK, can I tell you how happy this tool makes me. All the coasters for my mini album coaster class require that I drill a hole in one corner. So, I either had to get out my dremmel and drill away or my honey's power drill (and we all know how protective men are about their power tools, right?). This tool will punch the hole in a snap and requires so little pressure it is unreal. Color me happy!
And this was my pretty pick for this week. I can't wait to start playing with this lovely stuff. I will have to hunt far and wide to find pictures "worthy" of actually cutting this paper and using these great rub ons and chipboard letters. K.Ology rocks!

Hope all you Mom's have a great weekend was wonderful thanks to my hubby, the renowned E, my kids and my friends. Big smoochies to all.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Our early Mom's Day Celebration

We headed to Clearwater Beach as soon as Rob got off work yesterday. There was a two hour wait at either Frenchy's or Palms so we took pictures for my class today, walked a little on the beach and has some liquid refreshments. Our wait was actually only about an hour and the beach burgers were great. The kids surprised me with a gift card to Ruban Rouge which I will use today before my class with Elsie Flannigan. I have my three new pastel sharpies all ready to doodle!

I am suppose to bring between ten and twenty family pictures to the class today with more verticals than horizontals or was that vice versa? I was so busy yesterday trying to get the hinged panels sent off to Stampington (crossed fingers here that they can get good enough pics to publish it in the mag. The editor and I have corresponded a bit and she seems very nice)that I left my class supply list at home in Ft. Myers! Oh well.

I have come to the conclusion that we need some really good pictures the next time all of us are together...the last "family" professional one we had done doesn't look like us at all and is over 7 years old! Wouldn't we all look oh too cute in khaki and blue?

My Wave of the day goes out to the mystery visitor to my blog from Estero, Florida. I thought I knew almost all the scrappers who live near me in Ft. Myers, but maybe not. Hello Estero!

Friday, May 12, 2006

New House Update

We sure got some startling news today from the builder. Our house could be ready as early as the middle of Oct. This means we need to go into overdrive on selling our house in South Ft. Myers...our neighbor suggested we sell lottery tickets on e-bay for a hundred bucks

We made a few electrical changes but the funniest moment is when the supervisor wanted to know why we wanted a waist high outlet in the closet of the room that is to be my workroom...we just looked at each other and told her it was for scrapbooking...she still had no clue but said her boss was going nuts trying to figure it out. Lol

We found the neatest restaurant in Land O' Lakes, Rapscallions on Lake Bell. The food is wonderful, the view on the back deck of the lake (we had a water skier putting on quite a show while we ate), reasonable prices and the best of all, happy hour two fers start at noon and run til four daily. Lots of live music on weekends...definately our kind of place.

I think we are really going to love this kind of living! Oh, and the new shopping center with the Publix is about a half mile from our E can continue to work his part time job...yeah me, er ah Him!

Adventures in Paradise

Posting from Paradise

We are off soon to meet with our builder on our new house in Land O'Lakes. The slab is suppose to be poured and I can't wait to see exactly where on the property it will sit in relation to the bike path that runs next to our house. There is a big party scheduled in the first of the many parks planned for the development for Sunday but E has to work so we'll head home Sat. after my class.

Can't wait until tomorrow. Am meeting with Teri and Kip at eleven at Ruban Rouge. We'll find a place to eat nearby and then go to class. We're suppose to have ten to twenty family pictures for this class so I brought my camera and printer with me along with Minnie, my lap top. Since Rob, Kristen, Chris, Gene and I are celebrating Mom's Day at the beach this evening, I should be able to get many family combo pics. Got plenty of the Grand Puppies and Mr. Stevie, the cat, last night.

Today's special hello goes out to the mystery viewer from New Berlin, WI...everyone give this viewer a warm welcome and wave.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kath's Tag: dance pics

I am not sure this will post...all I can see is an x in a box. As I said, all the pics of my not so illustrous years in high school are packed away. I did dig out one in fancy dress for a Rainbow Girls dance my freshman year and my senior picture.

Also, I'd like to wish a very special happy birthday to one of our blog viewers in Rohrersville, Maryland. Let's all wish her the very best!

Ft. Myers makes the national tv...

Posting from Paradise

Well, we finally made the big time...unfortunately, it was with a sting done by Dateline tv to lure pedophiles to a huge home in our town. The sting worked and our police force rounded up a bunch of these low lifes. After one man stepped outside the door, he quietly surrendered to the police who were in wait. My hubby said, well, that is the first one the cops didn't tackle. I am sure that Dateline encourage the police to make the "captures" exciting but that part was unnecessary for me and I thought it made our police force look brutal.

The other news my little town made was the grandmother who fought off the gator who bit her in the leg and attempted to drag her into the lake behind her house. This 74 year old feisty gal hit the gator with her hose until the 5 footer backed off andthen she continued to water her garden.

It's always something here in Paradise!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And a big hello to our stalker from...

Posting from Paradise
Medford Oregan!

Mother's Day in Paradise

These are two of my favorite layouts: one of my son, Rob, and me and the other of my daughter, Kristen, and me. They are two of the main reasons we have our house up for sale and are building closer to Clearwater and Palm Harbor in Land O Lakes, Fl. I miss them and so goes E.
I don't know how my kids got so tall or so old. Last time I looked, I was taking Rob to soccer practice and Kristen to cheerleading. Now they are 30 and 35
and they fix my computer and drive me all over kingdom come when we visit. My daughter calls this "Driving Miss Daisy"!

We're off for a visit this weekend and will celebrate Mom's Day on Friday on Clearwater Beach with burgers, fries, beer and sunset! We have to get home Sat. after my class so E can go to work early Sunday morning.

These are not just my children whom I love and admire, who grew up despite having many servings of Mama's Char Chicken and knowing supper was being served, 'cause the smoke alarm went off. These are my friends!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Posting from Paradise

Not tons and tons but a nice gentle sprinkle and even some thurnder for about fifteen minutes this morning...yeah! Now, let's have a real downpour. It has been months since we've had rain and the fires around here have been awful. Lots of people lost their homes in Lehigh (arson) and Cape Coral (some kind of electric problem) but these quickly spread all over.

I've been a scrapping fool lately. I finished off a couple of older layouts that just either needed pictures or journaling and did one of Italy and where I would live when I win the lottery.

I have one in the works and still have over 2 hours before my honey gets off work. Let's see how far I can get!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Thoughts on "Urban Chic"

Posting from Paradise

This is what I call the new trend in sbing. From what I can tell it consists of photos of 20-30 somethings, or their girlfriends and themselves (I do a lot of these but all my gfs tend to be in the 40-50 bracket), or their small children.(we either don't have kids or they are grown) It requires great photography (I'm marginal here), a good knowledge of photo manipulation and/or computer graphics (even less than marginal here for me).

Lots of these are done on either white or black backgrounds. If it were not for the seemingly random selection of strips of patterned paper and the carefully planned placement of a photot or a few to "look" haphazard, I'd say it is a return to the CM style.

I love the organized chaos of these layouts but often find it hard to follow the journaling or to identify a focal point on the layout. I rally like the mixed typographics in the print too.

While I like many of the los I see in this "Urban Chic" movement, I am seeing too many of them. It was like Shabby did it, everyone did it. It is almost like a layout must have a measure of these ingredients along with some machine stitching and some doodling freestyle to get published. If I can see hundreds of these on-line, why would I buy a sb mag that publishes little else but these also.

We are human lemmings following the most popular trend of the time, often even it is not "us". I give almost everything a shot and have tried this a time or two. While I like many of the elements, it is not me. Back to scrapping for old broads!

Free Day in Paradise

Posting from Paradise

My honey works from eleven to five today so as soon as I get some household chores done, it is scrap city for me. I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday...a couple of Pepcids helped but didn't feel like doing much of anything.

Feeling much better today and having all this time spread out before me is almost overwhelming! I do want to do some more work on my 5 panel hinged slide holder so I can take it to show and tell for Demo Day at Owl and the Pussycat on Wed. And, I still haven't written out the directions for my class at Whims So Doodles in St. Pete's in June (i've put that on my 'household chores' list! lol)

I have about 8 sets of lovely papers I'd like to play with today and want to do some more with my Pallet Glue pad...the effects are cool but I need more practice.

Hope you all have a scap happy day!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

National Scrapbook Day...cheers!

Posting from Paradise

I posted my Sweet Scavenger Hunt at ScrapLovers, posted my Girlfriend layout challenge at the Monkey site and now need to get ahold of a girlfriend that I am suppose to meet for lunch today. I need to wait a bit as I don't want to wake her.

I am hoping I will actually get to scrap myself today in celebration of the event. I have a couple of fun layouts in mind and the papers are calling to me with anticipation.

One of my fondest memories of this NSD is when I first got on the ck message board about 5 years ago. I didn't know anyone here in town with whom to scrap and so I stayed in my workroom by myself watching a special on tv on qvc, I think. The gals on the mb were scrapping up a storm and I just joined in. They would post about trying to resist buying things off qvc and then caving...they would post about problems with layouts and help each other solve them. I posted a couple of times when I could and found myself having the time of my life. I was scrapping with friends!

So, to all my sb pals, Happy National Scrapbooking Day to one and all.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Posting from Paradise

Once upon a time, we would walk a mile down our hill to the Mexican restaurant, have a few margaritas with some friends and make the return trip. Our friends use to joke about us getting stopped for WWI (Walking While Intoxicated) but believe me, walking uphill for a mile or so is a sobering experience.

There is a Mexican restaurant up the street from where we live now and the difference in a few years is that we will drive there for one, early and drive home. Live offeres up lots of changes.

I am hoping to meet a friend I haven't seen in months for lunch tomorrow. Her grandson is undergoing a series of tests at Duke University Medical Center to find out why he is not talking. The dr. believe he was misdiagnosed two years ago and now they want to diagnose correctly and proscribe a treatment plan. My friend is more hopeful than she has been in a long time. He is the sweetest little fellow and, even though I may not see him for months, always seems to remember me with a big hug and a smile the size of TX.

I am tired of trying to make a couple of layouts competitive for a DT so am just going to finish them off and call it done. I don't scrap the way all the hot new designers do. While I am pretty much of an eclectic scrapper and creator, I just don't do the new look, that I call "urban chic". I step outside the box tons but when I look at this new trend, as amazing as the layouts are (and they are amazing believe me!), they are all starting to look alike. It is the nature of the when everyone was layering patterened papers on patterened is what sells and what will be published til the next trend moves in.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Posting from Paradise

Well, this was an interesting one! One of the threads at a certain message board that shall remain nameless asked if the members thought that the mb was being edited more than usual. This gal stated that she had her posts to a few threads pulled, while the post remained. When someone asked, had she been advertising or mentioning a product, she replied no, that she had responded to someone asking about how others liked a product and voila! her post had been pulled. And, others on the thread replied that this had happened to them as well.

I posted that I thought the mp police has tightened down but were not consistant in their administration and they were not even following the stated rules as 3 of my friends had been banned since the new mb went up for disagreeing with certain posters (guess it is who you know, ya without any warning.

And ya know what? My post was edited out. How ironic to be edited out of a post that complains about excessive editing of posts!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lots of good things happening here in Paradise

Unfortunatley I can't spill the beans right yet, but I've been given an invite to participate in something pretty exciting. This is one of those things you wait for half knowing it probably won't happen and 3/4 hoping it will. And when it does, you just want to pinch yourself to make sure it is real.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Kips tag

Posting from Paradise

I posted this earlier today but it didn't make it all the way to my blog. It will probably post twice by tomorrow...the internet hates me!

5 things that make me smile: when my blog actually posts when I hit Publish Post, spring, my roses, spending fime with friends and my family, getting an e-mail that starts, "we would like to use your layout in....(fill in the blank)

5 things I can see on my desk: my tape runner, a cutter, a tray full of odds and ends that I was going to use on my panels but didn't, a layout in progress with Hambly silk screened paper, my BG notch tool that is still not out of its container.

5 things that kept me busy this weekend: finishing up the prototype for my June class at Whim's in St. Pete, laundry,
cleaning my workroom, getting a goody box ready for my niece.

5 things I am doing this week: writing the directions for my class, posting how to do gilding on overlays at ScrapLovers on Thursday, finishing the layout on my desk, finishing the reorganization of the workroom, visiting with a gf I haven't seen in eons.

5 things I said to make someone smile: "Come with me on the Hilltop Memories Cruise" to my gf Kim (who doesn't scrap), "I've missed you" to my friends Pete and Anne (at least I hope it put a smile on their faces, "good morning" to the 3 or 4 people I passed on my way to Curves this am and "I love you" to my honey.

I tag Anne, Shar, Jayne and Janet Planet