Monday, June 29, 2009

You are so TWEET

This is the mini album from the add on kit. The shapes are darling, the colors fun and summery yet perfect for lots of this tribute album to Goofy the Cat, who is mine. E is owned by Just Jack who prefers him to anyone else. And Jack is the photographic one of the two brothers. He actually poses when I get the camera out. Poor Goofy, on the other hand, is a cat of a different hue and ilk. He loves his mommy to distraction but is shy and reclusive so doesn't get nearly the attention that Jack does. So, here is one for you, dear Goof!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Twilight time...(the old song not the Vampire book)

I found tiny twinkle lights through a catalog right before Christmas last year and ordered two sets. They are solar powered and looked so good on the gate and the arbor seat that we left them up for good. We have lined the pathway from the house to the gate with hanging solar lights and, from twilight to dawn, it looks like a fairy's walk. Yesterday, during a trip to Home Depot on a search for some plant replacements, we stumbled over these solar powered tiki lights and bought two for the pool. They even flicker and look great with the Tiki god of Beer!

Color me happy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday night at Miss Vickies

Even though Randy, the blues guitarist, was not at Miss Vickie's, we had a lovely time. We sat out on the patio with a great breeze and, for the first time in a while, we were not drowning in our own sweat. The storms that had been moving through had caused the cancellation of the music. The beer was cold and the boiled peanuts in Cajun sauce spicy and good. What more can a girl ask for on a Friday night on the river?

p.s. I not only survived the hour and a half yoga stretch class, I loved it and am going back for more.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pray for me...(lol)

If you don't hear from me for awhile, please check local hospitals (traction wing). I am heading out soon with Kristen for a yoga stretching class. I have never done this before and, in my older years, am trying to be more open to trying new things and this seemed far safer than bailing out an airplane with an ex-pres of the U.S.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It was a scrappy day here in Paradise

We did about 7 miles on our bikes this morning. The faster we rode, the more of a breeze we created so we were zooming.
After a load of laundry, I started playing in my work room. I finished a layout I had started eons ago with some wonderful MM paper and finished the Summertime one you see below. Doing this layout brought back so many good memories of last summer with the gang at our time shares at Estero Island Beach Club.
The Shabby Chic Shopping one makes me happy. These are pictures of Retro Annie's Antiques and More store in Bradenton, Fl. where Kip, Janet M and I went shopping to our hearts' content, trying on hats, buying vintage lace and buttons and more. All the journaling is done on the tiny price tags that I got from Manto Fev and Artful Illusions (both shops are listed on my altered blog).
It has been a scrap happy day here in Paradise!

We got rain!

Finally! It started with a wonderous lightening and thunder show around nine last night and the sky poured that lovely wet stuff for about 45 min. The cats and I watched the display out the bedroom window and listened to the rain on the sky light in the bathroom until one of us (me) drifted off to sleep. The ground is still wet this morning so the lawn and plants should be happy.

I played with some paper scraps yesterday that I found on a shelf and made two more nosegay bouquets. I'll put them on my altered blog some time later today and will put the layout up here as soon as I get the pictures for it printed.

I have been cleaning out my closet. We have a community clothes drive pick up on Thurs and I've been amassing a bag of things that I no longer wear or that no longer fit. While I didn't lose weight this week, I didn't gain either. In the process of closet cleaning, it dawned on me that I am shy in the shorts department. I wear the 'street' length ones and TJMaxx just happened to get in a new shipment. My "old" size was too big and baggy and the next size down a bit snug but I am bound and determined to meet my 5% goal this next week so they should fit better by then.

July is going to be a mad house, albeit a fun one. I am gone to N.C. with a bunch of the Hilltop/KnK gals the weekend of the 10-12 visiting our friend, Jill, our first week at the beach starts the 12th. with Rob house sitting for us for the next two weeks (love it when we have someone who stays here)! Then, on our way back into Tampa area we are tentatively planning on picking up Pam from Wisc. that Sat and Monday she and I drive to Orlando for CHA and meet up with G-a, Sonia, Chris, Kip and others. And thus endeth July! I think I've just met myself going in the front door as I am

Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Had tons of fun with this one!

Everyone who knows me even just a little knows that I do NOT cook. It is not that I can't; it just is not something I am good at. I love the fact others can cook and do appreciate those who do like Linda (www.hilltopmemeories) and my own Chef E.

And, since E heard about the toaster fire from the kids (a whole other story), he has taken complete control of the kitchen. I do cook my own breakfast fajita or omelet in the morning and do make a mean veggie pasta salad but, because these are optional things to do in the kitchen, I have been able to manage them without a single mishap (ok, there was that towel that ended up a bit singed but I love "distressed" things and the small mishap with the steak knife)!

And take a look at the July kit from KNK. So far, I have done 4 layouts, a mini album (from the add on kit), and a card. And I still have paper left.

It's another Monday here in Paradise

First, the shrine to home (more detailed pics on my altered art blog my part of this half month's reveal at Genuinely Jane Studios who is also having a contest. Here is the link so be be sure to check it out:

Read all about it and play at: While you are there, check out the super awesome projects created by our DT and the always amazing Suze Weinberg!

Genuinely Yours,

Susan and Mark
Genuinely Jane Studios
Phone: (609) 864-0666
Fax: (888) 711-9322

Second, here are a few pictures form our Father's Day celebration for E from yesterday. Kristen hates to have her picture taken (at least by me) so I have to ambush her to get any. The kitchen shot is where she was making a salad for E's meal. Rob cooked the chicken and Chris did the corn on the cob. A wonderful meal. I dug out the new dishes (gotta love Home Goods)for the these bright colors and they match the great room And, finally, the family photo. There are several versions of this mostly of Chris' posterior as he raced for the couch but this one is pretty good. Thanksgiving is the next time I'll be able to talk them all into sitting still together so I have to grab these while I can!

Have a great is suffocatingly humid and hot here in Paradise. Hope your weather is better.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bayou in the morning

E and I decided to ride earlier this morning than our usual 8 am due to the oppressive heat and humidity. We left the house at 6:30 am and headed into town to Spring Bayou, one of my very favorite destinations here. We only ride town on weekends as the traffic is much less.

Spring Bayou is one of the many bayous that lead to either the river here or out to the Gulf. They are brackish and affected by the tides as is our river. The park surrounding the bayou is where the Epiphany celebration is held each year, where people come to read the paper, drink coffee, watch the birds, walk their dogs and even fish. The live oaks are draped with shawls of Spanish Moss creating an oasis in the middle of our busy little town. It is surrounded by Victorian house many from the late 1800s. It is a calm and serene place populated by fish and manatee, squirrels and birds.

Happy Fathers Day to all out there who are. And may you all find your "Spring Bayou".

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot,humid, muggy and oppressive!

Color me one unhappy camper. I was really looking forward to heading to the Sponge Docks this evening for some Greek dancing lessons, a little ouzo or wine, and sampling some wonderful Greek food but alas! It is not to is so humid that both of us are having trouble taking a deep breath. The heat index is 105 today and it so obvious once we stepped outside our door. We didn't even ride this morning and that is something for us.

I love living in Paradise but the weather lately has been the pits and worse than I can ever remember. This too shall pass as my dear mom use to say.

Kind thoughts and prayers for my sister, Janet, would be greatly appreciated as she begins a struggle that I am sure she can win just as my dad did. Thinking of you, Sis!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hot day here in Paradise


So, I thought I'd post some "cool" pictures. The beach ones are from the cause way leading to Honeymoon Island and the live oak tree photo with the flowers in the tree was taken at Anderson Park about a mile from my house. Enjoy.

I will be posting my reveal for Genuinely Jane Studios on my altered blog tomorrow.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have been on a search for a replacement shower curtain for our guest room bath for about six weeks now. The stripes were what we had in there to begin with and I was never really happy with it. You know how you get something set in your mind and nothing else will do? Well, that was me. I knew exactly what I wanted, the colors I wanted it to be and, of course, no such animal existed...let along a shower curtain. E and I even braved the crowds yesterday at the Linen warehouse sale to search but no luck. And then we stopped at Sears and there is was. I am a happy camper and now can happily obsess about something else.

And, for your entertainment, I present one of the dumbest cats around, our very own Just Jack. I found him perched in the hot tub on the top step. He was watching the water fill and get closer and closer to his dry little feet. It took his paws getting really wet before he gave me a dirty look like it was all my fault and moved. Some days I seriously worry about that boy!

Hope you all have a great day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The July Kit is up at

and, like all the others, this one is jam packed with papers and embellies and lots of goodies galore. At last weekend's crop I did three layouts and the mini album that is included in the add on kit. For my July technique, I'll be showing how to create your own overlays (like the Classic jars used in the Gene's Own layout) and images to personalize your layouts with transparency and vellum. So head on over to and see the entire kit!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Home and knee deep in unpacking

What a jam packed and fun filled weekend. I picked Kip up around noon and we headed to Scrapbooking in Paradise to meet up with G-a,Sonia and Barb who had driven up from Ft. Myers and Jill whom they had picked up at the Tampa airport. We shopped (and I showed a tad bit of restraint for a change)and then went out to lunch. We checked into the hotel before heading over to the Art Institute where the Boxer Rescue Fund Raiser was being held. G-a, Sonia and I shared one suite and Kip, Barb and Jill the other. I thought the suites were very nice and spacious (as you can see from the group shot...I think we had 17 total playing Left Right Center and celebrating Kipper's retirement).

I got so much done this weekend, stayed up wayyyyyyy too late both Friday and Sat., laughed and laughed and had a great time hanging with the girls. The best class I took that the Art Institute offered to us was the Wine and Chocolate and shortly behind that was the Photog. class. The instructor was so kind and did not make me feel like a blithering idiot. She narrowed down the sections I need to read in my camera owners manual, which helped tons since it is thicker than the one I have for my car!

We had fun at the Whine Down cocktail party although my plastic party glass had a leak (YES...really!!!) and I have wine down one of my favorite wine, of course. Will see how effective my Wine Out really is. We got to have the goodies from the classes that were offered to us by the Culinary Arts dept. and had fun hiding in the palms.

I did get 3 layouts done (one has to be 'fixed' just a tad) and a mini book from the July kit. And I still have tons of product left. E's cooking album is well under way!

It was good as always to see Jack Flash and her sister,two of the SW Fl. Cuties (Renee and Erika) and Lisa and Kelly (again...great message!). Kathy,Mary Mary, Michele and Linda from Hilltop and ALL the gals I know and love! Thanks to Kelcey for the birthday wine and card and to Jill for all the cute Cabana boy goodies. Hope I didn't leave anyone out.

And Linda's Ziti Friday night was the best!

Love to all,

Friday, June 12, 2009

See you Sunday

I am off to the crop presented by Hilltop Memories (www.hilltopmemories), THE very best crop and retreat company in Florida. Linda, the owner, is presenting this crop for the Florida Boxer Rescue group and it is a fund raiser for the groups wonderful rescue work.

I am picking up Kip and we'll meet up with G-a, Barb, Sonia who are driving up from Ft. Myers and who will pick up Jill at the Tampa airport. We'll have a bit of retail therapy at Scrapbooking in Paradise down Kip's way and then check into the two suites at a hotel near the crop. The crop is being held at the Art Institute of Tampa and I can't wait.

I even signed up for a cooking class but don't worry about me setting fire to the building...the class is Wine and Chocolate and I am sure I will be well supervised! lol

I have the scrap crap all packed. Just need to throw my clothes into the new cute tote Kip gave me for my birthday, add a bit of make up and I am ready. Oh, wait! I need to print a bunch of food and E cooking pictures as I am starting an album for E (hoping to finish it by his birthday in Sept) called "E is not just for Emeril" and it will include pictures and recipes of his favorite meals and will be divided like a cook book. Now don't tell as he has no clue and does not read my blog!

Have a great weekend and if you have too much fun, please send me pictures for the blog! lol I'll be posting some of mine from the crop when I can.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My birthday continues...

My friend, Suzie, told me that this is my b'day MONTH and that festivities in my honor should continue until the month is over. See why I like this gal! It does appear that this may be the longest running Birthday Celebration in history, Tarpon Springs? how about in my life?

Today Kip, Teri and I went out for my birthday luncheon. We went to a favorite place of Kip and my's ( we've been there once before)called SeaSea Riders in Dunendin. This is my meal: a wonderfully flavored chicken. I had a nice glass of pinot grigio and we all skipped dessert. We were going to get gelateo or an ice cream at Strickners (sp?) but never got around to it.

Our first stop, after Teri worked through her Homecoming Queen parade thing, was Q's. We were greeted by Ron whose first words were, "margarita, mojito, or wine?" yes, please! We all bough lovelies. Q's has the best bling around! and did you know...Kip bought a purse! She was down to just about 45 in her stash and she NEEDED another one...this will be perfect for her upcoming cruise.

Isn't this a great pic of us at Qs and are we not damn cute? lol

We hit a few other shops but didn't find as many fun things as we did at Qs. I bought some cool earrings, Teri got a necklace for a friend of hers who is coming to visit and Kip got a purse (did you know she got one?), a ring and some other blingy stuff...I picked out the bracelet! I am her personal shopper, you know.

Met E up at Snookers where some of the gang helped me recover some very funny b'day greetings (lol...Suzie) and now home to admire the tote, cocktail napkins and coaster from Kip. Thanks gals for a wonderful day!

The kids gave me a fun gnome flag, a couple of gnomes on sticks for potted plants and plumeria tree. Thanks to my friends and family for a great b'day!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What a great weekend....

We had such a great, fun packed weekend that the pictures hardly do it justice. I sold a slew of stuff at Ruban Rouge's Garage sale and am now set for Linda's Fried Green Tomatoes Crop which, along with Creep Over and Winter Retreat, is one of my most favorite of the ones she has each year (

Around five on Sat., E and I headed into town for the Gavel and Grape festival. One thing I love about living in a small town surrounded by other small towns is the fact there are festivals galore. This is one we had missed our first year living here and, I treated with some of my loot from the garage sale. We roamed the three blocks that Tarpon Springs had blocked off in our historic downtown area, had a couple of frosty cold ones, listened to music by Ron and the Classics (very good group by the way), looked at all the cool cars in the car show and E took my picture by the boat of my you think that boat makes my butt look big? hmmmmmmmm?
We stopped by Linda's favorite place here, The Zone, had a nice long talk with a very neat gal behind the bar and met two other couples who also love Snookers and Miss Vickies. We found out one of our favorite guitar players locally performs at Miss V's on Friday's from 5-9 so may head out there one Friday for a bit of local talent and some good food.

Sunday, we headed to Suzie's and Justin's to meet up with them and Buddy for a road trip to Homosassa. What a beautiful area. I had gone swimming with the manatee there a couple of years ago at Ginnie's Paradise Found crop and had fallen in love with the area. After hitting the flea market where I found some wonderful tiny thread spools and some handles for altered things, we headed to MacRae's (?) for the Cobia fish tournament weigh in. The winning fish was over 38 lbs. Wow. E kept thinking of all the ways he could cook up that much fish. We hit The Freezer bar and grill up the street for great wings and boiled shrimp and then headed home. I needed yesterday just to catch my breath.

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent me b'day wishes on facebook, through emails, at and at A Cherry on the Top and to JoAnne (my friend since we were 14) who phoned. You all have made this day so special and a girl only turns 62 once, right? (29 and 39 multiple times which is allowed). Have a great day.