Saturday, March 30, 2013

We interrupt this travelogue for a message

from the Grands who spent the morning with us getting ready for Easter and then attending the Eggstravaganza at the Tarpon Springs Sports Complex.


And then it was on to the EASTER EGG HUNT, petting zoo and pony ride.

 Landon rode on the big horse but the line was so long, I did not get to take a pic of him out of consideration of the other kids.  I was able to snap a fast one here but somehow this gives new meaning to "headless horse"...sans the man.
 And no egg hunt is complete without a visit from the Easter bunny!

Your regularly scheduled travel program will resume on Monday as Easter is reserved for as many cute pics of the Grands as I can possibly take.  We're having dinner here after our own egg hunt and Easter baskets.  The Easter bunny Uncle Rob will be hiding the eggs as he did such a great job last year!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Seen one you've seen 'em all...NOT

One whole day of the cruise was devoted to going through the Sounds of New Zealand.  How many Sounds can you see before they all start looking alike? Well, I think we went through five total and each was so different and so beautiful that we held our breath for most of the day.

Our first sound was Mitford and the entire ship, or so it seemed, turned out, cameras in hand or notebooks ready to take the pics.  We all seemed to oooh and ahhh in unison.  Breakfast was forgotten; husbands or wives could have jumped over board totally unnoticed...all eyes were on the majestic beauty Sound after Sound after Sound.

 After teaching the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, I finally saw my first is a wonder they ever get airborne.

So, take a deep breath, my friends, and prepare to be awed. (BTW: this post is for Dan, the owner and Michele, our friendly waitress,  at Tarpon Tavern, one of our top two haunts here in Tarpon Springs)!!!