Thursday, July 31, 2008

The count down begins

We have two full days left here at the beach before we are homeward bound. I feel like I have been away forever. Hope my kitties remember their mama.

Today we are heading to the outlet mall. E needs some gold toe socks and I need some of my vneck white tees from Bass that I can not live without. Mostly, I sleep in them for comfort. We'll spend the rest of the day lounging by the pool and watching the surf which has been higher than usual lately.

We have my great niece spending tonight in our unit I think we are going to grill out, maybe play mini golf with her and/or take a walk down the beach for ice cream. Her mom promised me no nap for her today so the little night owl won't be up until the wee hours.

We talked to Rob yesterday and he says we have gotten so much rain at home that the pool is on the verge of overflowing. It seemed like just last week we were having to hand water the new plants in the lower lawn so they would not die on us.

The Demo day at Owl and the Pussycat was wonderful as always. The owner went over some things to do with alcohol inks and showed us some wonderful Halloween stamps in both rubber and acrylics. I did buy a few yards of the wonderful hand dyed ribbons from France that the owner has. I am thinking they will look wonderful on my Nana book should I ever finish that.

I saw a copy of the new Somerset Home mag and Di, you should have submitted one of your amazing aprons. The ones that were published, although lovely, had nothing on yours! And the owner of O&P had a doubled sided corset stamp that reminded me of yours!

I am really sorry to be missing the Hilltop Memories Fried Green Tomatoes Crop in Sebring Fl. this weekend ( but know all the gals will have a ball. Take lots of pics all!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NO new art today

I spent most of yesterday lounging on the deck here by the pool reading and watching the big (for this area)waves break on the beach. Some guy had these incredible kits and wind socks up in the air and we were all agog over them. Finished my last unread book so stopping at B&N is also on my list of To Dos today.

I am heading to the Owl and the Pussycat stamp art store today for Stamp Demo Day. I am hoping the owner and her hubby have not headed off on their summer vacation because I am in serious need of a infusion of beauty and this is the place to get it!

After that, I am heading to Dee's for some adhesive and chat and then on to visit with my pals, G-a and Barb. G-a has some goodies for me and I will be picking out the papers etc. I'll be using on my haunted house class this coming Oct. at Scrapbooks Etc. in Bonita Springs.

We don't head home to Tarpon Springs until Sat. so I'll be missing the Fried Green Tomatoes Crop from Hilltop Memories ( in Sebring this weekend. Don't have too much fun without me, you all! Or, if you do, take lots of pictures.

Am hoping to finish and post my tiny address book tomorrow that I am constucting out of the give away chipboard album cover and papers that Zutter had as its give away at CHA. The Poppy line from SEI is perfect for this book. Maybe I'll get the creative bug after stamp demo day and finish off the last few divider pages!

Off to watch the sunrise....have a good one!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Black Market Paper Society and SEI

Thank goodness it rained today
or I might have burned my face off with another day in the sun and I am old enough to know better! So, after we helped my sister with some chores at her house and a visit to the cemetery to decorate my parents and my aunt and uncle's resting places, I came back to the condo here and scrapped.

I only brought down one art bin of supplies (papers, adhesives, tools etc) so I used what I had. I had sent some pictures that I took this past week to the drug store and picked them up yesterday.

The first layout is done with the new Black Market Paper Society Imported line. The sweet little girl, Hanna, is our friend, Jadee's youngest daughter and she stole all our hearts. Poor little thing was running a fever for the last couple of days and her sister got sicker than she did but Hanna just kept smiling! Both of the girls are troopers!

The second layout is done with the new SEI Poppy is all glittery with foil and such a beautiful line. When I showed it to Jadee (who got me into scrapbooking eons ago) and her mom who also scraps, I thought I was going to have to arm wrestle them to get the paper pack we got at the SEI party at CHA back!

This is Jill and her hubby, Kelly who all of us gals have elected as our Cabana Boy of the year! This line of papers is so lovely and such an ease with which to design.

I'll post the little altered JOY book by SEI on my art blog. Used the Black Market Paper Society Imported line on this too. Thanks for looking!

KnK club designs for Aug.

The papers in this month's kit sure had all of us on the DT creating up a storm. Our guest designer, Laura Bruynell, rocked the kit and her daughter in laws photography was wonderous. You can see her creations in the Guest Designer section of the message board. You do have to join to view.

I have started to use my handwriting more and more on my layouts. While it is not the prettiest handwriting around, it is mine. I am not a digi person so could have never figured out how to journal around the elements and that is where I wanted the journaling to be.

I haven't done vintage in a while which is odd since that is what I am probably the best at doing. These papers just cried out of older photos and this picture of my aunt and uncle on the Queen Elizabeth II was perfect for the look I wanted. I do like using wired ribbon and to crinkle it up like I did here.

My tech this month at KnK will be on the construction of the Sara folder we were all given and will focus on making the papers more durable and long lasting once they have been adhered to the folder. I'll discuss several products on the market and the pros and cons of each. I had such fun doing the folder and creating the file dividers that I placed inside. The tech goes live at KnK club either July 31 or Aug 1 depending on time elements and internet connection here where we are vacationing. Too funny...Kip and I reversed our designs on the folder and did not exchange information prior to designing. lol

Speaking of that, if you have sent me an e-mail and wondered why I have not responded, I am getting about half the ones that have been sent and those are arriving anywhere from several hours late to a day or explanation for that one at all.

We're scheduled for some rain today. After E and I help my sister with some things at her place, I am scrapping until the rain passes and then I'll hit the beach for treasures which wash up in the shape of lovely shells!

Have a great one.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

And then there were two

We chilled out at the pool most of yesterday reading and floating with Kim and Jerry. We all got spiffied up and headed to Matanza's restaurant on the back bay for supper and libations.

This restaurant, in addition to having tasty and plentiful food, has an incredible view as you can see. While dark clouds loomed, we never got any rain, just cool breezes.

If you read my blog, you know my fascination with shrimp boats and have seen the many photos I take of them both in Tarpon Springs and here. I've added several new ones to my collection so watch for my layouts to follow. There is just something about these boats and the life the crew lead to bring us those tasty shrimp...I understand completely why they are often referred to as pink gold.

We didn't make it it Bonita Bill's which is across the bay from Matanza's. We use to take the girls there for kareoke and cheap beer. Kim reminded me that we celebrated her birthday/engagement to Jerry there a few summers back. Putting this on the list of things to do this week before we leave...and no, we do not kareoke!

The tall building in the picture is Matanzas. The top is a bar with live music and whomever was playing while we were having supper was excellent. Lots of oldies that we knew the words to.

And last is our sunset yesterday evening. No green flash but amazing none the less.

Jerry and Kim have just left and E and I are taking the day off. The skies are a bit overcast but we'll see what the day brings. I haven't scrapped in about ten days so maybe, if we get a shower here or two, I'll dig out the stuff I brought and see what I can create with a minimal of stuff.

Have a good one and wish you were here!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

And then there were 4

Jerry and Kim saw his son, his son's wife and their two kids off to the airport early this morning and then moved their things into our room. They will be here through tomorrow. Sat. is the most wonderful day here as about 90% of the people staying here leave and it is pure serenity from ten am until about two pm when the next batch moves in. We have had the most incredible weather here this past week...Gulf breezes in the palms, some surf and temps mild and balmy. Hoping this lasts through this next week too.

We did a whole lot of nothing today. We swam in the pool, read trashy paperbacks, drank a few cold brews and ate all the stuff that is not good for us. And, in a short while we are off to Matanza's Restaurant on the back bay for supper. Great view and excellent food with some live music thrown in for good measure.

This next week will be quieter week....lots of reading and long walks on the beach at sunset. Will post when I can. Wish you all were here to take a walk with me along the shore.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The days only get better and better

Here is a pic of Jadee, me and Kim at Parrot Key with our traditional foo foo drinks (well, the 2 of them had foo foos). I have known these women forever it seems. E hired Jadee when she was fresh out of college and now she has his old job. Her two daughters are such fun! And I adore her mom, Denise, who is my coffee buddy in the morning. Kim was the mother of one of cheerleaders, Jamie, and we got to be such good friends. Now her daughter is a teacher, a cheer coach and a Pampered Chef consultant and my daughter is her up-line. Kim's mom, Alice, brought me a beautiful table cloth for my dinning room that she embroidered herself...will post a pic of it when I get home.

The other day the boys in our group, Kelly, Drew and Chris joined in the never ending volley ball game on the beach. We cheered them on to one victory and one loss.

and then there is Cameron, one of Jamie's cute little fellows. Talk asbout energy. I'd love to bottle that, sell it and make a fortune!

Whenever Jill and Kelly are down, I take a sunset on the beach pic of them but due to very cloudy skies the last night, the sun set sucked. I did get this one of them which I think they will like almost as well. Jill was my student teacher eons ago and is not an assistant principal.

And then there is our Hanna. She is such a sweetie as is her older sister, Paige. Jadee has done an incredible job with her girls and I just love it when Hanna blows me kisses.

Not sure what is on the agenda for today. They guys went to the dog track yesterday and, as usual, had more losers than winners but did have fun. The girls shopped, hung out at the pool and read.

My back has been giving me grief so, after we shared supper with Kim and her family, E and I headed to the hot tub wine in hand. We chatted with some friends, were joined by more friends and headed back to our unit when the rain began.

I love this place!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Posted my CHA picks

on my altered art blog . Thanks for taking a look/see. Will try to update daily for a few to come.

A change of pace

The days here go differently than at home. I am not sure if it is the soothing sounds of the waves on the shore or the breezes off the Gulf but we live a day here so differently. I honestly don't think it has as much to do with being "on vacation" as it has to do with where we are.

The mornings on the beach come slowly to us. The twinkling lights of Sanibel Island and the causeway in the inky darkness evolve to a misty view of the pier here on Ft. Myers Beach with the sky lightening into shades of pink and baby blue. The beach combers, runners and walkers increase in number and the sea gulls begin their noisy search for food.

Our day spreads out before us with unlimited options: should we all float in the pool and catch up on each other, should we shop for a new swim suit, or walk down to Time's Square for breakfast or lunch or a cold beer? Read or walk the beach or just sit and watch the day unfold?

We often eat communally with the guys grilling and the women providing side dishes to share with the kids running underfoot. We have lots and lots of little kids now and they have provided our week with a new richness . They have been a joy from watching them learn the Temptations Two Step to the sheer delight they take in everything from finding a lizard to showing us their latest trick in the pool.

The composition of our group will be changing now. Kristen and Chris had to leave last night after supper as Chris had to go back to work. Jill and Kelly head out around noon today as Jill has a convention to attend and Jamie and her two cuties accompanied by Grandma will head out tomorrow. Our group, which peeked this week at 26 last Sunday when we had my sister, niece and nephew and my great niece, Kaela, join us will shrink.

And the evening here...the soft breezes blow, the sunsets take our breath away and we make new friends, catch up with those whom we see only here once a year and walk the beach again and again.

Til later...sunrise is tempting me away!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Live from Ft. Myers Beach...

After a late night on Friday, I headed out to the airport at 5:20 am on Sat. to catch my flight to our timeshare on Ft. Myers Beach. Due to fog and rain and who knows what else, we got off the ground an hour an a half later than scheduled. There are only so many games of free cell a gal can play on a laptop before the power goes (memo to self: check into a new battery pack for Minnie)

CHA was wonderful as always and I got to see a bunch of old friends both in and out of the industry plus make a few new ones! And the best part was that I got to meet Chris, Pam and Monica IRL! What a great group of women Gerri-anne has assembled for the DT for KnK!

Due to construction here at Estero Island Beach Club in our building, I am "forced" to use my laptop out here on the lanai which faces the Gulf. The waves crashing on the beach, the sea gulls crying out, the beach combers soft murmers and the view are so terribly

I'll post some pictures later of CHA etc. but our friends who meet us here from St. Louis are all starting to rise and shine. We all no sooner arrived yesterday than we headed to Hooters for wings and then floated in the pool with a brew or two. E made us gumbo and all joined in.

Today, Chris and Kristen will be down and Mike and Jaime and kids will arrive early evening bringing our total to 22 this year. My niece, Jenny, her hubby, Tony and my great niece, Kaela will pick up my sister and join us this afternoon adding 4 or 5 more (depending on if my sister brings a friend) to the mix. Love big parties. Our evening plans include a cook out followed by a fun evening dancing to the oldies at Parrot Key.

More later when I have a chance!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So good to see the girls

After years, we finally meet Maria from the beloved Early Birds and were so glad that our dear sweet Anne, in town for the Pampered Chef convention, came to join us. I do miss you Anne and hugs were so wonderful!

We headed off to a restaurant called Maria's Mexican where we celebrated Barb's birthday...great hat Barb!

G-a, Sonia and I walked the five blocks to and from the restaurant and saw this cute little guy coming out of the woods...We warned him about traffic and cars and hope he listened to our sage advise.

I had the combo plate and it was so yummy. This was the cheapest place we have found to eat since we arrived! and had great food too!

And as we neared the hotel, the sun going down turned the towers the prettiest shades of pink and copper!

I have 3 classes tomorrow and am changing hotels to join my friend Pam and another DT member, Monica, at their hotel up the street. Will post updates when I can.

Jill, hope you are on your way! Love to all.

We made it!

Other than a small discussion about which hotel of the two Hyatt's was ours, we made it with no fuss and no bother! Our room has a balcony and a great But, as the realtors like to say, "location, location, location"...we are right across the street from the CHA convention center.

Our deal pal Jill is having too many knee problems and won't be able to join us. We'll be thinking of you Jill....if that knee gets better, please come!

We had a good lunch at the hotel restaurant...good but a bit costly. Kip got a cobb salad and you can see my selections from the buffet. We celebrated Kip's first CHA with a glass of vino. Kip is napping right now (see pic of room...on the bed closest in the photo. Barb, G-a and Sonia (aka my bff Sophia) are due to land soon and then, when they get here, we'll see what g-a has planned for us for the the rest of our day.

Our friend from the Early Birds on the old ckmb, Maria, is due here at 6 and I am still trying to get ahold of Anne. Talked to my dd, Kristen, who is also up here in Chicago. She got on the right bus at the airport but it was heading in the wrong direction. She did make it to her hotel and was hunting for her pals for the Pampered Chef convention.

So, more updates to follow. I have 3 classes tomorrow 2 hours each and a staff dinner followed by the SEI party. Thinking Kip has the right idea catching a nap while she can...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birthday Girls!

Not sure how much actual computer time I'll get in tomorrow so want to wish two grand gals a happy b'day while I can. Their collective Birthday is not until tomorrow but I didn't want to miss it for either one.

So, Happy day to the gracious and loving Miss Linda of the infamous Hilltop Memories Retreats and Traveling Store. May you have many many more! and may this one be the best yet!

And, to my pal, Barb who knows all my secrets and only tells a few and whom I am blessed to call friend, may your day tomorrow be filled with peace and laughter and I'll see you when you get to the hotel in Chicago!

Love you both,

Wait til you see the KNK kit for Aug.

It is so yummy! and so loaded with goodies. My two layouts went up on the home page today and my technique column goes live on Aug. 1st. The gals on the DT have out done themselves this month...just wait and see!

Goofy knows something is up...that I am leaving and he has planted himself on my packed suitcase since yesterday even spending then night there last night instead of cuddling with me like he usually does.
I guess
he thinks if
he doesn't move, I won't go! lol

Have to run to the bank and to the UPS store today and I am done and ready to leave for Chicago. My daughter will be there at the same time for her Pampered Chef convention but we probably won't be able to get together until we are both down in Ft. Myers at the resort. She just made director and has lots of celebrations and work shops to attend. I've got 4 classes in 2 days at CHA.

Kip and I will be meeting up with Jill at the airport and then heading on to the hotel. After G-a, Sonia and Barb get in, I think we will try to find a scrap store or two before we meet up with our old CKMB pals, Anne and Maria for supper.

I'll get to meet 3 of the DT gals from KnK for the first time live too, Chris, Pam and Monica! Can't wait for the adventure to begin...although my suit case may be slightly fuzzy from the Goof!

Watch this spot for updates from CHA! and have a good one!

Monday, July 14, 2008

We're heading home for Fall!

E and I had been talking about needing to visit his mom over her 91st. b'day in Oct. and had considered driving as we believed it to be cheaper than the ever increasing airfares.

Great minds must think alike because we got a call from our pals, Nick and Kay and Steve and Dee Dee. They were sitting on Nick and Kay's deck of the beautiful home they have built on Lake Sherwood outside of St. Louis. They said they were thinking of us and had decided we needed to get home for a visit. We agree!

So, after checking into prices and doing a bit of comparison, we booked our flight for the 1st. of Oct. We're heading home for the only season I miss since our move to Florida...Fall.

Look out Old Towne St. Charles...mama is coming to shop and look out wineries, we're on our way! Hoping to see Chuck and Linda, Jadee and lots more of our friends.

Guess it is a bit too soon to pack, huh? lol

Sunday, July 13, 2008

July KNK project

The papers were gorgeous in this kit and all the embellishments helped add layer after layer of fun. I am searching for the perfect ribbons to tie this stadium book by Zsiage together when I have finished documenting a day in my life.

There are lots of birthdays coming up among my friends this next week. My friend, Barb's mom, turns! Our dear friend, Linda (of Hilltop Memories fame) turns 31 once again and my pal from when I was 14 on, Jo Anne will be playing catch up with me this Wed.

Many happy birthday wishes to these women and any others who I may have missed.

Don't forget to check below to see if you were the lucky winner of the neat album from Memories in Uniform.


Wendy. Please e-mail me your full name and address by Tues. morning so I can get this into the mail to you before I leave for CHA. Many thanks to all who stopped by. And thanks to Memories in Uniform for the album for the give away!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blog Give Away today and Sat.

If you would like to be entered into the Memories in Uniform {Life}Jacket album give away, please leave a comment here on my blog either today or tomorrow. I'll put all comments into a hat (or a basket or whatever I have around)and will have E draw a name. I'll post the winner on Sunday and give you a contact to leave me your name and address.

If you are interested in more of Amy Alfaro's great products, you can contact her at or through her site www.memoriesinuniform. com. thanks!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

In my spare time...

(lol) I have started a small album of my childhood memories. The side and back are covered with velveteen paper and the front cover has been inked, Glimmer Misted and embossed. I used Krylons and inks applied with a soft tipped Fantastix to a pressed Ginko leaf and then applied Golden Medium in matt to preserve the delicate leaf.

I've only done the cover and the introduction pages plus a stamped leaf page so far but have gathered items from my stash that reminded me of my childhood to use on other pages.

My baby book was lost in one of our moves so this will be more a journal of my summer memories growing up than it will be a picture album. I plan to devote a couple of pages each to things like my grandmother's garden, the alleyway that linked my grandmother's house to that of my cousins', my neighborhood summer friends, and looking back when my mother and visited the Iowa town for her 50th. high school reunion over ten years ago.

Don't forget to watch for tomorrows blurb here for the Memories in Uniform album give away. Post Friday or Sat and I'll have E do the drawing on Sunday morning and announce then. Thanks

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

FYI: Blog give away starts Friday

Amy Alfaro, the president of Memories in Uniform (, sent me this lovely and versatile album with a cloth cover. While it's name implies a military album, it is also perfect for Girl or Boy Scout album or a great heritage album as you can sew, attach, etc. memorbelia to the cover to customize it!

For those of you who don't know, in additon to being a designer for KnK ( am fortunate enough to teach at Linda's retreats, (www.hilltopmemories), I am also a staff writer for Scrapbook News and Review. In that capacity, I do a column called, "Featured Manufacturer" which focuses on one small scrapbook or paper crafting company each issue of the magazine. Last month, I selected for the amazing PDQ papers, this month it is Memories in Uniform, and next issue will be Black Market Paper Society.

So, here is how this will work. On Friday, I'll post a little blub and I'll enter all who post to my blog that day and Sat. into a drawing. The winner gets the album and I pay postage. Fair? I'll announce on Sunday so be sure to check back then. Stay tuned and thanks for playing.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Don't Miss Friday here

I've got a great blog give away compliments of Amy Alfaro, pres of Memories in Uniform!

I cooked!

I know this may come to a shock to many of you who know me well but, I can cook. I'd prefer not too and my kids tell horrible stories about my cooking adventures from their childhood. Like the time I caught the toaster on fire and it burned, unplugged in the snow for a half hour or the time I sorta set fire to chicken cooking on the grill...but, I can cook.
( and the rumors they spread about me having the fire dept. on speed dial are so unjust )!

The evidence is here before your very eyes! Last night, in momentary lapse, I told E, the resident chef and husband, that I would take charge of fixing something besides an evening cocktail. I sauteed some artichoke hearts, quartered, and some sliced mushrooms in some EVOO (just like Rachel Ray) and added some Greek seasoning to the simmering yummies. I had the pasta boiling and E sliced some olives and I added blue cheese to taste after the pasta was done, the sauteed goodies added and a dash or two of white wine with a tad bit of lemon....oh be still my heart. This is to die for and I did it all by myself...well, all but the slicing. Due to an unfortunate encounter a few years back with a serrated steak knife, an orange juice bottle cap and my thumb, I am no longer allowed to play with sharp objects.

And now my fear is that since I turned out a wonderful dish, E might expect me to do this more than once a year...I have managed to delegate all the Thanksgiving cooking to the is only fair after all the horribly exaggerated stories they tell about me, right?

Monday, July 07, 2008

I need a new banner

and Rob has offered to help me get one for both of my blogs. I am considering either of these two to start with but am having trouble making up my mind. I love them both and do realize that there will be some warping from resizing. So, that being said, help me pick! Cast your vote for A)sunset or B)palm trees. Thanks for the help!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Living with cats

We have been owned by cats for 12 of our 13 years of marriage. We got Just Jack and Goofy from the humane society in St. Louis. We had lost our wonder cat, Radar, when he roamed out during a party at our house. He had been gone over a year when we felt the void needed to be filled. I had intended to bring home only one cat but the litter was so big that someone had left, that I took two. Kristen bought us the second cat as a gift. Surprisingly, both cats are from the same was pretty well divided between the orange and the gray stripes so I took one of each.

Here are a couple of shots of Jack at his We have to watch carefully when we take laundry out of the dryer as he is notorious for climbing in and cuddling into anything left. He loves towels straight from the dryer and Goofy loves to lie in the folded clothes when we sort them on the bed.

Both of The Boys have taken an unintended dip into the pool. Jack slipped off the side, did a quick mid air turn and propelled himself back onto the rim. Of course, it was all our fault since anyone owned by cats know they are never to blame. Indignant was an understatement...he barely acknowledged us the rest of the day. Guess we shouldn't have laughed, huh? Goofy made the error of jumping onto the pool cover last winter and broke all land speed records racing to the other side and out!

Scrapping The Boys is one of my joys! Have a great one

Saturday, July 05, 2008

It was a great 4th. of July

We helped Kristen with her window seat in the morning and went by our book store to stock up for our couple of weeks at the beach. E knows me so well...he gave me one paper back for now and has the others all packed! lol

We lolled around the pool with Kristen and then she headed home to catch her ride to St. Pete where all 3 kids were meeting up after Chris got off work.

E and I headed up to our favorite fireworks watching place, Capt'n Jack's on the Anclote River. Last year, the top deck was so hot from the nearness of the restaurant's kitchen exhaust that we didn't stay for all the fireworks. We did watch at least five different displays while we were there through with a group who had been at our house for a cook out.

This year, it was just the two of us and the weather was better, the restaurant had been redesigned and we got to see at least 8 different displays...the best coming from Howard Park (an island accessible by a cause way here in Tarpon Springs). What a great went on and on and we kept thinking it was the finale as the display was so incredible. We could also see the fireworks from Spring Bayou and Tarpon Turtle on Lake Tarpon plus many many more.

The restaurant has undergone an amazing transformation in the past year. The food has improved in variety and flavor and the expanded sections are wonderful. We enjoyed our visit so much more this year. We started with appetizers on the lower deck off the Tiki Bar and then moved to the upper deck for the displays. They even had trams to take us from the parking lot across the street to the restaurant and back...classy! And there was a nice two man band playing lots of Buffett and some great oldies but goodies (just like us!).

My favorite part of the evening though was the view of the docks across the river. While the fireworks were amazing as I have stated, the reflection of the lights on the Sponge Docks into the river was so beautiful.

I've managed to mess up the settings on my camera, so did not get any good fireworks shots. There is a tiny bit in the sky on one of the night shots of the Docks. Now where did I put that manual that my friend, Robin, from KnK is always telling me I should read? lol

Have a good one!