Sunday, July 02, 2017

My dear friend of 50 some years, gave me wonderful gifts for my b'day, among which was a little book of poems by Judith Voirst "
Too Young to be Seventy". In her honor and for my women friends of a certain age I have composed a poem.

Once I turned 70
I took a close look
At the choices I had
from the cosmetic repair book.

I could get an eye lift
I know the tricks of the test.
I'd fail with flying colors
and my lids would look the best.

I could get a tuck
I could use one below
and another on top
to even out you know.

I could get a lift
and again have a butt
that would draw a whistle
and a bit of smut.

I could get my arm wings
removed and made gone
and have my thighs thinned
thus losing a pound.

I already wax my upper lip
and my chin
as much as I fight aging
I just can't seem to win,.

So I guess I'll relax
because, by the time I was done
I'd not only be broke,
but not having fun,.

I might look younger
In the mirror I'd see
Some one else all doctrified
but it would't be me.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

I finally scrapped...

As usual, we've been dealing with a few nagging health issues trying to get things under control so we can enjoy the rest of the summer.  I did get 3 layouts done this past couple of week.   The first two are my own creation and the 3rd. is using a sketch from Sketches in Thyme that went live June 14.  Thanks for looking, as always.

I've been scrapping randomly and had these pics of Leighton who will be 6 in Nov. (where did time go?).  Back when I wore glasses all the time she would pretend to wear them too.  And notice, please, how her glasses match her camera...our Ms Fastionista!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Another day...another march

Tomorrow is Earth Day.  In the past, I have picked up some trash around where I lived and promoted solar etc. but this time around, it seems more of a statement to support science.  My husband was a science teacher for over 30 years.  He taught ecology, physics, name it.  He has some amazing teachers under his tutelage in his 30 plus years and they have gone on to bigger and better careers.

I an walking tomorrow at a park in Clearwater, Fl. to honor his and my commitment to science.  We do not believe in Alt. Facts.  We believe in provable and wind are renewable sources of energy that do NOT pollute the environment.    Science saves lives through research and, if the funding for research is cut off, we no longer have access to possible cures for diseases.

I am walking tomorrow because I want my grandchildren to have access to modern technology concerning their health.  If funding is cut off, they will not have this gift of science.

I am walking tomorrow because I want our planet to be a continuing entity and if we do not stop the pollutants from coal and oil, we won't have a planet.

I am walking tomorrow because, despite the current administrations lack of knowledge or concern, I want a life for my grandchildren.  If the water is polluted, if the air is polluted, if our land is polluted...

we have no life to leave our grandchildren.

Think about that the next time you vote!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter 2017

Gene and I took our morning walks and then hid the eggs, stuffed the baskets and worked on the food for our family brunch.  Missing were Rob and our friends, Jo and Bill.  Gene fixed enough for 3 families and we sent home as much as we could with Kristen and Chris.

The kids played with  their basket toys Lego Star War Warriors for the boys  and  clothes in a little suitcase for Leighton.

 Leighton wanted me to show everyone how long her braid

 The boys loved their Legos
And Leighton dressed and redressed her 2 Barbies endlessly.

The table looked so pretty and the food was plentiful to say the least.

And, during the egg hunt after brunch, I snapped one group shot...getting these 3 to stand still is getting more and more challenging.
We put pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters in the eggs...each child ends up with 95cents.  Blue eggs for Landon, green to match his shirt for Colvin and, pink, of course, for Lei Lei.

The kids went swimming and played with their toys while those of us of legal age relaxed over an adult beverage.  Dishes were done, chores completed and time to chill.  I did sneak in a few shots of some of our flowers in our garden in full bloom.

May you have had a blessed Easter and/or Passover

Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear Readers, if there are any of you left...

It has been a busy few months here in Paradise.  Life has a way of often getting in the way of our lives.  I am trying to amend that and live more of life.  I turn 70 in June and, yes, I can feel my body slowing down.  My knee is a constant reminder and I have resigned myself to the fact that it is going to have to be replaced sooner than later.  Meanwhile, I walk as often as I can and stay as active as I can.  I do have to admit, I have become quite smitten with those lovely things I call Nana naps.

Today, the Grands were all off school as was their mama.  With Papa in charge, the Grands and he dyed Easter eggs.  This has been a tradition with them since all were little toddlers.  Here are a few candid shots for your viewing pleasure.

 After we cleaned up the kitchen, wiped up the excess dye, and washed pairs of hands, we headed down to the little lake to fish.  Papa bought all 3 of the Grands fishing poles....the boys are small rods and reels and Leighton's is a princess one.  The boys had taken fishing classes and had been begging Papa to take them to the lake which is pretty much behind our house.  Today was the more practice in the swimming pool.  No big fish stories but sure had lots of fun.

We headed back to the house for a refreshing dip in the pool and lunch with some play time included.
They'll be back on Easter along with their Daddy for our traditional egg hunt, baskets and brunch.  Hoping you and yours have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

So much to do...

Lots happening in this country of mine lately:  tweets and counter tweets, marches and protests, facebook memes and counter memes, stars and common people saying what is their hearts.  As I have said before, I respect the right of everyone to feel, to think, to believe and to speak what is their truth, what they feel in their hearts is the truth.  What I don't respect are those who tell us no, we do not have the right and should support and respect those in authority in our country.

To me, respect is earned.  This was one of the hardest lessons most first and second year teachers have to learn.  Know your subject, hold the students to the highest standards, present the material in a variety of ways and maintain your integrity.  The rest follows and the job turns into a challenge with side bars of joy.

The current brohaha is over Meryl Streep using an award ceremony to voice her opinion.  I am seeing lots of people saying, this was no place for her to do this and that "celebs" need to keep their opinions to them selves.  This is what I posted on Face book today to one person's voicing of this.  And, that person is entitled to voice her opinion and I respect that, here goes:
Our country was born out of dissent and it is the right, no wait...the responsibility of every citizen to question and challenge, to investigate and decide the validity of the directions our government is taking. To blindly accept leads to despotism and sheep like thinking. It is like giving up our rights to participate in the governing process. It is to abdicate our responsibilities as citizens. To deny citizens who just happen to be singers, stars, actors or news reporter, the rights guaranteed them by our
Constitution and our Bill of Rights just because of their "celeb" status is to discriminate against them and we could be next.

For two weeks in a row now, I have kept my New Year's blog once a week. Good job, me.

Friday, December 30, 2016

A New Year Abounding...

I've been asked by a couple of people if I will start blogging again.  I stopped for a long long time and perhaps it was because I no longer felt what I had to say was important or relevant or even needed. And, perhaps it still is not but, after some thought, here I am again, for better or for worse.

If you know me from Face book or in person, you know I am an outspoken and passionate person.  Trained as an English teacher, I believe in researching before I speak or post and nothing gets a burr up my backside more than "false" news and people who do not believe in making sure they have used reliable sources before they post something.

Those of you who know me, know of my love of my family and my friends and how loyal a friend I can be.  I work hard to be respectful in my posts especially when I disagree.  It is that old "catch more flies with honey" theory my mother told me about eons ago.  I also believe that respect breeds respect.  Everyone is entitled to their beliefs right or wrong.

I was watching a video recording today ( and yes.  I am aware it is from what is considered a left movement.  And the question was posed:  What is our responsibility as a citizen of this nation?  That got me thinking for sure.

So here is my view for what it is worth.  As a citizen of the United States, my responsibility is to question.  Question what, you ask?  EVERYTHING.  My responsibility is to question actions by our president, our congress about every action, every law, every move they make.  To question is to hold them responsible.  If they are not considering  the citizens who elected them, then they should be voted out of office.  So who are the "citizens" they are to be representing...US!.

They have a second job which is equally important:  they are to protect the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights and make sure ALL elected officials are enforcing these to the utmost of their abilities.  They take an oath to do so and no oath to political party affiliations.  We are their bosses, not the head of their political party.  They work for us!  If they can not do the job, they need to find other employment.

As most  of you are aware, I was a Bernie gal from the get go. Were all his policies workable...probably not.  No politicans are.  When he did not get the Democratic nomination and Trump got the Republican one, I knew I had to make a choice. And I did.  As did tons of you.  (and if you did not vote...shame on you)!

I come from a mixed political background.  I lived with my parents and my maternal grandparents until I was five.  At that time, they were all Republicans when it was truly the Grand Old Party.  When my dad got a job in Kansas as a tool and dye maker and joined the union and later my mother joined the typographical union when she resumed proof reading for newspapers, they both turned Democrat.  Eventually, I made up my own mind and became, until this last election, an Independent voting on the issues not the person.

I became more politically active in college after losing friends in the Vietnam War and focused more and more on human rights.  Call me a liberal now if you wish.  I have stated my beliefs as a self proclaimed conservative liberal here on the blog before.

My concern today is not for myself or even for my children, although they are the love of my life but rather the world my grandchildren (twin boys 6 and their sister, 5) will inherit.  I am frightened for them with the way our country is shaping up to become.  They are so filled with love and compassion now and see the world as one great big playground.  I want their future to be ensured as to the opportunities for them.  And I am scared for them.

The central question again:  what is my responsibility as a citizen?  To do everything I can to hold those in power accountable for their actions and to make sure our Constitution is enforced and upheld.

I wish you all (how every few are still out there) a good new year and hope you will join me as a citizen of this nation who will be a responsible one.

I have set a goal of blogging once a week.  Please help me be accountable for that goal.