Monday, August 18, 2014

Last Day of Summer Vacation for the Grands

So, of course we had a swim party and Papa fixed lasagna for dinner.  The kids have been taking swim lessons at Seal School for the past 3 years and now swim like little fish.  We still have them use the floats and noodles but that is more to give us a bit of a break..."jump to you, Papa", "swim to you Mommy".  The joy they have in our pool is beyond measure.  Best thing we ever did was to buy this pool that came with a house

We practice swim safety and there are always one adult per child when we all swim.  When we found out Kristen was pregnant with the twins, we installed a four foot fence between the pool and the lanai with a pool facing latch.  We had help from a good friend with this .


In Seal School the kids are taught survival swimming, flip to back breathing, and swim to the side. 

Today was the boys first day back to school.  At 4, they are in a pre k 4 class at their mama's school which helps.  This will be Leighton's last year at Montessori and, next year, she will join her brothers.   Happy end of summer to you and bless the teachers everywhere!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Home again

We got back home a week ago today but it sure seems longer.  Neither of us were feeling tip top so it took us longer to settle back in and get unpacked.   The 35 year olds hiding inside or late 60 ish bodies is constantly surprised by aches, pains and minor effects of our ages. 

We had the 3 Grands yesterday as Kristen had the first of 6 days of teacher workshops. It seems the kids have grown just since we saw them 2 wks. ago at the beach.

 With our splash park temporarily closed, we took them to the one in Dunedin.  We played for about 35 min. when the sirens went off and the park closed for an approaching storm.  I was totally surprised by how many parents just sat on benches waiting for the water to turn back on or who headed for the nearby play ground.  After seeing the results of lightening this summer on Ft. Myers Beach, and because we know better, we don't mess around when we hear thunder.
We had a picnic lunch back at the kids' house and started the nap time routine.  The kids are use to Mama and it took us a long time to convince all 3 that sleep is a good thing.  We have them 2 days next week and I think we've got it now. 

We had a lovely dinner last night with our friends, Leeanne and Jerry, at Tarpon Tavern where we met a couple of years ago.  We tried out a couple of new items on the menu, got to say hello to our favorite waitresses: Paris, Marguarita and Candace who were all 3 working last night.  NOW we know we are home!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Who needs tv?

We have the most amazing sunsets...this was last night's in all its glory!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 29 2014 in Review

This year was a bit different from others but then each year we are here is.  I know I am leaving out a lot of pictures but I am doing the best I can to give an over view.


Sharing Steve and DeeDee's anniversary here just like we did ten (?) years ago when they bought their unit.

Celebrating Jadee's retirement and Jill's birthday .

All 20 of us at Matanza's for dinner (our Tarpon Springs friends, Susie and Doug joined us for the weekend)

Early morning coffee with Denise Bowden and our newly formed Wine Club Ladies .

Jadee's pina coladas...none better.

Seeing the 3rd generation of my family having the time of their lives.

Watching the kids: Paige, Hanna, Liam, Landon, Colvin and Landon become friends and have such fun together.  These times are the ones that are so special. 

Catching up with our other Week 29 friends whom we only see once a year some of whom we have known for 20 + .

Glad to see Cheryl and John after if looked like they would not have a unit.  And they loved their second floor unit. 

Catching up with everyone.  For some, Week 29 only comes every other year.  Thank you Kim and Mitch for loaning your unit so my Grands could come down on their off year once again. 

Evenings around our table and our gorgeous sunsets.   The kids having such fun with the toys that shot into the air with lights.

Watching the progress my Grands made this week in their swimming. 

Seeing my niece and great niece and sorry my sister was too ill from her chemo and radiation to join us for an afternoon. 

Paddle board mini class with Jadee. 

Marathon shopping with my daughter and DeeDee.  We found tons of bargains!

And now for a slew of random pics.

Will post other photos when I find them...waiting on the Liam and Leighton shots from Jill.  She got some great ones!

Miss you all and now on to Week 30 with our pals, Jo and Bill.  Will this be the year Jo and I get our matching tats celebrating our 52 year friendship?  You will just have to wait and see!