Sunday, April 13, 2014

How does your garden grow?

Our lower lawn furniture was rusting through so we ordered some eucalypti pieces.  It took us one day to put together the chair and  two days to put together the bench with the pop up table.  But, here it is and we are uber happy.

And we are waiting for the cushions to be delivered soon.  We toasted our new lower lawn look!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My cup runneth over...

The last time Landon spent the night with us, he was far too young for us to have tried it.  He spent the night happily snoozing on my chest the whole night while Nana slept not a wink.  He was maybe 2 at the time.  So, now that the twins are almost 4, we decided it was time for each of them to have a night with Nana and Papa.  We did a trial run with Colvin but it was during the week.  I think he had been feeling a bit left out with Leighton spending every Monday with us and me taking Landon to PT every Tues.  So, last week, we took Colvin after school and took him home around 7:30.

After I picked up Leighton at her school, I dropped her off at her Mama's and took her brother, Landon with me.  We had a BIG day planned.  First on our agenda was ice cream at Sweetie's on the Sponge Docks...that way we could see the big boats and have our Sweetie treat too.  Landon choose a sugar cone with Cotton Candy ice cream and Nana had a cup of Rocky Road.  Yummmmmm

I have to say that the kids working at Sweetie's are the best ever...they are sweet, fun and gave us extra water to clean up with before we moved on to our next phase of our over night adventure.

Next stop was Spring Bayou where we saw more squirrels (or as they are known around here *&%# rodents with fuzzy tails) than we saw manatee or dolphins.  Landon reassured me if a manatee jumped out of the bayou, he would pop it in the nose and make it go back into the water so I would not get hurt.  I followed this with a short but entertaining and informative chat on the fact manatee are not prone to jumping out of the water and are very kind.

We got home and took a short dip in our pool, which, despite having solar heating, is still a bit brisk for this woman but, typical kid, Landon was in heaven.  We worked three puzzles (not to brag...ok. to brag) this kid is a whiz at puzzles, while Papa cooked up Landon's dinner request: baked beans with lots of onion, hot dogs with both mustard and ketchup, yogurt and milk.

When we asked Landon what he wanted to do now, he said get in our jammies and watch a movie.  We had watched the first 20 minutes of Madagascar III on a prior visit so I gave him a choice of that or 2 new ones we had...he picked the animal one.

So Landon and I got on our jammies (it is not 6:30 pm) and snuggled down in Nana/Papa's big bed.  We had snacks and milk and watched the whole thing pausing only to call Mommy and Daddy and tell them goodnight.  We placed Landon's cot just inside the door leading to the lanai (locked, of course) and, around 8:30 he yawned, told me good night, went into kiss Papa goodnight and a half our later was sleeping between us. 

About 9: 30, I felt a pat on my face and a very earnest little face about an inch from mine...Nana, I sleep in my bed.  And he did for the rest of the night. 

This morning, he got up around 7 and ran into the kitchen to help Papa fix breakfast.  He got out the eggs and butter from the fridge like the two of them had been cooking together for eons.  Papa taught him how to break and still the raw eggs to cook and Landon took his cooking lesson to heart.

After breakfast, Papa got his new assistant to help him assemble our new bistro set for the pool area.  Originally,  we thought it would fit on the slab Papa and Uncle Rob built long ago for one of Nana's garden thingys...but it didn't. 

 Because Landon was such a good assistant, he got to sit on the set first.
 Mommy sent this outfit to dress him in as they were going to an Easter egg hunt at their church as soon as I could get Landon home.  As we were hooking the harnesses in the child seat in our back seat, Landon asked me to put the top down.  He gaily waved at everyone all the way down HW 19.

It is hard not having a favorite Grand child so E and I have decided to have 3.  When one is with us (and only one) that one is the for us.

So, Colvin's turn is next.  It will be in May for sure or perhaps a Friday before if we can work it out.  He was the trial run and now he gets his own over night.  Since we have Leighton every Monday for most of the day and she is 17 mo. younger than her brothers, little Missy is just going to have to wait for her overnight a while. 

These are the other two when I dropped Landon off.

And now you know why my cup runneth over!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

And Sunday was the Tarpon Springs Art Fair...

 The Art Fair here is a big one with more vendors added each year.  This is a juried show and the prizes are big too.  E and I have only missed one year since we moved here almost 7 years ago and we have never left empty handed.  As a matter of fact, E bought my Christmas present while we were shopping here! 

 This is the wonderful mermaid that has come to visit and hopefully reside here on Spring Bayou.  We have 2 years to raise the funds necessary to purchase her and part of the funds will go to a verified charity here in town.  This statue is one of 17 in the U.S. and the first on this coast.  She is so lovely!

I hope your weekend was as joyous as ours was.  Come join us sometime!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Sat. in Dunedin

Dunedin is one of our many favorite places to visit.  It a hop, skip and a ride on the Jolly Trolley south of us and Sat. is one of our favorite days to go.

We love all  the fresh veggies, the beautiful flowers and we have finally refound our favorite (besides E's ) Italian Olive Salad from Jay's Market Place.

We went by one of our many favorite shops in Dunedin, Dragon Fly Garden, and found the 3rd.metal butterfly ornament for our white fence outside our bedroom.  Our last stop was Rosie's Tavern where we could sit out side, watch the people walk by and enjoy a cold brew.  I ran a couple of doors down the street to pick up the butterfly and bought the dragon fly that E had been admiring. 

 Happy early anniversary, E.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Having far too much fun here in Paradise

So, I'm going to play catch up over the next few days.  Last weekend, we met Suzie and her new guy, Doug, at Tarpon Springs Boat Club.  Now, if you have never been there, you are in for a is Olde Florida to the nth. degree.  And we had a blast.  It reminded E and me of our beloved Mullock Creek Marina back in Fr. Myers. 

On Sundays, the owner does bbq, the beer is cold and there is  live music and dancing!  We had a blast...

And flitting through the mangroves was this little birdie.  We'd never seen one like him here before.  If you know what kind he is, please let me know at  Thanks.

Soon, our day tripping (ok 20 min. south) to the Dunedin Market from yesterday!