Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy Weekend and Busier few weeks ahead

We've had a busy weekend here in Paradise. Yesterday was the garage sale at Posh Scraps and lunch with Jacque. I did ok at the garage sale and got rid of tons of papers and other items from my stash.

Today, E and I rode our bikes into town. The carrier for my health insurance changed and now, instead of getting my meds via the mail, I have to pick them up at a Walgreens. So that was our first stop. Then it was on to breakfast at Toula's Trailside Cafe in Tarpon Springs. I had the Eggs Benedict with their amazing trail fries and E had a scrambler with cheddar and scallions...both were tasty

Our Farmer's Market has been moved from Alt 19 and Orange to the parking lot and end street across from the bike shop and Toulas' so we walked across to check out everything. The veggie stand is always so tempting and, as you can see from the picture here, we showed little restraint. Biking home with an additional ten lbs of fruit and veggies slowed me down just a bit. The owner of the stand was a great salesman promising the large fruit that he propagates himself contains aphrodisiac We'll let you know...or maybe not! The corn is Silver Queen like E's dad use to grow back in Mo. It smelled sweet and maybe we'll have some tonight. Not sure what is up with the date on my photo...need to get it off the camera as I never date them like this...and wrong date to boot.

The market is still small, smaller than last years with some new vendors. Thank goodness our seafood guy was still there. His scallops are the best. Our plant people from last year are not there and I miss them but there was a new vendor with some pretty plants. We'd have been tempted but taking a bush or small ornamental home on a bike is iffy at best.

We're off to visit Rob at his new apartment down on Clearwater Beach later today. We're taking hammer and nails and will help him get pictures up on the walls. Now we know what to give him for Christmas...a tool box with goodies.

Monday Kristen and her friend Manina are bringing the boys over for dinner and Trick or Treat

Tues we have the boys here to play.

Wed. we go to the boys to play and the house sitter comes by to check on the cats for us. It sure helps to have one living just across the street.

Thurs. I am cropping with Jacque, Di and Cynthia at Posh

Fri I have a 9:30 dr. apt and an 11:30 hair color and cut

Sat. I am hoping to cyber crop with some old pals in Ohio

Sunday we have Kristen here for her b'day dinner (her b'day is the 12th)

on the 10th is Book Club here and on the 12th. is Posh's Christmas Gala event and I'm doing make n takes from 10-noon.

And on the 15th...we'll have our new baby granddaughter to hold and love.

and so it goes from now til the end of November. I had told a friend who was hoping to come visit us this month that the weekend of Nov 19 was our first free one, forgetting we have plans that weekend too as that is probably when Baby Granddaughter will be coming home with her mama.

Hope your weekend was a good one.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I found a few of the pics

We had a wonderful time with Mitch and Kim and they were the perfect host and hostess. They even let us drive Mitch's beautiful yacht, "Let's Sea". So here are the pics I have retrieved so far.

We are heading to Rob's on Sunday with my lap top in hand. He promises to fix all my latest problems and upgrade those things I need to upgrade...meanwhile, I am to click nothing, right or left and not to download anything. Aye Aye Captain Rob. Besides, we have not yet been to visit his new apartment on Clearwater Beach. Even the little boys have hung out with Uncle Rob at the Palm Pavilion!

And, thanks many many thanks to Kim and Mitch for an amazing weekend with kindred spirits!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick update

Picasa ate my pictures...well, sort of. It shuffled them from this past weekend into at least four separate files and at this moment, I don't have the patience to look for them AGAIN. In the process, I did manage to delete about 150 bad, blurry or no longer wanted photos and refile others. Tomorrow is designated to clean up more and upload to web albums like a mad woman. I'll also be downloading the software for a reclamation program for deleted photos from memory cards. I thought they all might be in pictures but alas, nope! Wish me luck.

We've had a great couple of days with the little guys. Today, for example, we went for a morning ride (well, they rode in the wagon and we took turns pulling them), practiced our parade waves, played 'giddy up' (which means I work out my thigh muscles giving them pony rides), took a nice long nap (at least 3 of the 4 of us did), and kicked leaves that had fallen on the kids' deck from the sycamore tree behind their house.

If it wasn't for Survivor on tonight, I'd be nighty night or pretty close.

And I am loving the Christmas catalog deluge in our mail box lately. I've even ordered a couple of things for some gal pals!

Wish me luck tomorrow with the reclamation project. The light house pictures were so lovely...hope you don't have to just take my word for it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

No pictures today...sorry.  But, I promise a slew when we return from this weekend's upcoming adventure.  It is happy haircut today and a meet up with a friend later this afternoon.  I'll be right near the Christmas store so will look for a requested night light from my sister and check out the new ornaments as well. 

We've been busy busy busy so this weekend's get away will be much appreciated.  Thanks to Kim and Mitch for inviting us to join them on Mitch's boat /so looking forward to relaxing with the two of you!
House sitter in place and only ironing and packing left to do.  No internet so happy weekend to all!

Monday, October 17, 2011

What a great weekend

While it was a very busy and jam packed weekend, we did have tons of fun.  Friday was the crop at ACOT , which just ended yesterday evening with a chat with Jenni Bowlin.  I had the first shift with Pam B and, as always we had a great time. 

Our friend, Bob DeLay, came over and we all hopped the Jolly Trolley to the Clearwater Jazz festival in Coachman Park.  We loved Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parards.  That young lady has the most remarkable voice and the band was a delight...oozing talent!  And the we were mesmerized by the unbelievable Brian Culbertson.  We had seen him before but if anything, he had gotten even better.  It was cool to find out that his dad, who was a high school band director recently retired after 39 years, had joined Brian's group playing trumpet.  I can see where Brian gets his talent!


Sat. morning, bright and early, I met up with Cynthia, Jacque and Di at Posh's parking lot to car pool down to the Colosseum in St. Pete for the fund raiser crop, Krop for Kids.  Dee and her friend, Julie, joined us for a wonderful day of creating.  I've been to some wonderful crops in my time but we were treated like princesses.  Our trash was emptied regularly for us, we were brought snacks and drinks right to our table...and the goody bag of donated items was something else.  I will definitely be going to this one again next year. 

Sunday was my "I am not doing anything I don't want to do"day so I didn't.  E watched one of the football games with Bob up at Lagerheadz and I read on the lanai and chatted on line with some of the gals who were still working the ACOT on line crop.  E and I dined on left overs al fresco on the lanai. 

And today is laundry day and catch up.  I need to iron and sort clothes for our get away weekend with Kim and Mitch on his boat.  We have the little guys all day tomorrow here (Chris has his study group to get ready for a test) and all day Wed. at their house. 

I got quite a bit done at the crop :  a mini album for Posh Scraps...all fall and fun.  One layout for Michelle's big Holiday Crop on Nov12 and even worked in some time on my fabric and paper album I've returned to after about a years haitus...will post a couple of those pages on my altered blog later if you are interested.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another day with our boys!

Since I never know how blogger is going to load my photos, I'll let you play mix and match! lol In one, Landon doing the downward facing dog yoga pose, in another Colvin cuddling with Papa, a third one, the boys wrestling with Colvin on top, Landon with his wooden spoon (both boys are little chefs in training), and a shot Colvin deep in thought.

Another busy weekend for us. Today at three is the pre party at the TIKI BAR (3pm EST) at A Cherry on Top for the fall crop (tons of challenges, games, fun chatter and prizes...did I mention points and prizes?)which starts at 4 pm EST and runs through the weekend. Pam Bennett and I have the first shift and have some fun things planned. Come join us.

E and I and some friends are catching the Jolly Trolley here in Tarpon Springs and heading down to the Jazz Festival in Clearwater tonight. I am really looking forward to the headliner, Brian Culbertson. We've seen him perform at Jazz on the Green in Ft. Myers and probably own every cd he has made. Amazing performer.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with Jacque, Diane, and Cynthia at Posh Scraps at 9am and we are heading to St. Pete to one of the biggest charity crops around the Tampa area. It has grown and grown until now it is being held in the Coliseum venue. We're meeting up with some of our other cropper pals and can't wait for that fun to start. Janet was suppose to go with us but her daughter, Becca, has come down with mono and Janet flew home to be with her. We will miss you Ms Janet.

Sunday is wide open...isn't that nice to have a day to do absolutely nothing. Because next week is jammed full and we head over to the other side of the state for the weekend to cruise either to St. Augustine or the Bahamas for the weekend on our friends' big boat. And blessings to our house sitter for once again coming to our rescue!

Have a great weekend and watch this spot!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last night at Disney

Janet made us reservations at the German restaurant, a marvelous buffet with authentic German food. And boy! did we eat and eat. There was a Bavarian floor show and lots of polka dancing on the dance floor that was fun to watch. After dinner, Gene and I went to the concert in the park starring Taylor Dayne whom we had both loved to listen to. The concert was upbeat and the music entertaining!

For the second night in a row and my second visit to Disney I managed to miss the fireworks one more time! lol The last time the girls and I went, we could almost see them from the dock of the Wilderness Lodge so not sure if that counts or not.

Hope you have enjoyed my stroll through Disney. Come with us next time?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dinner Club Oct 8, 2011 A Tour of Spain

As usual, blogger has loaded my photos in the order it wants and not the order I had in mind...oh well.

Suzie and Justing brought a lovely appetizer of eggplant and salsa which we served with a Spanish aperitif sherry. E fixed Spanish Chicken with chourizo and baby potatoes, Seafood Paella. Bob brought a wonderful bean and rice dish with sausage and Suzie provided very tasty side salads...the dressing was out of this world. Michele and Kevin provided dessert: a double layer flan!

Suzie has the next Dinner Club and is trying to decide between Dec. (a busy month for everyone) and Jan.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

More Epcot

and the pic of the proud men in the skirts is for Clare!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

One week ago today we were at Epcot

and roaming through the 'countries', tasting wines beer, and food treats with the Millers. I think I can speak for Janet and myself: the frozen margaritas were FANTASTIC! We must have walked miles and miles and I believe E's favorite part was the boat ride through the botanical area. He and Bob tried to do the longer tour but it was filled. Just one more reason to return, right?

A couple more posts about our mad cap adventures in the land where dreams do come true and I'll return you to our regularly scheduled blog~

Friday, October 07, 2011

Liberty Square and riding the paddle wheeler

This section of Magic Kingdom was one of the most relaxing. We walked around the area, decided that the line to the Haunted Mansion was a bit too long for two "oldies but goodies" like us and so we took the paddle wheel boat ride. Just what the doctor ordered. Bliss!

Disney: Frontier Land

One of my favorite rides besides Pirates of the Caribbean and the plume ride is Thunder Mountain. I am not sure E realized what he was getting into but we roared with laughter throughout the whole ride. And Anne, we did not see your hat!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Magic Kingdom: the hat tradition continues

We have a tradition of hats...big ones, small ones, some with ears...and we even added some new recruits to the Wild Hat Society!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Disney: Magic Kingdom

After lunch on Friday, Janet helped Becca and Chris move into their room and Bob, E and I headed over to the Magic Kingdom which was decorated for Autumn and Halloween and so lovely. We took the train ride around the Kingdom so E could get an overview and then met up with Janet to watch the parade. I think this was E's most favorite.

We spent a lot of time talking about how much fun it will be to take the little guys here when they are a bit older. We may even let their parents come too. More to come from the Magic Kingdom.

And Clare, darling, we did NOT smooch on your Minnie