Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday with the Grands

Kristen had a workshop yesterday and Chris had class so we did a double shift.  While these occasional longer days are tiring, we have such fun that the time passes fast.  We picked the kids up after school and headed home to our house.  The boys had been requesting a visit to Nana Papa's house so everyone was happy.  The boys and I took a nice long nature walk picking up twigs, seeds, leaves and acorns to show Papa.  Then we turned on all the lights and oohed and aahed.  We did practice looking with our eyes and not our hands in front of the big tree (no decorations yet and we still use the fence when the Grands come over).

One of Santa's naughty elves had taken all the ornaments off their tree so the 3 of the kids spent a bit of time redecorating the tree that Papa got for just them.

Here are just a few pics.  The three of them kept us pretty busy especially now that Leighton has taken off walking which is more like a run.  I'm thinking she might be a red head ...look at that coloring.  Top two teeth are working their way through and she is still smiling through it all.

 Thirteen years ago today, my mother lost her long battle with cancer.  Not a single day goes by that I don't think about her, "talk" to her and try to be the Nana she was with my own wacky mix thrown in.  How she would have loved these 3 little kids.

Hope your holidays are going happily so far and continue to do so.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Even Santa takes time for lunch

We had been running errands and last minute shopping all day and around 2pm decided to stop for a late lunch.  One of our favorite places in Dunedin (besides Sea Sea Riders) is the Olde Bay Cafe at the Marina.  The view is lovely and the food divine.  This tiny place is a true taste of old Florida.  We got talking to some ladies who were getting ready to leave and it turns out that one of them graduated from the high school where we taught just a few years after E did.  We even knew some of the same people.  Talk about a small world. 

E and I always order the same thing...the corn and shrimp chowder and the mushroom and brie bisque.  We love these soups. 

The blue crab salad was on special so I ordered that...left the bread and the chips.  E had the Dunedin green salad and it was filled with goodies.  I'll have to try that one next time.

Our last stop before heading home was about the only grocery store I enter willingly and without yelling, screaming and dragging my heels...Fresh Market.  This place would put even Scrooge in a holiday mood.  If you don't believe me, just take a look:

I am heading back when Christmas gets closer for the stocking candy.  I think the foil wrapped Santas for the big kids and the Pez dispensers for the twins.  Leighton is not into sweets yet so may have to find some all yogurt treats for her, Christmas-y of course. 

I got tons done today.  The swags are up in the bedroom and the living room (both need to be totally redone next year.) and the holiday towels, candles and assorted decos are in our bath.  I have the big tree to do on Thurs and my dear little retro tree, Lucille II, in my workroom on Friday and I am DONE.  Next order of business...addressing the cards and printing out pics of the grands.

Hope you have that holiday spirit.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Paradise

It was a lovely Thanksgiving this year.  E faced off with the bird and, as usual, won!  Rob came to visit for a few days and was so helpful getting the out door ground lights up and our new angel and the lights on the lanai wired and lit. 

Due to (as our friend, Clare, in NZ calls it) the 90 Day Cold (which also covers sinus infections, bronchitis, coughing , congestion etc etc) we did not have all the Christmas decorations up as we usually do but we are making progress.  Chris got the roof lights up with Rob's help and we all conspired, as usual, to keep E as far away from roofs, ladders etc as we possibly could. 

Here are a few pics from our Thanksgiving Day.  I love the ones of the kids and mixer beaters that Papa gave them from the mashed potatoes.  They are kind and sharing little guys and even gave Nana a lick or two off their beaters as well. 

I hope your holiday was a wonderful one.  Now turn on that Christmas music and let the merriment begin!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We've been busy busy busy getting ready for our big day here.  E is cooking his fingers to the bone (ok, almost) in the kitchen while Rob and I have been plugging things in and rearranging all the lights on the lanai, bless him. 

The little Grands all came over to watch the end of the parade and put up their very own Christmas tree that Papa picked out for them.  They had a garland (now in 3 pieces) and lots of unbreakable ornaments to hang.  Their little sis added her touch as well. 

 This was a joint effort.  There were two of each ornament and one garland.  The boys found a few of Nana's little snow people to add as well.

 Love this pic.  It is like they are saying...hmmmmm think we should put them somewhere besides around the middle of the tree? lol

and slowly but surely, Leighton is getting some hair! 
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catch UP...again

Well, the creeping crud, upper respiratory, bronchial stuff is back again.  For about four days, I felt like I was on the road to recovery and then bam! back to square one with slightly less coughing.  Back to the dr. if I can get in today.

Had a wonderful time at the Cheeky Chics crop.  Dee and JD and their crew do it up right.  The venue is perfect with great lighting and the resort aims to please.  We do miss our wonderful bar tender at the Tiki Bar who was the Sangria Master.  We met so many new friends and saw others we only get to hang out with during Dee's crops.  I got to renew friendships with two gals I had not seen in eons and look forward to cropping with them more regularly now.

I don't think I over did it at the crop because I rested often, went to bed early and took my meds.  It is just whatever this is that keeps hanging on.  One gal at the crop told me it took her six weeks to get over this.  I simply am tired of being sick and sick of being tired.

Due to the fact, I have little appetite, the weigh in at Weight Watchers this month was a walk in the park...5 lbs under goal weight!


and I'll be posting my layouts (I did 7 completely and 2 that need to have the pics added) soon.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Locale, locale, locale

This is what realtors talk about all the time.  Well, I happen to live in a great locale and, keeping with the Buy Local, Eat Local, Buy USA, my honey and did our best to support the local economy this weekend, even encouraging out of towners, Cheryl and Steve Mezzetti  to visit our little town and help our local economy!

This Sat. was the TREASURES EVENT  held in the parking lot where, on Sundays, our green market is held.  I roamed up for a look around and, while I found a few things I would loved to have owned, took a pass.   Oh, but there were some gems.

 This is one awesome dress and the windows, while cool, were a tad too big for the project I have in mind.
I no sooner got home from downtown than my honey said, we NEED to go to Tarpon Tavern for a micro beer and a snack.  Now I am not about to turn down that the Tavern.  So off we went.
 I had the Dunedin Brewery Apricot Wheat and E had this not the picture of a contented man?
 We split an order of crispy chicken tenders with the parm and galic with a side of the buffalo die for.

Today, Sunday, I met Cheryl and Steve at the new Tampa Bay Salvage Company here in town and look at the goodies I found (not one is over four inches).
Cheryl got a few goodies herself.  You'll have to watch for her Face book post and I can not describe the goodies adequately.  She did get one of the ceiling tiles like mine.  Can't wait to see what she does with hers; she is one talented lady.  I also sent her to another of my favorite local shops that I LOVE, Mad Hatter General Store on Tarpon Ave. in our historic and antique district.  I got the coolest bag there during last month's Wine Walk...will post a pic tomorrow.  

So, post a link here anytime that is local (for you) and let's all promote "buy local, eat local, shop USA"

Hope you had a great weekend!