Friday, March 20, 2015

The Bikes of Tarpon Springs

As many of you know, I am a morning walker and, lately, during the course of my walks through my town of Tarpon Springs, I have noticed a phenomena occurring...whimsically decorated bikes all around town!

The first one I saw was down on the Sponge Docks outside of the Sponge Diver tee shirt store.  I had just gotten off the sponge diver boat with my 4 year old grandson, Landon and we both noticed this fun bike all "sponged" up.
 I assumed this unique repurposing had been done by the shop as they also sell sponges along with their clothing and wonderful tee shirts. 

A couple of weeks later, walking through town with my friend, Jo, we spotted the "computerized" bike outside a computer repair shop on Tarpon Ave.  This one has a small plaque that read, Tarpon Tom, which is a wonderful resale and bike repair shop in town on Alt. 19.  This is where I take my bike.  (pardon my partial thumb obliterating the handle bars which were key boards!)

A few days later, Jo and I spotted these on Tarpon Ave. during our morning walk.

Today, my husband dropped me off at Meres for my morning walk and, as I went up Tarpon Ave off the Trail, I spotted this one with a small sign reading Neptune Cyclery Shop which is located next to Toula's Trail Side Cafe on Safford. 

I don't know who started these but they are truly a wonderful addition to our already whimsical little town.  So kudos to those creating these wonders and keep up the good work, please.