Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Strange flower

We came home from the beach to this strange flower growing behind the pool in one of the decorative greens. Our friend, Jerry, believes it is a banana stalk but we had been led to believe the three plants growing there were rubber tree plants. We have only lived in the tropics for about 7 years and are not acquainted with all the plants and we can't seem to find our Florida Plants book anywhere. Oh well, guess we shall just have to wait and see...

My work room is a mess right now. I am trying to get an important layout done, change out printers (we had to get a new one), pack for the Sebring Retreat for my class and for my personal scrap stuff, and sort things for the class I am teaching at Ruban Rouge.

Not to mention that the Hang Ten Paper Arts Kit for August is revealed tomorrow at www.hilltopmemories.com. I'll post a teaser here too so you can see how much fun this one (and all of our kits) are. September is the one year anniversary of Hang Ten Paper Arts and Di and I have a surprise planned that we really hope our loyal customers and new ones too will really enjoy. So, watch this spot!

It is a rainy and overcast day here in Paradise...and you know what that means! SCRAP 'TIL YOU DROP DAY for me!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Look out Sebring....here we come!

On Friday, E will drive me down to Kip's where we will unload the van, reload her darling car, Florence Darling, and head on down the road (or is that up or over...?)to Sebring Florida where we will be spending the weekend at one of the infamous Hilltop Crops. This one is aptly named "The Fried Green Tomatoes Crop" and I can hardly wait. Linda, the owner, has tons of goodies waiting for us including food, make n takes and just pure fun. (www.hilltopmemories.com) A few of us are teaching classes and these pics are the prototype of my class. "Friends" is spelled out on the front side and the back side of the accordion album is for the pictures. This could also be done as a fold out album rather than the display as viewed here.

For $40.00 the gals taking my class will get an entire boxed set of the 8x8 chipboard letters (enough to do many many more of these with different words), an entire pack of the Basic Grey Lilly Kate papers, ribbons, flowers, brads etc. for completing this project and, me!

If there are any kits left after this next weekend, I will make them available for purchase. If you are interested, please e-mail me for details at eeickmeier@hotmail.com.

Thanks for looking!

Good bye to the beach...

Friday afternoon we all headed over to the Fish House behind Santini Plaza for our traditional calamari lunch and girls photo. The food was not as good as we could remember in past years. Perhaps the restaurant had a new chef and the place was understaffed as well. We may take a pass on this next year. Jadee, her girls, Joanie, Stacey and Fran all headed to the airport for their late afternoon flight back to St. Louis. Andrea and her two cute ones left Sat. morning.

On our last night at the beach, Jerry, Kim, Kristen, E and I headed over to Channel Mark, a restaurant/bar located on the back bay. Al Holland, who use to sing with the Platters was performing. We met up with my sister and her boyfriend and enjoyed the evening. It poured when we first arrived but cleared enough for us to pose for this shot next to some of the pretty sail boats moored at the docks.

Sat. morning is always a bittersweet one. We are packing and storing things in the van and trying to clean up the unit. E and I walked over to Reese's at the small shopping center across the street for the early bird breakfast and I squeezed in a short walk on my beloved stretch of sand where it meets the Gulf.

Friday evening before we headed to Channel Mark, Kim and Jerry surprized us with a tiki carving for the back of the pool. I adore the grin on this guy's face. We did have a bit of a problem finding him a spot in the van but were successful in the end.

Upon returning home, we were joined by Chris and Kristen and had a late lunch at Rusty Bellies down at the end of the Sponge Docks here in Tarpon Springs...talk about great food and huge servings!

And finally, here are Kim and Jerry in front of the 'their' room! This sign thing is fast becoming a tradition.

Tons of fun upcoming but will chat more about those later. Have a good one all! And, as Dorothy said, "there's no place like home".

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday night cook out...

It is traditional during our Week 29 that on Thursdays we have a community cook out amongst our friends. This was started, in part, as a way to get rid of leftovers before we all depart on Sat. morning. After we clean up, we usually all take a nice long walk on the beach.

This year, our annual cook out coincided with the 40something birthday of one of our pals, Joanie. We feted her with a beach themed cake (found by E), a musical b'day card and some wonderful lotions from Jadee and Andrea.

We got talking with a woman whose unit was behind the pavilion and learned that this was her first summer in 25 years coming to the resort w/o her husband. He had died the preceding January and she was planning to move back north to be near her family. This is fairly common down here. She gave us all thought and more appreciation for our spouses and family. She and her husband were the first people to buy a time share when the resort went from motel to time share.

This has been a different type of week. We have lots of babies here at the resort both with us and with other owners. We have watched one set of twins grow from babies to pre-teens and some of the regulars' children have changed so much over this past year that we have not even recognized them.

One of the biggest problems this week for many of us has been the rude and inconsiderate behavior of a wandering band of bored junior high aged kids. Their parents are not supervising them and there have been numerous complaints registered with the office but little action taken to curtail their insolent behavior. This is such a sad situation. Since their parents are owners here, the office and the security guard is limited in the action that can be taken. There is an election here soon. E and I will be carefully considering the candidates for those in favor of better enforcement of the few rules we do have. Usually we just send in the proxy vote....not this time!

Today is our last full day here. We'll head to the Fish House for lunch and then 5 of our gang need to get to the airport to wing their way back to St Louis. We are toasting the working people daily, never fear!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Something for everyone...

We are a pretty diverse group here during Week 29 this year. Kristen and Chrsi have their own unit and she has been knee deep in the new Harry Potter novel...at my urging as my copy is back in Tarpon Springs. Hurry up and read that, Kristen!!!! and Chris has been sunning and funning with us. Kim and Jerry, for the first year since they bought their unit five years ago are all alone. They usually have his kids or her kids or a mix of the two or other assorted relatives visiting. The four of us have had more time to hang out and play than we usually do which has been great. Jadee brought her two young ones along with her friend, Andria, whose daughters are almost the same age at Jadee's . They also brought some adult help and the gals have been able to have some vacation time to spend together. Steve and DeeDee did not make it down this year as they took a tour of Hawaii for their 20th. Anniversary and they are some of the regulars here during this week.

Yesterday K & J, K & C, and E and I met up in the resort lobby, roamed down the street to Hooters and pigged out on crab legs and wings. We rolled ourselves home to float in the pool and refresh ourselves with some cold beer.

We've been having the most amazing sunsets here due to the storms which have been moving in an out of the area. In addition, the storms have brought in tons of great shells as K & J found out yesterday when they took a side trip to Lover's Key!

Off for my morning walk and then later I have a shelling date with my new young 4 year old friend, Paige.

Have a great day and know that someone here on the beach is toasting you to a colorful sunset every night! Wish you were here.

Monday, July 23, 2007

So you think you can dance..Ft. Myers Beach style!

After a tough day of floating in the pool, walking the beach hunting for shells, playing in the surf and working on 2nd degree sunburns, we all cleaned up, had a few snacks (E's infamous fresh guacamole and salsa) for energy, and headed over to the Bridge for Raeggae Night. We danced and drank and had more energy snacks like the olives Kip had in her martini's. Here are Janet and Jerry with their spell binding move on the dance floor!

We moved on to Parrot Key where one of the last of the Platters was singing MoTown Favorites and we danced and danced some more. In addition to Kim and Jerry, Kristen and Chris, E and I and Janet and Kip, we were joined by the 'young un's', Jadee and her friend, Andrea. We sat through the last set before heading home with the sounds of fondly remembered tunes playing in our heads. Janet had an early morning meeting with her contractor so she headed back to Anna Marie Island about an hour and a half north and Kip spent the night

We have had storms this morning but this is not a bad thing. After yesterday's going for the burn, we could all probably profit from a day out of the sun. Besides, these storms generate great shelling. Now, if Kristen would just finish her Harry Potter book, I could settle in for a day of getting lost in the fantasy!

I'll put up a slide show soon of some of the amazing sun sets and sun rises we have been having here in this slice of Paradise.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Typing fast....

before I lose the internet connection here at the resort. We've been having some terrific storms here at the beach and that may be the cause of the often difficult abili

ty to connect and post.

The storm yesterday afternoon was awesome to watch...a lightening show with thunder booms for sound effects. The sky turned all colors and shifted through them over and over. Last night's sunset was so spectacular as to require sunglasses (slight exaggeration here) and this morning sun rise was only a degree less beautiful. I'll post pics when I am more sure of a steady connection. I have only one to two bars and those are not often reliable.

Kip and Janet are coming today to join us here at the resort with the Kipster staying the night. We have a couple of options for our evening activity and will play it by ear.

Have a great day all and for those who wanted my sister's recipe for pulled pork, I'll oblige as soon as I can. thanks, Jules

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Reporting live from Ft. Myers beach...

This is the view out our sliding doors and screened in lanai. In the morning, I can have my coffee and watch the beach come alive. And, in the evenings, I can watch the sun set or, like last night, watch the storm move through with E as we shared a glass of wine.

Last night there were some kids playing croquet on the beach. I have not played this game since I was very young and the family would celebrate summer holidays at my aunt and uncle's cottage on the Cedar River in Iowa. I told E not long ago that I'd love to turn our lower back yard into a croquet field...funny what nostalgia can do to a gal, huh?

Morning comes slowly and softly to the beach here. It starts around 5:30 with faint light to the south with tangerines, muted purples, and bands of pale pink increasing as the sun rises. The colors in the sky turn the early morning calm of the Gulf into a prism. By 6:30, we had a soft haze which softened the palm fronds against the sky. The sun is rising now and I want to take a walk along the shore before it gets too warm and the beach gets too busy.

We have a few errands to run this morning to get ready for the rest of the crew. My sister makes the best pulled pork and we need to pick up the groceries for her. Sat. is move in day for most and we like to have a late lunch ready for everyone.

Tonight we are having dinner with our two friends, Dewey and Karen. It will be good to see them again.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Almost ready to go...

In a short bit we will be beach bound for ten glorious days of fun, sun, and frolic with a good measure of seafood and frothy drinks with fruit and paper umbrellas. Our house sitter is on her way, the house is squeeky clean and all but Minnie, my laptop, is packed and in the car.

Oh, and I'd pack the rest of my clothes but, as you can see, Goof really does not want his mama to leave! Both of The Boys know something is up and, whatever "it" is, they don't like it. They have been needy and crying and moaning and groaning. I am sure they will be fine and are just suffering from premature separation anxiety! lol

My blogging reports for the next ten days will come via Ft. Myers Beach where I wish you could all be too. Surf is up and the water is fine!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

His fans have been asking....

and here is the 'secret' recipe for one of E's famous potato salads. He says you may have to go to a gourmet food shop to get the white truffle oil and he used a bit more than the recipe called for. Whatever he did, it was divine!

Click on the image to enlarge!

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Count down begins...

We leave Wed. for the time share on Ft. Myers' Beach. It will be good to see all our St. Louis pals again and our Titusville friends, Kim and Jerry. Before we go, I have some directions to write for the August Hang Ten kit. I'll post a teaser when the end of the month gets closer. I have had a blast designing this one and can't wait for you to see it!

We have to tidy up the house for our house sitter. Chris and Kristen's friend has agreed to watch the boys and keep the house safe and sound for us. We got the young kid down the street to mow the yard and Chris says he'll come by and check the pool for us when he gets back into town. Kip is talking about coming down one day for an overnight and maybe having Janet M follow her...what fun!

I won a $10.00 gc at Creative Scrap Shack last night at the on-line bon fire. Those girls are really fun and so very talented. Now to go through the store and see what I 'need'. lol

This is the layout I finished yesterday when my printers were finally up and running. The cheap HP printer problem was...you guessed it, pilot error. I had it plugged into the wrong outlet on the laptop. Big Bertha, my 12x12, needed to be hooked up in a different way (I didn't do that one) and now needs an ink cartridge and she will be up and running too. Thanks Rob!

Off to do some laundry, figure out what I want to take in the way of clothes and I'll leave the scrap packing for tomorrow. Good thing we have a van, huh?

Have a great day all

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blog Challenge from Creative Scrap Shack

I love challenges and, thanks to Kip, got hooked to the blog challenge at the Shack. My top 5 vacation memories

#1 has to be our tip to Italy...in particular, Venice. I was enchanted by this city, the mystery, the slightly mildewed splendor. Our ride in the gondola has to be one of the highlights of this adventure with our champaign and good friends and the opera singer on the gondola next to ours!

#2 also in Italy. Our 2 days in the lake district in the Italian Alps. I could have moved into any of the small towns that surround Lake Garda and lived happily ever after...it was romantic and beautiful.

#3 our 'honeymoon' at Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozarks. We had only been married about 8 mo. but E arranged a get away weekend for us over the Valentine's Day weekend. We had the most amazing room with a tub that could easily seat four, a fireplace in the room which E dismantled trying to start before we called the desk and they told us about the wall switch and a porch with rockers overlooking the lake. Ahhhhhh Bliss!

#4 Week 29 almost any year. I bought 3 wks. when I was newly divorced in 1986. We've given one to Rob and kept the other two. One by one, we invited our friends from st. louis to join us there and almost all purchased a week. Now we gather once a year, walk the beach, watch the dolphins play in the morning, get caught up with each others' lives, drink, eat and float in the pool.

#5 Key West at Fantasy Fest. The parade was incredible and the sunset worthy of a toast and a cheer every night. We had an incredible time when we went 5 years ago and no, I did not get painted!lol. (a tie for #5 has to be any trip we have taken to New Orleans).

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Calling the Geek Squad

I have three printers, count 'em, three. One is my nice Epsom photo printer that,up til this past week, was doing a wonderful job printing both text and my photos. Then, the feeder started rejecting anything thicker or thinner than standard computer paper. Off to Best Buy with my extended warranty in hand. "Two weeks," the guy at the counter said and bye bye went my good printer.

This left me with my cheap-y HP that I found at Big Lots earlier this year for $35.oo. It was perfect for crops and it fit into the bottom of my xxl tote with some space to spare. It was not the best but it worked. That would be the past tense...worked. I hooked it up to Minnie, my laptop where Rob had installed the soft ware and set about printing a photo I had cropped and enlarged in Picasa. The printer said no way Jose and, despite many tries, no photo!

I moved next to my 12x12 HP that I just had to have and seldom use. That software is loaded onto Harry. Not only would Big Bertha, as I call that printer, not print the photo but I am pretty sure I heard her laughing at me as well. What nerve.

So, here is sit going through withdrawal and, on the verge of running up to Staples and getting still another printer..someone hold me back!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Our Thousand Dollar Cat

Now you know I just had to scrap this. I listed all the costs for the various procedures and then titled the layout "Priceless"...lol

That cat better live for a really long time!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Where we lived before in Ft. Myers, there were condos across the lake and road behind our house. A couple of guys rented one of the units and they were waiters at a restaurant out on Sanibel. During the winter, E and I would sleep with our French doors open to the lanai so we could catch the cool breezes that would blow our sheer curtains and sooth us to sleep.

From time to time, the two renters would have a few others over, light a fire in an outdoor fire pit and, across the lake would waft the tinkling sounds of their laughter. It must have been a night before a day off or one that they did not have to get up before noon as we could hear them often into the wee hours of the morning. They were not loud or obnoxious but rather joyful. Their soft mummers of conversation and the warm laughter would put smiles on our faces as we drifted off to sleep.

Our new neighborhood is very quiet and serene. We do hear lots of birds and, moreso on weekends, boats off the river and occasionally a hiker or biker in the park but mostly we hear silence. I miss the laughter.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Girls' Weekend (part 3)

Other than the fact that our dinner order got royally messed up, the evening activity was such fun. The Gulf was relatively calm, the breezes refreshing, and the boat ride soothing to the soul.

I am a water person. I have no clue why because I was not born under any water sign, if you believe in those things. I just have to be near water and this was a wonderful way to get my need satisfied for a while. We got a tour of the north Anclote near the sponge docks and the photo ops didn't stop with shrimp boats and spongers everywhere we looked. The tour out to the lighthouse was wonderful and, on our way back in after sunset, there were a few scattered fireworks displays left over from the 4th. Another great evening with an amazing group of friends.

Thus concludes the brief account of the weekend because, after all, most of what happens with the Girlfriends, stays with the Girlfriends, right?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cheers Girlfriends

I just had to scrap this picture of Dee and Barb. Don't let those charming smiles fool you! These two almost got us thrown out of the Castle Winery here in Tarpon Springs...lol. Or maybe it was the expressions on Linda's face when she tried some of the wines that were not up her alley! lol

We just had far too much fun!

Scrapping Optional Girls' Weekend (part II)

Sat., after our marathon run at Ruban Rouge, was spent mostly in and around the pool. We floated, played a little volleyball, ate lots and had a drink or two. Linda brought the most amazing cake for our sweet tooth (picture on Kip's blog) and I picked up an Italian four foot sandwich from Publix for our lunch. Around four, all eleven of us got 'prettied up' and headed to the Castle Winery here in Tarpon Springs. The courtyard is beautiful with overhanging grape vines and a pink rod iron gate. There are nooks and crannies and seating in the shade with a fountain and lots of interesting pottery and glass hangings on the fence and in the trees.

I'll post the pics of Joe, the winery owner, and of us at the tasting later today. For some reason, blogspot is only letting me post 5 pics per post. We did manage to buy a case of assorted wines amongst ourselves, some tee shirts and some wine labels for our scrapbook pages. (Winery part II b to follow later today).

Monday, July 09, 2007

Scrapping Optional Girl's Weekend (part 1)

Friday morning, Jayne and I awoke to Baked Apple Pancakes with caramel sauce. What a way to kick start any day! Teri arrived late afternoon right before Barb who was driving up from Ft. Myers. E cooked us brats and burgers on the grill for supper and his 'world famous' Italian baked beans but the biggest hit was his potato salad that had Teri and Jayne in a "it's mine" tussles! lol

The Ft. Lauderdale girls, Lauri and Karen, arrived around 9 after a few detours on their way (Hobby Lobby, Griffins, etc). They brought me the most beautiful 2 doz. roses. I'll post a pic of those later and of the glass wind chime from Mama Jayne!

We got everyone situated for the night and chatted a good portion of the night away. Teri claimed a slice of the dining room as her 'boudoir' as she called it. Here she is getting ready for our day on Sat. morning.

As an aside here: I think the girls and E need to do a Scrapping Optional Girls' Weekend Cook book as some of the treats that everyone whipped up are beyond description on the Yummy Scale. For expample: Mama Jayne's kalua fruit dip and her killer margaritas, Lauri's salsa, Linda's cake, and E's Italian beans and his potato salad. I shall contribute the 4 ft. sandwich recipe which goes something like this. Go to Publix deli, order sandwich, bring home and have someone else cut it since I am not allowed to play with sharp objects!

Many thanks to all of you wonderful women for your contributions to this weekend.

Part 2 and 3 to follow.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The party's over

The last of the gals left about an hour ago and now E is home from helping the kids frame their new windows on their house. I have laundry running and have done some of the clean up from the Girls'Weekend. There is not much to do besides towels and sheets as these wonderful women cleaned up as we went!

I'll post some pics tomorrow but am in great need of a short nap before the kids come over for a swim.

Stay turned for some tales of the adventures!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Good morning Sunshine!

and what a beautiful day it is here in Paradise. We picked up Jayne from the Tampa Airport with ease and headed back to the old homestead. We got her settled into her room and off she and I went for an adventure.

We did the Tarpon Springs tour:Sponge Docks, Golden Crescent around Spring Bayou, Howard Park on the Gulf, and even made a stop at the Castle Winery. I love the courtyard there and could wile away hours just sitting and sipping in the shade listening to the gurgling fountain. It is an oasis off a semi-busy street.

I got the cutest tee shirt that reads: I am not aging. I am just getting more complex! with a pic of a wine bottle or two.

Our friend, Barb, will be driving up from Ft. Myers later today with Lauri and Karen heading over from Ft. Lauderdale. Until they arrive we have tentative plans with the Kipster and may roam through a few of the antique shops on Antique Row here in Tarpon Springs with lunch where ever we land. Teri is heading down from a couple of towns up from ours and floating in the pool is the scheduled activity w/E grilling us goodies for dinner.

The pic is of our supper last night: steak with feta cheese and mushrooms in a wine sauce and a lovely salad on the side.

More to follow!

UPDATE ON GOOF: he is doing well and is taking his pills like a good boy. Just Jack is acting like he has never seen Goof in his life and is hissing at him like we had introduced a new cat to the house....not the brightest crayon in the box, our Jack.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th. of July

May this be a happy and safe 4th. for you and your family. We have a few friends and family coming over for a cook out and then we'll head down to Cap't. Jack's on the Anclote River to see if we can see the fireworks from there. It is suppose to pour all afternoon but stop before sunset.

I called the emergency clinic this morning and the Goof is in rare form. He has dislodged the urine collection tube twice so they have just left it out and are changing his towels often. He has been eating like there is no tomorrow and all his test results are aok so far. He gets the cath removed late this afternoon. Other than the fact he tried to bite the sweet tech when she was doing a procedure and that he hates the fact there are other cats around, he is doing well. Not sure that us going up to visit might not upset him even more. I'll call later and see what the vet thinks. He comes home tomorrow!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just when things are looking good...

Edited w/update at the bottom...

something happens. We have just left our gray cat, Goofy, at the vet. He has been having some urinary problems for a couple of days. The last time this happened, he got better when we changed his food. Not so this time; he is being sedated and cath'ed as his bladder is very obstructed. We'll pick him up at 7 and take him to an emergency animal care hospital for the 4th and 5th. as our vet does not have care over the holiday. He was so miserable when we left him and looked so pitiful. They will keep him sedated and give him IV fluids over the next couple of days so at least he won't be in pain and the cath should help. Any good thoughts would be greatly appreciated. These pets just become family and I can't stand ours in discomfort.

The vet was able to clear the obstruction w/o any problem and Goof is feeling no pain right now. He had a very funny smile on his face...guess that must have been some good drugs he got. He is at the emergency clinic and I was very impressed with the facility, the vet and the tech, who was a very compassionate gal. We can pick him up Thurs. am and bring him home after a follow up visit to his own vet. Hoping all continues to go well...

Goof's Mama

Off for the day

Please tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of The Old and the Sleepless...lol.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday Monday...

The kids came over yesterday. Rob fixed the printer and scanner and I am back in business again. Chris and Kristen brought over their friend, Lisa, and we all swam and had grilled steaks for supper.

Rob helped E pick up our new chair from Matter Brothers. The one we had in the family room in Ft. Meyrs was way too big so we put it in a corner for a reading area and went on the hunt for a more workable chair. As you can see, Just Jack, gave the new chair his stamp of approval buy immediately claiming it as his own. Sorry E!

I am bound and determined to get Jack a Just Jack sized chair for the workroom. If E is playing free cell or spider and I'm working at the table, Jack just has to park his rather large posterior behind one of us. This makes sitting difficult at best. Maybe if he had his own chair, he'd leave ours alone! The cats aren't spoiled now, are they?

A trip to Sam's Club on the agenda for today to pick up food etc. for the Girls' Weekend upcoming and for the cook out for the family and friends here for the 4th. Our tentative plan is to eat around five, head over to Capt. Jacks (second level please) or Miss Vicki's on the Anclote River and wait for the fireworks to begin.

Whatever your plans for the 4th...hope you have a safe one.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I am so thankful for these two guys...

If one can't fix a computer problem of mine, the other one usually can. They are both so patient about giving me step one, step two guidance when I attempt to learn something new. My friend, Kip, despite the shirt she often wears that reads, "No, I will not fix your computer" also has come to my rescue more times than I can count.

Thanks to my very own Geek Squad!

We basically blew off all our errands yesterday and went cruising down Alt. 19. We went as far as Clearwater than turned around, ending up in the tiny town of Ozona (means Pure Air according to the menu side bar I read). We had eaten at Molly Goodhearts(?)with the kids a year or two ago and I loved the small town feel of the whole area. This time we dined richly at the Ozona Pig. Now, my sister makes the very best pulled pork I've ever had so, with this in mind, I'll have to say, the Pig (as it seems to be known locally)is right up there with hers! We went by the kids' house to see how their new windows were coming along and they sure make a difference. These two, Chris and Kristen, have worked their butts off making this house such a pretty place. Just wish you could have seen it when they bought it. I wanted to throw my dd into the car and tell Chris he could have her back when the house was livable. They have worked hard, done this together and are such neat kids. Bravo guys!

Off to scrap...I'm on a roll and can't stop now. Then to float in the pool til Rob comes to look at my printer etc. Have a great day!