Monday, May 26, 2014

A weekend with Landon

Because the Grands all have swim lessons on Wed. and Friday at 6pm now, we have shifted our weekends with the boys to Sat.-Sunday.  Sat. morning, Kristen brought all 3 kids over to swim in our pool and show Nana and Papa how much they learned in Seal School the past week.  They have all 3 come a long way.  After lunch, Kristen took Leighton and Colvin home and Landon spent the rest of Sat. and a lot of Sunday with us.

First we had nap time.  Landon put on his favorite pumpkin hat and his bat man slippers and drifted off to a couple of hours of snooze time.

And then it was ICE CREAM time.  He and I headed down to the Sponge Docks to try a new place that specialized in yogurt ice cream and gelatos.  We were not disappointed.  Landon got the strawberry cheese cake and shared nicely with Nana.

We had to make a Walmart run for our morning at the beach Sunday so we got a new hat for Landon, fishy shoes (like Crocs only in the shape of fish) for all 3 Grands, a new pail and shovel and toothbrushes for Landon and his brother...Thomas the Train, of course...oh, and a great pirate movie from Disney with cameos from Peter Pan , Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Smee and even the Croc (tick tock).   Then it was home to watch the movie, have dinner and read a half dozen books before bed time.

We try to come up with something new for each grandson as they visit in turn.  Colvin's last visit included a brief splash in the Gulf.  We gave Landon the choice between a ride on the Jolly Trolley to Dunedin to see the boats and stores or a visit to the little Sunset Beach where Colvin took his dips.  Landon chose Sunset Beach.

One tradition has developed and that is making breakfast with Papa.

And, after breakfast, off we went to the beach.


We built two sandcastles, one with a moat for our boat and one without.  We labored hard and long hauling water, splashing in the little waves and seeking building advise from Papa.  When it got too hot, we showered off, headed home and went swimming at our house, had lunch and then took Landon home. 

Another sweet weekend with one of our Grands.  Colvin was already asking about his turn. 
Today would have been my mother's 88th. birthday.  I so wish she could be here to see all her great grandchildren, Keala (my niece, Jenn's daughter), the twins and our little Leighton.  Happy Birthday Mom.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cheeky Chics Spring Fling crop

I arrived at the resort for the Cheeky Chics crop around 1 pm on Friday.  I no sooner got into the room I shared with the darling Beth Reed (aka The 31 Lady), I promptly dropped my cell phone into the (insert word for the last place you want to ever drop your cell).  The people at the Magnussen Resort where the crop was held were fantastic and got me a big baggie full of rice.  The phone is working now but the verdict is still out.  Jacque Lynch kept me company in the Tiki Bar while I drowned my sorrows in an amazing chicken sandwich with melted cheese and sauteed mushrooms.

This resort is right on Tampa Bay with an amazing view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  Here are a few shots I took on my morning walks Sat. and Sunday.

I am thinking of printing this one onto canvas paper so it looks like a painting.

Friday night 9 of us headed into St. Pete to dine at a tapas restaurant, called Cerviche.  Wonderful food and the company was superb.

Sat. morning I taught an altered glass class to four lovely ladies and their projects turned out wonderfully.  A fifth gal took 1/3 of the class and her altered wine glasses were so pretty.

I managed to crank out five layouts between the class and the they are.

I am counting this double pager as 2!

Sat. night we headed to the resorts dining room for an early supper.  In the past, we always had wonderous food but sub par service.  This time both were five star.

I am going to miss the July crop as we are at the beach for most of the month but I will be right there cropping at the end of Aug. can count on that! 

Oh, and did I say that all but 2 of the Women Who Do Lunch Bunch were at this crop? Oh, didn't I? lol

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Getting up on my soapbox

Dear Gaggle of Girls on the bayou today,

I first want to commend you on your desire to keep your body fat ratio under 15% by running and exercising, for coordinating your darling workout clothes down to your socks and on your ability to run, do planks and sweat prettily.  What I do NOT commend you on is the lack of consideration and politeness that I evidenced today during my walk around the bayou.

The two overweight ladies should be applauded for walking almost every day like they do.  The one of you who rolled her eyes and snickered after she passed them was derisive and rude.   The older man who tipped his hat to you all as you passed him is not a pervert but a recent widow who was being a gentleman.  The shudder a couple of you exchanged was uncalled for. 

The dock a few of you dropped your mats and towels on and then proceeded to work out on is not a public dock and not for your convenience.  How do I know this?  I think the No Trespassing and Keep Off signs are a dead giveaway.

And to the one young lady in particular who passed me and sarcastically said, "Excuse Meeeeeee", I too have the right to walk the bayou and at my own pace. I stay to one side so faster walkers/runner can easily go around me.   There are several of us "older" people who can not run, jump and hop as those of you under 35 can.  A polite "passing on the left or right" is far more considerate and friendly. 

To those of you who nodded, returned my "Good Morning" , smiled at my elderly gentleman friend and moved around us slow pokes politely, THANK YOU.  To the few who were not, perhaps Santa will bring you a copy of Emily Post's Manners for Christmas. 

The Unhappy Walker

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catch Up Day #3: Colvin's Overnight

Last Friday was Colvin's turn for an overnight with Nana and Papa.  After swapping his sister for him at school, he and I headed to Sweetie's on the Sponge Docks where he picked the very same ice cream flavor his brother had before him, cotton candy.  Nana took a pass on the ice cream.

And then, give a choice between our pocket beach at Sunset Park or a stroll around the bayou to look for manatee, Colvin chose the beach.  While I did not remember his swim suit, I did pack a change of clothes, thank heavens.

This one above has to be one of my favorites...he was hunting for shells for his brother and sister.

When we got dry enough to get back in the car, we cruised through the Sponge Docks so our little sailor could once again see his shrimp and sponge boats and then it was home.  We went swimming, helped Papa cook dinner, climbed into our jammies and watched the Lorax...lots of good ecology in that movie!  And, round about 9 we headed in to bed for a couple of books and then sleep.  Colvin elected to sleep between us and not on his cot but he is a cuddle bunny so that was ok too. 

I am packing up for Dee Wisharts Cheeky Chics crop this weekend and, all but two of the Women Who Do Lunch bunch will be in attendance.  I am teaching an altered bottle and glass class on Sat. and am still trying to decide what to scrap.  I am so far behind that, in order to catch up, I need to live to be about 123, rough estimate. 

Will post from the crop and wish you all were joining us!  and, btw, why aren't you?