Thursday, August 31, 2006

The weekend is just around the bend...

Today is our 'Bana Baby Brian's first birthday so Happy Birthday to our Cabana Boy in Training! and happy day to his mama and Aunti Moni too.
Before I know it, the Kipster will be here for her birthday weekend. We had hoped to have a mini reunion with Janet also but Ernesto changed that plan so it will just be the two of us and E (who is cooking up lots of yummies).
Kip and I have a bit of work to do with a Halloween layout but the rest is all to be fun and I can't wait.
This picture was taken last winter when Kip was down for a visit. We headed out to the Lighthouse Restaurant which is just before the causeway to Sanibel. This is one of my favorite places to have lunch as much for the view as the food.
I'd like to do something different this visit. E has suggested Tin City and 5thStreet in Naples which is always a fun time. We may even take a boat ride over to Cabbage Key and have lunch at the Inn. Jimmy Buffet supposidly was inpired by the food here to write Cheeseburger in Paradise. It was the home of Mary Roberts Rhinehart, the mystery writer and her son for many years.
We are just two wild and crazy gals so you never know what will take our fancy. Can't wait, Kipster! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rain and more rain

Looks like Ernesto is going to bring lots of wet stuff but not much more, thank Heavens. It is a great day to stay inside and scrap. I am putting the finishing touches on a friend, the Kipster,'s birthday gift and working on smoothing out some rough spots on an upcoming kit.
I've got a few chores on my plate too. The lower half of my nightstand is such a big mess, that we could not get the flashlights put back in there where they belong!

This picture was taken by one of my favorite photographers, Chuck Adams, a long time personal friend of mine. We shared a classroom a couple of different years but I never did get use to finding "Mrs. X's mom wears combat boots" written on the black board behind my desk or to find a squirrel's tale hanging out of a desk drawer. Chuck owns one of the units at the resort and he and his bride, Linda, are part of the Week 29 Crew.

Off to get my jobs done so I can play! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ernesto is coming!

Looks like he is going to huff and puff but hopefully won't blow our house down. The cone and eye have shifted a bit to the nw and that means landfall could be a bit east of us. We have been told to anticipate power outages and high winds plus lots and lots of rain.

Good thing my honey is married to a Pier One candle addict! We are ready and we will sure smell good if the power goes out. We have our 5 inch b/w battery operated tv ready and our 3 mega lights...and I even managed a quick run by the public library just in case.

All this insures that Ernesto will sail on by and leave us alone. Stay safe all you Florida people! Posted by Picasa

Waiting for Ernesto

Posting from Paradise

The news for us is a mixed bag, mostly a mystery until Ernesto gets closer. We won't have to put up shutters but we will be bringing in the outdoor furniture just in case the winds get more intense than we are being told. Actually, we are not being told much as it is too soon to know what Ernesto is going to do. So, it is wait and see! Hoping those of you in Ernesto's path stay safe and dry.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Reinventing the wheel

Posting from Paradise

Have you ever had to reinvent who you are? I've done this several times. It is something everyone has to do but the important thing is not lose yourself in the process. My dd called tonight and, due to a shortage in numbers at her new school, she is no longer a classroom teacher which is what she has been for the last 8 years of her life and now she is the Assistant Librarian and one of the Reading Specialists...but no one has given her a job description for either or a place to hang her hat.

The first time I had to reinvent myself was the change from high school English teacher to pregnant Army officer's wife. I was asked to "hold my water" during various tours of the base, to wear more attractive maternity clothes (no pay for 2 mo.) and to get calling

The next reinvention was when I was trying to get back into the teaching field. I was a substitute for a bit and then got offered at teacher's assistance job (at the time, this was a sure shoe in to a teacher's job). The first day, I was told that I would be working for two teams...I graded all the papers for 6 teachers, averaged all their grades and wrote lesson plans and for this glorious job, I made 2.75 an hour. I did it for 5 mo. and got my job. I had more experience than 4 of the 6 teachers and was treated like someone hired off the sidewalk.

My next reinvention took place when I retired. As glad as I was to get out of an intolerable situation (no discipline enforcement, no students held accountable for their actions, etc.), I had to figure out exactly who I now that I was no longer Teacher.

When I got divorced in 1986, that was a reinvention too. I had been the wife of someone who owned his own company. I was the woman behind the man. What I eventually discovered was that the woman behind the man wasn't always the woman under the man! LOL...on to being a single gal!

Then, my honey and I connected and I was once again a I was someone's honey...the love of someone's life, probably for the first time. And retirement brought still another reinvention of the wheel that is me.

Through my many reinventions has come me: I am a vibrant, interesting, funny, happy and slightly chubby older woman. I have a wonderful husband, two great kids, a super son-in-law, a life and many friends who support me in whatever it is I am up to at the moment....bless you.


Posting from Paradise

The countdown is moving fast! This is getting more and more exciting and scary for us. Jill is in New Jersey madly stuffing the last of the kits for the orders and I've been working on October and Novembers kits which our review committee seems to think are very, very cool. Hope Kip thinks so as she is getting one of the prototypes for her birthday!!!

I want to get all the kits deisgned through January so our move in Nov. does not disrupt the flow. We've ordered the supplies for November and all but the paper for the Dec. kits...we're just stuffing these paper art kits with everything one could need to not only assemble the project but to also have plenty of goodies for the purchaser of our kits to add their own twist and personal touch.

Back to work! Have a great day and don't forget to go to on Sept. 1 to view and order either the Grand Opening kit and/or our September Coasters kit from Hang Ten Paper Arts! and thanks.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

And still another house update

Posting from Paradise

The last couple just walked through and spent quite a bit of time also. Both husband and wife are realtors and we told them that if they didn't buy our house to sell it!

I don't think we will hear back from anyone until after we knwo what Ernesto is going to do. Our neighbor did say that she has seen an increase of out of state plates on cars stopping to pick up one of fliers from in front of the house. Can't wait til I have some good news to report instead of the contstant, "they came, they saw, they loved it, they wait and wait and wait..."

I am loving my new camera

My Sony Super Steady Shot is amazing. I took this picture after lunch today at Snook Harbor Inn (good food btw). I walked around a bit and this shot turned out great. Can't wait to scrap this one...looks like the cover of a brochure if I do say so myself (though the camera gets most of the credit). It even caught the fountain spray and I didn't even have it in Sports Mode! Posted by Picasa

Open House Update

Posting from Paradise

Yesterday we had a young couple come through the house. They stayed quite some time and he was even pacing off the great room to see if furniture would fit...

and a second couple came through today during the open house...they stayed over an hour the realtor said. They would prefer a home on a canal and the realtor told them that those were far more expensive. They are going to look around, they told him but really loved our house and had not ruled it out!

and today at 4:30pm another couple has asked for a viewing of the house. Bring 'em on......

Hoping something results from this flurry of interest. It is nice to see people coming through with increasing frequency!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Sat. to all

This view is one of the things I will miss when we move. This is the dock outside Bonita Bill's Restaurant and Bar on San Carlos Island on the way to Ft. Myers Beach. This waterway between San Carols Island and the Beach is referred to a the Back Bay and home to the shrimp fleets.

I've been working on the kit for November. I am trying to stay ahead so when we move, I don't have to worry about our kits being ready for sale. This kit is based on a gift I made for my friend, Kip.

E is off to work today and tomorrow. He is off Monday and next Friday but working lots inbetween. This is the time a lot of the full time employees take their vacations at the store and he is filling in. I need to do some household chores today (isn't work a four letter word?) to get ready for the prospective buyers who are coming by tomorrow and for the Open House that follows their visit. Cross your fingers please. This is the 3rd. couple currently interested in our home. We need a bit more than "very interested"...we would love a contract!

Have a great weekend. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 25, 2006


"Just got off the phone with my daughter, Kristen. Up until today, she was a first grade teacher in a school district in the Tampa area. Today was the ten day count district wide and her school came up short. Because she took a transfer, she was one of three low on the totem pole at her school. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Before Kristen and Chris moved to Florida, she had completed over half of her Master's Degree in Library Science and had many hours of training in reading. The saving grace is that she is now the 1/2 time assistant librarian and 1/2 time reading consultant at her school. Before she transferred to this school, which is at most fifteen minutes from her house, she had a horrendous commute. She was so excited about the new school, the closeness and the kids. I am so very glad this has worked out for her. She does have to pass a state test in order to continue to keep the assistant librarian job and her beloved step papa, E, offered to pay for it.
She thanked him and promised not to move back in with us! lol Are we that transparent? Guess so.

Nothing but good news this Friday from Paradise."

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Big Wave goes out to our friend, Jadee

Our young friend, Jadee, called last night. We became friends with Jadee when E hired her a few years back as a science teacher in his department at our high school. She always has claimed that she was the 'little catylist" (spelling? lol) that brought E and I together by buying us a body shot at one of the faculty happy hours.

Jadee was also my boss as she was the Varsity Cheer coach when I coached the Freshmen. We had some interesting times, that is for sure.

Now Jadee is the proud mama of two beautiful little girls, the Department Chair of Science at our school. She loves too cook almost as much as E does and when Jadee comes to visit, they spend lots of time in our kitchen whipping up yummy dishes.

Jadee is the one who started me scrapbooking and invited me to my very first crop. I use to put "scrap" albums together for each of my cheer squads and Jadee took me that one next step...thousands of dollars later, thanks Jadee. Jadee is also one of the very first Smoochie Girls! (don't tell

So , the Big Wave goes out to our little buddy, Jadee today!  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Janet and Kip are coming...

This picture was taken when I drove up to Anna Maria Island. Janet was in town with Bob, Kip and Barb and Barb's husband were on the island for their son's wedding. Kath drove down from St. Pete and I drove up from Ft. Myers. It was a great day.

It is so much fun when any of the Cabana Crew can get together. We live all over the place and our reunions are sometimes months and months apart.

Now, three of us will be having a mini reunion for Kip's birthday and e will be in chef's heaven as he is happily menu planning and having me send the Birthday food choices galore. If Janet gets in town here early enough Sunday, we can head to Captiva for an afternoon of indulgence and , I am sure, many laughs.

The last time Janet came, we had to run her and Anne by the UPS store as we all played 'shop til you drop'. Now she can take her goodies back to her new home on Anna Maria.

Sometimes I feel very isolated down here in Ft. Myers. I was talking about this with a young friend just yesterday. My teaching opportunities are up in the Tampa area. My scrapping pals are up there too and so are my kids, whom I love to hang out with as much as I do my friends (waving hi to Rob, Kristen and Chris)!

E is off to work, the house is still and I'm going to finish off some kits and then, hopefully scrap the day away. I have piles and piles of papers etc. piled up everywhere and have come to the conclusion that I am simply more creative surrounded by my mess! Well, it sounds better than "I hate to clean!"

We have an open house here Sunday so cross your fingers,dear readers. The two couples are still interested in our house, according to the realtors so maybe something will budge, move or happen! I need a good night's rest! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Idea Books

Posting from Paradise
I must confess, dear readers, that I have gotten caught up in all the melodrama on the two blogs that simply everyone is talking about: 2 Peas in my Azz and Scrap Critic. While some of the name calling, etc. goes a bit beyond the pale, I do like the opportunity this affords women in the industry or who would like to be or scrappers/stampers who don't want to offend to voice their opinions w/o fear of reprisals.

Of the two, Scrap Critic, I think has the most merit. The intent of the blogger, as far as I can see, is to provide a forum for discussing various areas of scrapping (favorite technqiue, favorite designer, favorite magazine and also the opposite of favorite) as anon. I found the responses that stayed on the topic offered up by the blogger to be insightful and honest for the most part.

One of the topics I wish had been explored more was Idea Books. I have been a collector for over ten years and have some raves and pans.

To qualify for my Raves on an idea book it must offer a variety of techniques; these must be clearly written and, if possible, the steps accompanied by pictures. I like suggestions for variations and it should inspire me to go into a creating frenzy. I am technique driven in most of my scrapping and altered arts projects so obviously, I want to learn how! Pretty pictures and eye candy only inspire if they tell how!

Here are some of my all time faves: not all are scrapbook related but I've something from each in scrapbooking and they meet the above criteria.

Paint books: New Ways with Paint by Andrea Maflin (while this is a home deco book, every technique can be applied to paper with amazing results); The Painted Page by Laura Kennedy and Pam Lambie/ Pine Cone press (great techniques clearly explained and lovely layouts)

Inks and Stamping: Ink Art by Sara Horton (who is one of my favorite designers), Misty Mathews and Amie Wheatcraft. To me this is the bible of inking. Within these 35 pages you can find a gazillion idea and techniques both for the beginner and the advanced. This is also a Pine Cone Press book.

Altered books: (the techniques and ideas in these listed go far beyond the altered books themselves and offer unique ideas when applied to scrapbook pages): Any of the Design Originals Can Do Crafts books about Altered Books (especially the Materials Guide), Altered Books Workshop by Bev Brazelton (just plain yummy), Books Unbound by Michael Jacobs (the how to of binding, building and having fun with making journals and books), Vintage Greeting Cards by MaryJo McGraw: not at all what it sounds like although she does use the vintage card as her tool to teach. If you like vintage, heritage or want to learn some classy stuff, this one is wonderous.

Assorted Idea Books: Collage Discovery by Claudine Hellmuth ( this first volumn is great but I wasn't a big fan of the second one), Pockets, Pullouts and Hiding Places by Jenn Mason (lots of fantastic interactive ideas for altered project and some application for the scrapbook page), Transparent Art (my current favorite car trip book) by Sommerset studio...amazing stuff and so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

Sommerset Workshop also by Sommerset Studio is like taking 4 classes at your leisure...I can't wait for vol. 2 on this one. Worth every dime, and it was not cheap. I also recommend the Wedding (I hear there is a second vol to this out but have not yet seen it). I loved, loved, loved this book. I was inspired to create and create and create. One tiny idea in the book would lead to 3 or 4 layouts for me.

I was not trained as an artist. My stick figures even look funny. I was an English teacher for eons and spent a long time looking for a basic design class for continued learning or for a good basic design book. When I found this one and read it, my layouts started having more cohesion and I realized (not always) why some of my layouts got picked up for publication and why others did not. My favorite basic design book (and it was recommended to me by a very good artist) is Design Basics for Creative Results by Bryan L. Peterson.

Let me know your favorites here also please!

Friday, August 18, 2006


Posting from Paradise
When you are retired like I am, one day pretty much looks like the next. I do still remember the wonder of Friday and heaving a sigh of relief, knowing I did not have to get up or even get dressed if I did not want to for two whole days. I do, however, have a work schedule here in Paradise. That is to say, I schedule work when I want to or when certain things like dusting etc. have to be done. Retirement is not all fun and games.

Oh, who am I kidding...lots and lots of retirement is fun and games!

I have a kit to redo to double check the directions and I did finish two layouts over the past couple of days with one more in the works (taking a lunch break here thus the crumbs all over the keyboard). One I can't post because it is for a submissions and one is ok but not worth the time to post.

Which brings me to the increasing trend I am noticing in this world of submissions. One magazine (soon to be followed by a couple more if the rumors I am hearing are true) is placing increasing restrictions on the layouts they will accept for publication in that these may not be on-line ANYWHERE. If this is true, the next step is a decrease in the postings by anyone who is even remotely considering submitting. The policy has been that once your layout has been accepted, you remove it from on-line galleries. This next step, if embraced by other magazine and publishing companies, could render on-line galleries obsolete for all but design team members and those who never submit. Hmmmmmmmmm
Something to think about.

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday's Musings

Posting from Paradise

We have a fairly busy day here in Paradise. We want to look at Murphey beds for my work room in the new house and there is a dealership right up the street. We are just window shopping and hunting for info on the wall bed units. E has to run by the spa place as a couple of our jets keep coming out and floating to the bottom of the hot tub...not very comfortable at all. I have a couple of errands to run for birthday gifts etc and we both have a dermotologist apt. this afternoon...there goes another day in Paradise!

When I got home from a day out with my sister yesterday, there was a knock on the door and a realtor with a couple from France came by to look over the house. I am very assured by the number of walk throughs we have had lately. Now, someone one write a contract !

I also spent some time with the graphic artist who designed my business cards last time around. I took in a couple of ideas to her and she is coming up with 3 logos for Hang Ten. We will pick one and it becomes ours. This gal is multi talented and I can't wait to see what she does with the images I took her! This is the logo that will go on the web site and on our kit bags...the Grand Opening is getting closer and closer!

Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Updated Jules'Creations

Posting from Paradise

Don't be on the link to the right (Jules'Creations) and see what is new! Thanks.

August house shots

The house is really coming along. When we were there this past weekend, the tilers were putting down the tiles and many of the walls had been painted. My window seat in the kitchen/eating area is finished (and oh, so pretty).
This second pic is of our great room. We had the tiles laid on the 45% as I think it makes the house look less "boxy". We have that in this house and love it...these are the french doors leading out to the lanai and caged pool.
It was great to see the pool tiled too as we had no idea what tiles we had ordered. Come to think of it, we couldn't remember what colors of anything we had picked out as it was so long ago and we only had 3 hours to do it all. I don't want to do a house like this one again. Our first building company for this house was a small, family owned one and we were treated like royalty. We moved windows, custom paint jobs in several rooms etc. at no or a very low fee. We wanted to eliminate this window to the left of the French doors and were told it was impossible with this company.

And this next picture is E's kitchen...he is going to be such a happy fellow.

And even more good news on our house. Today, someone was driving by the house, several times. E finally went outside and invited the guy in. He is looking for a house for his parents and told E he is very interested in ours! Keep those prospective buyers coming.... Posted by Picasa

More from the weekend

Here are the Rubber Suit Girls ready to leave for our Manatee Swim.

Name that Rubber Suit Girl! We all looked lovely beyond compare in our slimming black attire and the fashionably colored goggles and snorkle.
And here is another of the gentle giants. These manatee are amazing creatures and seemed just as curious about us as we were about them. And the last pic is of one of the two crop areas. Some gals got lots, you ask? Hmmmmmmmm. I did start two layouts which I finished at home yesterday. They are posted below.

And now it is back to reality. My laundry is done, my scrapbag unpacked and the futon in my work room is covered with its usual array of papers, supplies etc. I'm really home now.

We have been told that we will PROBABLY (key word there) have a contract on the house by the end of the week. The couple want to look over the community associations' documents. It will have to be a contingency contract which means that them buying our house is contingent upon them selling theirs. Not really ideal from our point of view. We had our realtor tell them that we will continue to show the house and they will have first right of refusal when we get another buyer.

Our new house is coming along wonderfully. It is nice to see things like the pool tiles and the cabinets in place as neither of us could remember what we ordered. lol Will post a couple of house pics tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 14, 2006

The word is....

Posting from Paradise

Gnarls Barkley...heard this group for the first time today coming home. Four of the songs from the album"St. Elsewhere" are available on line...gotta love "Crazy"..

check it out

My layouts from the retreat weekend

I can not tell a lie...I started both of these and finished them today at home. I confess; I played a ton more than I scrapped!
This is another one for my Italy album. I fell in love with the way the Italians took a small space and turned it into a lovely garden of Eden on almost every roof top I saw. I journaled inside what was the frame for some pop out chipboard shapes. Not being one to let much go to waste, I cut the frame in half as it reminded me of the layers of the apartment buildings.

The next layout is of my good pal, Chuck, who hates to have his picture taken almost as much as I do! I caught him unaware one evening this summer as all of us gathered during our week together to watch the sun set .

Both of these are done with the wonderful, the amazing, the one and only Cosmo Cricket papers! Posted by Picasa

Paradise Found...the saga continues

This is the group shot taken by the amazing Carol. She sets up her tripod, sets the timer and runs very, very fast. She does a wonderful job and don't we clean up nicely?
The next shot is of our two lovely hostesses, Ginni and her daughter. The food was so yummy and the place was fun. Three cheers for this mother/daughter team!
Ah, Linda and I can't just go out to lunch, you know! We had to create happy cups for our happy hour drinks.

The last pic is for my MerMaid friend, Clare. This was the tat on the calf of the Captain of our boat. I wouldn't mind getting a mermaid tat when I turn 60 but don't think I want it to cover my entire calf. On our Captain it looked good. Linda took this shot! Posted by Picasa

"There's no place like home, Dorothy!"

Posting from Paradise
We spent last night at the kids and had Kentucky Fried (topping off the high carb weekend, don't ya know!). The kids had work and school early so we all went to bed early. I watched the last 2/3 of the Ron Clark story on tv, dozing though some but what a great feel good movie. I love to see films where one person makes a difference as I truely believe in this adage.

About the weekend: crowded sleeping conditions, too much to eat, sixteen women of varied temperments and scrapping styles and agendas, the black hole in the upstairs room into which everything seemed to disappear, too little scrapping space, too much to do and too little time and....

Inducted two more Smoochie Girls (memo: sent out a quick notice to the rest of the Smoochie Girl Society), had a chance to do some low key (I hope) promoting of my classes and kits, actually get a layout and a half done, meet a bunch of neat gals, some of whom I have met before and three newbies.
So, until I can transfer the pics from Minnie to Harry here (and thanks to Michelle for helping us locate my card reader program so we can share photos fast), I'll bid you all tata for now or, as the Kipster says, BFFN!

Smoochies and Kiss Kiss to Roz and Dee!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Our last day at Paradise Found

I took these first two shots yesterday morning and today is a repeat of the same with dark clouds hanging low and tangerine streaks lightening the sky through openings in the clouds. The entire scene is repeated in the water below. Right now the water in our back bay here is glass smmoth with only the trail of some water critter rippling the surface and an occassional jumping fish or bird out for its breakfast. It is quiet and serene and someone is quietly practicing a flute somewhere close by and playing it very well. What a way to start any day!

When I told you yesterday we had close encounters with those gentle giants, the manatee, I was not exaggerating. The next two pictures were taken from the top of the boat and show the brave Rubber Suit Girls taking on the mighty manatee.

This has been such a great weekend. I've laughed, hung out with the girls, swam, hiked (not far), eaten everything bad for me and even scrapped a little. We have to be out by noon and there are still a dozen things I want to do here. As someone once told me, the things you want to do but didn't lead you back to places again. I certainly hope so. This is an amazing place and the women have been a blast.

Kipster, you were greatly missed. Hope your back is better soonest! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The few, the proud, the Rubber Suit Girls...

Fifteen came to the island, three went to the bar and six swam with the was a day to remember...somthing that can never happen again no matter how carefully we would plan or what we could do to make it just the same...the planets only align themselves like this once in a life time. And today was the day...

We had such close encounters with the manatee today that it was incredible. The Rubber Suit Girls have taken a vow to meet stay turned for the further adventures of the the few, the proud, the Rubber Suit Girls Posted by Picasa

This IS Paradise Found...

I took this picture from the front of our private island this morning. It was still but for a hint of a breeze and a ripple on the sun kissed bay. The sky was a lovely pink and reflected into the water. I took a short walk before breakfast and we headed out to swim with the manatee.

This was an amazing experience that I don't believe any of will ever forget. Linda was smooched by one and all of us got to touch one of these gentle giants. We mostly used throw away underwater pics but are loading these onto my computer in a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to upload them later today.

And, before I forget, my honey E won the "husband of the year" award with his kindness yesterday. He had no sooner dropped me off and headed out the gate in the direction of Palm Harbor than I realized my camera, camera case and all my money were sitting on the floor of the car. Without a cell phone, I had no way to reach him and resigned myself to bumming camera time and cash from fellow scrappers. Low and behond, someone yelled, "your husband is here with your camera"...he had made it 30 miles from the resort, saw my camera and returned to save the day. His kindness and thoughtfullness for others is one of the many reasons l love this man! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My bags are packed...

Posting from Paradise

and I am ready for the weekend to begin! I've got at least 6 layouts all sorted with pics/papers/ribbons/embellies etc. plus the 18 pages I am doing for a page swap on a private message board. I think I will have more than enough to entertain myself this weekend.

We leave around ten tomorrow and head first to the new house to see how the builders' are coming along. Hope not too fast. The couple interested in our house are still crunching numbers (successfully I hope...keep those body parts crossed Brigade)! We'll stop off for lunch at that cute little restaurant on the lake that we found a couple of visits ago. It is our kind of place....lots of locals, very casual with cold beer and great grouper sandwiches.

Then we head up to Homossasa Springs to the Paradise Found Island Resort for the retreat. I have my waterproof throw away camera so that when I swim with the manatee, I can get some shots. I am also going to give Flash, my new camera, a run for its money as this place is suppose to be beautiful.

I don't know if the resort has internet or not so won't know if I can blog til I get there. I am taking Minnie (laptop) just in case and also because I want to try out my new HP (cheapo from Big Lots) printer. What a joy to be able to journal away while I am scrapping. I've always had to wait til I got home in the past.

So, this is adieu for now...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cosmo Cricket Papers

Jules' Creations

When I find a line of papers that I love and that show themselves to be very versitile, I love to tell everyone. I have been and still remain a devoted fan of Basic Grey, Daisy D, Kaleidoscrope, and Wild Asparagus. I have added still another line of fine and wonderous papers to my list: Cosmo Cricket! (

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the least likey person to be a "celeb stalker" but I did feel moved to write Julie Comstock, the principal of the company to thank her for her product lines. I wrote a rather tongue-in-cheek e-mail telling her that since getting a few of her lines I had not stopped scrapping with them (truth here: I must have done 5 layouts using these in the past couple of days), that my husband was going unfed, my children shoeless and my hair uncombed. I told her I needed a 12 Step Program. She e-mailed me back with this very funny !2 Step Program which I am reprinting with her kind permission.

12 Step Program from Cosmo Cricket

Step One: Admint you have a problem. (Congratulations, you seem to have taken this step on our own)

Step Two: Continue scrapbooking with your current supply of Cosmo Cricket products. If you don't you will feel guilty for having spent money on them.

Step Three: Put the pizza man on speed dial.

Step Four: Get your children flip flops.

Step Five: Have husband watch the movie, "Mr. Mom".

Step Six: Create a support group for women like you so that you can all share your problems(and products)with each other.

Step Seven: Let hair sit in a good conditioner until you can get a comb through it.

Step Eight: Have hair cut short into a hassle-free, 5 minute style.

Step Nine: Don't stop scrapping to go to sleep. This will allow more time to use up your current supply, and you won't mess up your 5 minute style.

Step Ten: Turn on ESPN, your husband will forget about dinner.

Step Eleven: Focus on the positive. You are creating something wonderful for the people you love and neglect.

Step Twelve: Feed the addiction. Buy Comso Cricket products whenever you can, otherwise withdrawal symptoms will set in.

What a funny lady. P.S. Julie, I love your name too!

The quest for serenity

Last night I wrote this whole long diatribe about the war, the Alaska pipe line fiasco, our local school district and the insurance companies here in Florida...and then I posted it in Jules'Creations. This is not the first time, I've done this, nor will it probably be the last. I deleted it from there and, since I was on my lap top rather than the main computer and was too lazy to attach the wireless mouse so I could copy/paste more easily, it is gone into the zephers, which is proabaly just as well.

I do want to post my suggestion though for dealing with the insurance companies here in Florida who are doubling and even quardroopling the rates for many of our coastal city home owners and even interior ones. If our Gov and his new committe that has been appointed to "study the problem" had any common sense, they would hit the insurance co. with this: If you do not offer affordable and reasonable homeowner's insurance in our state, you will NOT sell any other kind of insurance here! You have one month! The problem would diminish. Instead, the new committee has until mid Nov (about the time the hurricane season ends here) to come up with some ideas on what to do about the problem...sure, fine, uh huh !

Which brings up my title: the search for serenity. I took this picture a couple of weeks ago at the beach at sunset. I'm printing it out 8x1 0 and putting right next to Harry, my main computer, to remind me that there are so many things out of my control, that getting upset about them does absolutley no good at all. The Serenity Prayer has been a family tradition among the women in my family. My grandmother had a copy framed over her kitchen sink, my mother had hers in her bedroom, mine was in my bathroom where I would see it first thing in the morning before I would leave to teach the 'youth of America', and now my daughter has a copy I gave her in the same place. I think I need to copy the poem and print it over this picture. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 07, 2006

Paradise Found

Posting from Paradise

I am starting to get really excited about this weekend's scrap retreat at Paradise Found Island Resort. ( I keep pulling up the site to ooh and aah. I can't wait to swim with the manatee and crop with a bunch of the Hilltop Girls. I am still hoping the Kipster's back problems melt away with the acupunctuist today as I can't imagine a retreat without my buddy. Get well soonest, Kipster.

I am trying to narrow down what I want to work on. I have 18 6x6 pages due the middle of the month so I could start those. I have my Sara Binder yet to finish also. And yes, there is the Bike Adventure book I started for my daughter, Kristen, about 4 years ago detailing our fun outings together.
I also have some really cool photos from our yearly reunion with our friends from the beach a couple of weeks ago. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm decisions, decisions!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I posted Jayne's blog challenge

Posting from Paradise
but put it up on the wrong blog. Click on Jules'Creations under Links to see my answers. I don't feel like typing the whole thing all over and copy/paste does not always work. Thannks,

Friday, August 04, 2006

My one woman protest

I have to acknowledge that most of the "hot" scrappers out there are all in their twenties and very early thirties and they are very talented. But, and this is a big BUT, they do not scrap the way those of us who are, shall we say, "mature" (that just sounds a hell of a lot better than old) do. They do not scrap our subjects, they do not scrap our style and they don't even understand who we are. They can't. They have not lived our lives; at least, not yet.

The journaling on this says: A woman just has to appreciate a man who realizes that older women have so much to give. We've been through the whole 'raise the kids' scene; we can change diapers with the best of them; we've worked in and out of the home. We've been the vixens, the mothers, the wives , the committe women and now....finally, now, we can be who we were meant to be. We are who the youth shall become. We are what most work their whole lives to be. We are sexy, confident and full of you one of us?

The quote over the bottom picture of my friend, Kim and I, is by Randy Wayne White (a wonderful adventure writer who lives right here in Paradise) from his book, Shark River, and says, "The most beautiful women in the world are always over thirty-five. Like great art, beauty requires complexity, fabric and depth". Thanks, Randy! Posted by Picasa

Tim Holtz

Posting from Paradise

For those of you who do not scrap, the man pictured below is the infamous Tim Holtz. He is a an ink and stamp kind of guy with incredible talent and a good sense of humor. I stalked him at CHA (craft and hobby vendors show)two years ago but never got close. Friends of mine who have taken his classes are amazed by how much technique he packs into his classes. These are the kind I love. The man is a professional.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blog Problems

Posting from Paradise

I keep posting new entries and none of them are showing up. If this one does, I will attempt to reconstruct the others soon. Meanwhile, I was able to post on Jules' Creations so check the link to the right. Thanks, Jules

Update on Jule's Creations blog

Posting from Paradise

I am posting this here and on my linked creative blog, Jules' Creations, as well. I am starting something a bit different tomorrow on Jules' Creations. I will be posting a tip or technique each day or so that will be about scrapbooking, organization, or altered arts.

I would love for you to contribute to this. If you will e-mail me with your short tips or techniques, I will give you full credit on my blog. ( I will continue to post projects, classes and layouts but would like to keep the blog hopping with things for everyone.

Our kits go on line September 1. Watch this spot and Jules'Creations for updates. My next class at Ruban Rouge in Palm Harbor FL is scheduled for Sept 9. Call the store for details. The phone is given on the Ruban Rouge blog under my links. Hope to see some of you there.

Have a great day!