Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hang Ten Paper Arts goes big time!

In addition to teaching "Drink of the Day" on the upcoming Hilltop Memories cruise to the Bahamas, and the invite from Scrapbook Expo to teach a class at the June 7-9 covention in Tampa, we have also been invited to teach a couple of classes at the Scrapvivor weekend retreat Sept. 27-29th. on Marco Island, Florida. This is sponsored by Scrapbooks N Stickers. You can get more information on times and prices by going to Kim has a message board all set up and some really big names (besides coming to teach. We'll be exhibiting as well as teaching! Scrap me excited! Hope to see you there.

This is the last day I'll have cable for a bit. We turn in the modem today and Minnie can't seem to get her wireless connection mojo working at all. I'll miss you and will have a tall frothy fun drink (complete with paper umbrella)just for you!

Love and smoochies, Jules

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Look what our yard gave me as a gift....

Our magnolia tree had two huge beautiful blooms on it this morning. What a wonderful goody bye gift. Our jasmine tree outside the front porch is also in bloom and the climbing roses are perfuming the side yard. I will miss these 'friends' of mine. I should be able to post a blog one last time tomorrow before we turn in our modum. I am hopeful I can get a connection on my wireless lap top but, just in case....adieu for now.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What I owe CKMB

I see that CKMB has undergone even more "latest and greatest" updates to the mb. To me, it doesn't look that different....a few more pastel colors, a few more buttons to click and, although I seldom post there any more, I shall always be indebted to the CKMB for all the women I have met through this mb.

If I had not discovered it when I did, I would have never met the Scrappin' Sisters, Pete and Moni, from Cleveland, who were the first ones to reach out to me on the board. They were the foundation for the Cabana Crew who continues to grow to (I think) about 20 or so) with other great groups as well:The Smoochie Girls Society and the Rubber Suit Gals, the Bench Warmers and the Swinging gals from the Jungle and all the babes from Hilltop!

I've watched these women move, get married, get divorced, have a child, get published, make Dts, create wonderful projects and lovely memories, suffer hardships and share joys. I've met the women from CKMB at conventions across the United States and have chatted with them and exchanged e-mails by the hundreds. They were my good friends long before we ever met IRL. They have shared their lives freely with me and made it comfortable for me to do the same. They have been my family, my support system.

Do I miss the good ol' days where we would host a "Oh Cabana Boy, make mine a double" party that would last for hours on the mb? You betcha! But it is like a famous writer once said, "you can't go home again". And he was right!

Those of you who love me, know where to find me come hell or high water and, as of Friday (maybe Sat.) I'll be off -line for a bit due to the move...did you know I was moving? lol If all else fails, you can reach me through another of my blessings thanks to CKMB, the Kipster!

Don't forget me!

Monday, April 23, 2007

How sad

We got an e-mail a bit ago from one of our good friends in st. Louis, Chuck. He told us that one of the guys he and I use to work with in our hall at Hazelwood Central, died. Don Newton had the newspaper for a while and taught English with Chuck and I. He 'lived' right down the hall from us for years and had the best sense of humor! He was one of the people you could count on for a laugh or a hug. Don was playing tennis, had a heart attack and died. He was younger than E and I...he had children much younger than mine. Don, know I am toasting you tonight!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

One week and counting

I found this picture I took of one of the Hemingway cats sleeping in a lovely green chair and could not resist offering it up for your viewing pleasure. When I die, I want to come back as one of these very pampered cats...sort of like coming back as one of our cats.

Speaking of The Boys, they had quite an adventure today. We had the door open taking boxes out to the POD when The Boys decided to take a walk on the wild side. I am certain that Just Jack the fat cat lured Goof into crossing that doorstep and taking a stroll outside. Both of The Boys are in door cats and don't even know that they are of the feline persuasion. They got half way around the house before we gave the command that summons them off the front porch in the evening or the garage during the morning when they are allowed out there to catch bugs. HOUSE we both yelled and The Boys came running lickety split.

The POD is 3/4 full. We have 2 boxes worth of stuff in E's room, the kitchen (shouldn't that be a 4 letter word?) and another 2 of assorted left more of my stuff and one for my shoes and we may be done. I did keep some scrap things out just in

We are having the neighbors over for supper tonight and my sister and her boyfriend Tues. and then we are packing up the pots and pans and the clean up commences. Wish us luck!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

The POD is over half full and we still have a bit to go. The kids coming down this weekend really helped a bunch. We sent the good china and crystal home with them along with a couple of front porch plants and some of the candles I can't stand to throw away or burn.

As E and I were loading the POD early this morning we talked about the memories we have of this wonderful home we built together. Some of our best time were holidays (preferably Christmas and the pseudo competition with our wonderful neighbors Ed and Deb...Auntie Deb to The Boys), our annual patio party for the neighborhood, the night we had 17 of our friends spend the night before we left for our St. Louis Gang week on the beach, having the Cabana Girls visit at one time or another, watching the manatee off the dock at cocktail hour, the pre and post hurricane party with our first ever Fl. hurricane, the amazing pitch in attitude of our wonderful neighbors when Hurricane Charlie blew the tree down on the back of our house, spending great hours on the lanai, in the hot tub, on the patio, with our friends, E's amazing meals.

When I was talking to Kristen about these memories she said, "Mom, don't be sad. Think of all the memories you and Gene have yet to create in your new home". Out of the mouths of babes...right?

And I got some fun news today too....I've won a bunch of Hambly stuff for posting on the Hambly blog....and I have been that co.'s biggest fan since I first heard of them...and even more, I've been invited to extend my 6 mo. on the DT at Little Scrap Box!

Eight days and counting....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hang Ten Paper Arts to present at Tampa Expo June 7-9

What happens when Basic Grey meets the Biscuit Book by Delish? Well, a whole lot of fun is what happens! In this class you will get to paint, sand, ink, and add pizazz with Twinkling H20s. And that is just for starters! Throw in a generous helping of ribbons both patterned and sheer and you have "Things that touch my heart". I'll post a few more teasers from time to time.

And the second day of the class and Expo is my 60th. birthday....come help me celebrate at the Scrapbook Memories in Tampa!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cats don't do change well!

The Boys have been so stressed since we started our packing. They know something is up and both have taken to sleeping closer and closer to us each night that goes by til the move. Goofy actually sleeps with one of his paws touching some part of me like he is afraid I'll slip away from him in the night.

This morning, as E and I were taping and loading boxes, Fat Jack ran over to their scratching post, threw himself around it almost as if he were saying, "Don't pack this!" The Boys seem to be taking turns guarding their post as Goof was on the next shift. He laid next to the toppled scratching post with one paw wrapped around it!

13 days and counting. The POD is already 1/4 full. The movers come on the 29 and the POD is picked up the same day....will we get it all packed? Stay tuned for

Whole lotta packin' going on!

We've been up since 5 am and packing since 5:30. My scrap room is about half empty with boxes and boxes loaded up and sitting in the hall. Today I lose my big scanner,Big Bertha, my Wishblade, Zorro and my 12x12 printer, Big Boy. The two paper towers are heading out to the POD along with two smaller drawers that also contain paper. The POD is being picked up on the 26th. and I think E is in panic mode.

The kids are coming down this weekend to take some of my computer parts back with them, our good dishes and crystal. Chris can help E get some of the larger items from my work room and the heavier boxes out to the POD.

Our cable has been off and on for the past two days after being diconnected prematurely the day before that. I've been told that service will be intermittant over the next few days so if you don't hear from me, that is the reason why.

Knee deep in boxes,

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This was my hall closet where I stored equipment, tools and refills. I had my Sizzix, my Sidekick and my alphas in there too. It took me about an hour and a half and 4 boxes but it is done. I even packed some of the work room itself. I've had to separate the current projects (Hang Ten's June kit, the kit for the May cruise Drink of the Day class, and the Hang Ten class I am teaching at Scrapbook Expo in Tampa in June) from everything else. Those things are in the dining room and I am kitting what I can.

Did I ever mention how much I hate to pack? I am sifting through things, giving away stuff and throwing some things away. If you get an envelope in the mail from me, you either sent me the white flowers I needed for a kit or you were on my RAK list. Enjoy!

Monday, April 16, 2007


It is Judy K who is the owner of Papercroppertoo....thanks Judy and I loved meeting you too hon! We will definitely have to do this again!


After the vendor's fair closed on Sat., our work had just begun. We had to box up all the product, put it into the pods (wood and metal containers that most vendors have. These are moved by huge semis from convention to convention)and break down the six and seven foot grids from which the product is hung. Barb, my roomie on the road, and I headed into the crop to sell some of Kim's very cute kits and then we finished any work that was left.

Our next stop was supper and then back "home" to our hotel rooms. There is no better cure for stress and fatigue than hanging out with good friends and laughing until you almost....well, you get the picture.

Classes went very well and I had two amazing volunteers. Both were high energy, knowledgable and always there to help me and the students. I was one happy teacher! I got to meet IRL one of our pals from the Monkey board (private message board group), Lamb Chop's Mom,also got to meet Judy B who owns Crop it Up Too! (if I got the name wrong, please let me know, Judy and I'll fix it!),plus a gal whom I met through the Creative Escape yahoo group, Kathy N, and several gals who use to hang out with Kip, Pete, Moni, Kath,etc. and me on the old ckmb. It was so nice to hear we are missed. Many of these gals have also moved on to other message boards.

My friend, Jadee, who got me into scrapping was able to come by. Jadee and I use to teach and coach together at Hazelwood Central where she is now the Science Dept. Chair (she got E's old job). She arrived at the best time possible as we were mobbed at the Make N Take table. Kim, the owner of Scrapbooks N Stickers ( had designed the cutest little clip boards with cute papers. Jadee stepped right in and helped tons. We took a break and got to chat for a bit.

Off to start the laundry and continue the packing for the move. My next teaching event is on the cruise for Hilltop Memories ( May 3-6th and then comes Scrapbook Expo in Tampa, where our very own Hang Ten Paper Arts is sponsoring a class for the first time ever at a national convention on June 7-9. Be there for the fun!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Send warm clothes....I am freezing.

It is very cold here in St. Louis and the weatherman on last night's news said there may be a chance for some snow flurries....eeeeek. As much as I loved living here and the availability of tons of things to do with bunch of friends nearby, I am reminded on cold, dreary days like today why E and I moved to Paradise.

We spent hours and hours putting up the booth. Tons of Junkitz, Imagination Project papers etc. etc. all with racks and grids and hanging tons of embellishments and we were done. A side trip to Wally World for socks and warmer clothes and the booth was ready for business.

I taught two classes yesterday morning and the women were wonderful. I had a great TA, the kits were well packed and life was good. I spent the afternoon chatting with customers and doing Kim's make n takes at the booth...very cute little clipboards she designed.

Today is a repeat of yesterday plus we take it down everything we spent about 6 hours putting CK is doing a great job on this convention. It is well run and very organized. Any problems (no signs to my classroom) were taken care of immediately. Bravo to CK. The vendors hall is full so I guess the remote location is not much of a drawback.

Off to work...your frozen correspondent, Jules

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We are here!

We got into St. Louis without any mishap and some great Bloody Mary's in the Cleveland Airport during our hour layover. We headed straight to Old Towne St. Charles and shopped our way up one side of the street and down the other. Stops worth mentioning: Rock, Paper, Scissors for great specialty papers, Figaros for flavored coffees, The Flower Peddler for sensory over stimulation and lovely Peggy Kerr plates, Old Town Spice Shop for Ribs rub and cheese ball and dip mixes. We dined at Lewis and Clark and waddled on down the street. One last stop at the Little Winery of the Hills for a couple of bottles of vino (toasting you Pam B!) and, with rain drop falling on our heads drove to our home away from home for the next four nights.

Barb and I are roomies again...Law and Order reigns supreme as always and we have laughed and laughed. (Oh, Kip...when Barb head about the sunny, warm weather 'back home' from you, she said &%%#&* and she still loves you...she is freezing!)

We set up tomorrow. The covention center is located outside of Collinsville, which is a fairly large city here in Ill. We are exactly in the middle of absolutely no where. The saving grace is the White Castle right down the street. If you have not had a belly bomber, you do not have a clue what you are missing. It is cold and blustery, to quote the local weatherman and I don't think my flip flops will be the shoe choice of the day. Although this is a small convention center, everyone tells me the vendors did very well last year so hoping the same holds true for this one.

More updates and pictures of the booth assembly process (always fascinating I am sure)to follow to get my beauty sleep as I certainly need it. Love to all, Jules

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day trippin'

We took a load of pictures and 2 parts of the infamous Christmas Island village to K and C's today for storage until we can close here and in Tarpon Springs on April 30th.

Every time we have traveled from Ft. Myers to Clearwater/Palm Harbor to visit the kids, passing over the 301 bridge, we've noticed a cute little restaurant right down on the river. People there always looked like they were having fun. You could hear the music if your windows were down, the wind blowing in the right direction and you used your imagination. It looked like the kind of place where people knew you, the food was yummy and the beer cold. In other words, it looked like one of the great dives that we love so dearly. For one reason or another, the timing was never right for us to stop so we promised ourselves today would be the day.

After picking up my goody bag (another blog and another picture) that Kip's got for me (Kip,darlin', you can be my personal shopper any day....loved everything so know me too well!) and the animal cage she has loaned us for transporting of "the Boys", we did stop. Of course, with our luck, it was pouring down rain. We sat inside and still had a great time. We were right about the tasty food and the cold beer and the people there were so friendly and welcoming we felt like part of the family before we left. Loved it....we give a thumbs up to Woody's River Roo Bar and Grill!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Introducing my new pals,

I have a picture of my sister, myself and our parents standing outside my grandmother's house when we were young. We are each clutching a stuffed rabbit and are dressed in foo foo dresses, hats, little white gloves and white mary jane shoes. This must have been where my bunny collection started although I no longer have the original rabbit.

My mother had a stuffed lady bunny that she kept on her love seat in her bedroom. Someone gave her this rabbit and I loved it...cute muslin body, big floppy ears and a bow over one. She wears a pinafore and I have her still. Two aunts from my father's side gave me my own as a thank you gift when they and my uncles stayed at my house for one of the Sears family reunions and the rest of the collection (now numbering about 18)came over time.

Last year I added Penelope. Her cute little pink coat and her pretty skirts caught my eye but it was the purse that cinched the dear. This year's addition is Henrietta. Her little shoes and her hat have the cutest little flowers out of felt. Once again, it was the purse that made me grab her off the shelf and take her home with me. I've always been a sucker for the embellishments, you know?

Have a great Easter weekend all!

Friday, April 06, 2007

You've heard of Dancing with Wolves?

This is our version called, "Sleeping with Cats". For some reason, perhaps the impending move, Just Jack (aka Fat Jack the Cat) has taken to sleeping with us every night. His brother, the handsome fella in grey, Goofy has always slept with us from the time he was a small kitten. Jack has always slept in his chair at the dining room table and believe me, E, me and one cat(who prefers to sleep sideways) is plenty for our king sized bed. E and I get 1/3 and Goof gets the rest.

Now you have to understand that the boys have a bit of sibling rivalry and are territorial. Goof does not get in Jack's chair and Jack does not sleep with us. So, this recent habit of Jack's to also join us in the evening has provoked a few hisses and swats during the night. Unfortunately, we are often caught in no-man's land between the two battling brothers.

The other morning I acutally caught the two of them almost side by side in the bed before I could get it made. I just let sleeping cats lie and grabbed my camera. This truce did not last too long so I am glad I snapped the shot when I did!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Almost done....

I started this mini album about 2 months ago and then life got in the way of fun. At the crop at Stamping Memories weekend before last, after I had presented the Make N Take, I sat down and finished the little album. The papers are so pretty I think and so Spring like. I am printing out the pictures and the journaling is done as well. I should be finished completely within the hour. Just wanted to post a few of the pages (all chipboard and the album is by AMM)before I finish this and submit it to a couple of calls and contests. Never know if ya don't submit, right? And it has been eons since I've had the time to do that. I've worked hard on my kits for the cruise and for the June Hang Ten kit and for the Tampa Expo....I'm taking a break! Yeah!

Insomnia rears its head once again

One of the side bars of being almost 60 is the tendency for insomnia to affect me from time to time. I either have trouble getting to sleep or, like tonight, I wake in the mid hours tired but unable to return to dream land. It is too late to take an Ambien and too early to get up and dressed or start the coffee.

One of the things I find myself prone to do during this time is to worry. I will take the smallest of things and, before any time at all has passed, I have managed to inflate it into the largest of problems. Part of the reason seems to be lack of sleep, of course. I have to remind myself that everything will look better and be more manageable in the morning. The second reason for the worrying lately is the packing and the upcoming move. Added to this is the stress of kits due, classes to teach and travels planned before we knew the house would sell. I repeat to myself my Mother and Grandmother's adage, "This too shall pass" and so it shall and I will get everything done with help from my friends and my honey. I reassure myself knowing I don't have to do this all alone.

Tonight, as I often do when the mad beast, insomnia, hits, I turn on the light and read. This doesn't seem to bother E and it is much nicer to snuggle in the sheets and blankets and read than to relocate. For a long time now, I have been reading a series of books about the life of Ernest Hemingway. I had been missing two of the books in the series and was fortunate to find them at the bookstore in Key West at his house. I am 3/4 of the way through "Hemingway: The Final Years". It is a sad and sometimes troubling look at the disintegration of a writer, a legend. The author of the book has great sympathy for Papa but does not hold back in his assesment of his faults.

Off to read perchance to sleep.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sneak Peek to the Drink of the Day mini album

For all you Hilltop Memories's gals going on the cruise in May, this is a sneak peek of the Drink of the Day album for you all. It comes with a cd with pics and recipes of the drinks of the day on our cruise. If you don't plan on imbibing, this album is easily converted to a cruisin' album.

And the sad facts of life is that now I have to inform my readers ( but this actually only for a couple of gals who stalk my blog and have stalked one of my friends to the point she felt the need to go private) this is a copy written class. For information on how to get the full directions, please e-mail me.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I could be Val Kilner's mama

Packing: Day One

Actually we never unpacked tons of things from when we thought we were moving before but looking around this house sets me wondering how we ever managed to accumulate so many nicknacks and set around things. E has a grand plan for us so that we are ready to stuff the POD when it arrives on April 16th. Today is pack up the LLadros and our paintings. The kids will take the figurines and paintings back with them when they leave from their Easter visit. They'll store these for us at their house.

I finished the Drink of the Day mini album for the cruise ( I need to stuff the kits and pack them into my xxl. That goes with us as I leave on May 3 with Kip and I don't want to be ripping through boxes hunting for my kits. It turned out pretty cute, I think.

I am hoping to make a large dent in my work room today in terms of packing. While I have some upcoming kits and classes, these are all designed and all I am waiting on is the papers etc. to pack 100 for the Tampa Expo and 25 for Hang Ten kits in June.
The hard work is done!

If anyone has any tips for packing up a scrap work room, please let me know!

Have a great day and picture me knee deep in bubble wrap and boxes!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hang Ten Paper Art April kit is up!

If you are not on the mailing list or want to see the kit for April, you can go to and click on the Hang Ten logo. This month's kit is called "Another Day in Paradise" and uses the Bazzil 5 inch coaster, tons of ribbons, flowers and the coolest citrus Cabana paper ever! Don't miss this month's kit!