Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A few kits left from previous months....

I taught the cute little acrylic 'pocket book' kit this past weekend at Hilltop Memories ( Retreat and have 4, scratch that! We have 2 kits left for those of you who may have missed this kit when Hang Ten first offered it last September and those who didn't get to take the class at Winter Retreat. You may contact me at if you are interested.

I also have 4 Winter Wishes kits left and Jill has a few also that may be viewed at These are such lovely memory keepers. And check out our MOVING SALE on previous kits!

Today is another work day here n Paradise. I have some projects with due dates on them and need to clean up my work room from all the goodies I amassed at Winter Retreat! My honey is off work today and is meeting a pal at the dog track. Hope he picks some winners.

Have a great day all.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Assorted photos

DAY Two at Winter Retreat

After nearly freezing in our 'open air' cabins on Friday night, we hit the lodge where the men folk (or "our husbands" as they were often called) had the fires going in both of the fireplaces and our wonderful hostess, Linda, had breakfast started. And right after breakfast, the classes began all over the place. The lodge where the classes were held was right on the bank of the Santa Fe River which flowed through the state park. I took Lisa Thayer's class in the morning and I can only say, WOW! She designed a 3 panel magnetic board with a place for cute stamped quotes (Technique Tuesday stamps...she works for the co. at conventions)and a place for a memo pad. We got to pick our papers and created these cute pens to match! I will post mine when I repair a couple of places where I scored a bit too deeply. I do know that Lisa has a couple of kits left and you will want one when you see the finished product.

Lunch was hot and filling and some of the best down home cooking! That Linda just doesn't stop. I taught my class in the late afternoon and it was tough to concentrate with that beautiful view out the window. "Our husbands" had fueled the fires and we were warm and toasty. I had fun students and we did the little acrylic boxes with the mini accordion albums inside. I'll post an example of these tomorrow too and I have 3 left if anyone is interested.

We cropped the rest of the evening with Kip and I heading back to the cabin first. It had been a long day after a short night. Our cabin was much warmer than the night before so we settled in with a glass of wine (or two) and were joined by first Miss Jayne, followed by Teri and, around midnight, Barb. The rain began as the storms moved through the rest of the night. We laughed and talked and just enjoyed each others company. Lisa and Gerri-anne got trapped in the lodge until the wee hours and ended up sleeping in the SUV...after driving around a bit with the heat on high! Smart chickies.

More later: DAY THREE

Monday, January 29, 2007

Winter Retreat...Day One

(this is my 3rd. attempt to post here this morning...wish me luck!)

Winter Retreat is such a wonderful experience, it defies description. It is a one of a kind, have to be there, laughs never stop 3 day extravaganza of creativity, fantastic food, and companionship beyond measure. The Hilltop Memories gals ( of Temple Terrace Florida: Linda, Dee, Elle and Michele, put on a scrap weekend that is so amazing! Hats off them one and all.

And now to feebly attempt to describe the weekend day by day over the next few days on this blog.

Day One: I got to Barb's (my roomie from my old convention teaching days)at around 9 and her funnier than hell daughter, Gerri-Anne picked the two of us up about ten. Poor girl had to go into a meeting at her work on one of her vacation days but she was sure ready for some fun and adventure when we hit the road. Up 75 we went...destination: St. Pete and my good friend, The Kipster! Thank God Gerri-Anne isn't affected by that nemesis of mine, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge! I got off a couple of good shots of it in it's admitted splendor.

Kip had sent us all a funny e-mail hoping we had left room for her and her belongings in the SUV or at least brought bungee cords to strap her to the top. When we got to Kip's, Gerri-Anne pulled out some bungee cords and told Kip to hop up on top of the SUV...too funny. Here we are posed in back of Gerri=Anne's (or, as Kip called her, Mary Lou)'s SUV. We were packed in tight in the back as you can see.

First stop on our way to O'Leno State Park where the retreat was being held was lunch and then on to Hobby Lobby in Ocala. None of us had been in a Hobby Lobby and boy! were we in for a treat. Several of us bought darling paper mache houses to alter, wooden letters and boxes and, of course, packs of papers. Teri had sent us each coupons and we sure put those to good use. At HL, we met up with Teri and shopped like there was no tomorrow. Then we crammed all our purchases into the back, sides and everywhere we could and headed on to the retreat.

We had our cabin from last year, Cabin 6! We love this cabin as it is close to the shower house and not too far from the lodge where we eat and crop. The cabins are "open air" with screening, for the most part, from about half way up the cabin walls. There is limited electricity and no heat. The temp dropped to 30 the first night but things like frozen toes and noses make for memories!

We organized our beds, stowed our clothes and wondered who had already arrived in our cabin as one bed was completely made up. We assumed it was our pal, Lisa Thayer, all the way from the Carolinas. Lisa arrived and now we were really worried as the bedding was not hers. We only found out when we went into the lodge, that our dear friend, Jayne had surprised us by coming to the retreat too!

We scrapped, laughed, got caught up with each other, hugged, visited with other pals at the retreat and had a wonderful evening....


Thursday, January 25, 2007

No more teasing....

Check out Jules'Creations for the BIG NEWS...we are so excited. And to see Kip's amazing photography for our Feb. kit, go to and click on "Feb's Kit" on the pull down on the left! Many thanks to Kip!

Tagged by Kip

I've been told to list 6 weird thngs about me...only 6? lol

1. I hate the phone. I don't even own a cell. I know...even ten year olds have cells but I had one once and never used it.

2. I need to be near water. All my life I have lived within walking distance or sight of a river, stream, lake,canal or large mass of water. This is a must in my life.

3. I won't turn on the tv during the day. When I retired I worried I'd get addicted to soaps and talk shows so I never turned on the tv. Now, when E is home and he has his shows on, it drives me nuts.

4. Given that I hate tv during the day, I fall asleep almost every night to Law and Order

5. I am driven to write every day. Sometimes it is just my blog; other times I write poetry and I must read something be it the newspaper or a book or magazine.

6. If I have a problem to solve or something is bothering me, I take a bike ride and generally come home with the solution.

So, I tag Shar, Jayne(can't remember if Kip got you or not), Madeline, Michele in Tampa, and Tami.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Start 'em young...

My niece and great niece spent the day at our house yesterday. It was so good to see Jen and Kaela. We scrapped our fingers to the bone! Jen was working on a surprise and had tons of pictures with which to work. I gave Kala, age 5, a little album, some papers, stickers, flowers and glittery butterflies and off she went. I took some pictures of her while she was scrapping, printed them and gave them to her to put in her album. At one point, she said, "I'm ready to have more pictures taken, Aunt Julie" and struck a pose! Way too cute.

The girls each completed an album and yours truly? I did this one page! Just call me Slo Mo! lol

Be sure that you check out Hang Ten Paper Arts' Feb. kit TOMORROW, Thurs. Jan 25th, at and read all about our big news. Thanks to Kip Mitchell for the photography and to Linda Jenkins for her unbelievable persistence with our paper order! And three cheers to Jill, my surfer girl partner! Love you all!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've been playing...

While waiting to hear about a couple of overdue deliveries, I've been passing the time scrapping. My daughter, Kristen, is always after me to finish her wedding album. I mean give me a break. It has only been 3 years, right? And I did finish volume one and am part way through two, right? So, this layout is to appease the kid! Do you like it Kristen?

I am so looking forward to Winter Retreat, the big old cabins, the wonderful lodge with its two fireplaces, Linda's wonderful cooking, the companionship of some very funny, incredibly talented and most likely certifiable women, the swinging bridge over the river....can't wait. Only 3 1/2 days now. (

Now, to decide what to take....

Have a great day!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pausing here in Paradise

I am taking a much needed breath of fresh air here today in Paradise. Things have been moving at warp speed and I need a me day. I took E to work this morning as I have a couple of bank visits to make; I need to move some funds and set up a new account to better keep track of business expenditures and income. The next few months are going to be busy ones and I need to get organized and prepared...organized being the key word here!

Here is what the next few months look like so you get an idea.

Jan 24th. Reveal for Feb's Hang Ten Kits (
26-28 Winter Retreat ( teaching the little box class
Feb 9-10 Possible visit from Janet and Bob
17-21 Chuck and Linda visiting from st. Louis
24 March Reveal for Hang Ten (www.hilltopmemories)
March 1-4 Orlando Expo (teaching with Kim Hodges
TBA 2 classes for Stamping Memories in Cooper City Fl.
24th Reveal for April for Hang Ten (
last week Key West w/Kristen and Chris

Oh, and there is the Tampa Expo June 7-9 and my b'day on the 9th...a big one too! and Kim Hodges big retreat on Marco in September where I'll be teaching 2 classes.

So, I am off to take my last cup of java for the morning out to the patio where I will close my eyes, smell the flowers, listen to the birds and the fountain and enjoy the Gulf breeze before I have to jump into this day running. Care to join me?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

How does this sound for a great salad?

Lump crab, artichoke and hearts of palm tossed in lemon basil oil.

1/2 lb. of lump or jumbo crab
12 large artichoke hearts (canned) and quartered
12 large hearts of palm (canned)rinsed and cut into 1/2 inch lengths
1 small head of red cabbage (cored and cut chiffonade)
1 each red and yellow bell pepper, seeded and julienne

Toss all ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Cover and refrigerate.

(for those like me who have no clue in the kitchen, "chiffonade" is defined in the Food Lover's Companion as, "...a French phrase that means 'made of rags'. Culinarily, it refers to thin strips or shreds of vegetables..."

and Julienne "n. Foods that have been cut into thin, matchstick strips...about 1/8 of an inch") Learn something new everyday!

Bon Appetit

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I just couldn't wait til tomorrow to post

We have an amazing kit for February and I just couldn't wait til tomorrow to show you what all you will get in this kit. For a full listing (and some items are not pictured here) please go to the links list on the left and click on Jules Creations. We will preview the finished project at on Jan. 24 and will take orders on Feb. 1. We also have some exciting news to share with you ....but you'll have to wait. Sorry to be such a tease but ....

Good things are worth waiting my Nana use to say!

This week is racing by....


It is probably because I have kept busy, busy, busy. I've been loading kits for my "Pocket Book" class at Winter Retreat for Hilltop Memories ( and loading what I can of the Feb. kits for Hang Ten ( We haven't heard back from one of the paper companies about a big order for the Feb. kits which has me concerned. Hopefully we'll get a response from them today and I can sleep better. The paper is obviously an intregal part of the kit. The contents for the Winter Retreat class are all in hand. Hoping the other follows suit.

This is a picture of my neighbor and friend, Deb, and I on a biking adventure we had last year on Gaspirilla Island. We did the 17 mile bike route and it was so much fun: two light houses, a couple of beautiful beaches, the historic town and the lodge, lunch and a wine is good. (Memo to self: need to ride more!)

Today the cable guy comes and maybe we'll find out why we have intermitten service with our internet connection. Of course, since I called and set up the appointment, we've only had one short occurance. It is like the noise the car makes, until you take it to the mechanic, right? Guess I better get out of my jammies before 8 am which is when he is due.

I will post a teaser tomorrow for the Feb. Hang Ten about a list of all the goodies that will be in the kit?

Have a great one!
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For my cold Northern Friends


We are having a cool spell here in the Tropics but nothing compared to what many of my friends are getting. We called our St. Louis friends and they have been battling with ice and downed power lines, in mnay cases for the second time this winter. We called E's mom to make sure she had power and she was fine. We're so glad his brother and his family live so close to Mom.

Only 9 more days until the Wonderful Ms Linda and her amazing crew (Dee, Miss Elle, Michele et al) throw a wonderful event here in Florida called Winter Retreat. Hilltop Memories ( is both an on-line and traveling store but is the home of a great crop and retreat company. I am so exicted to be teaching, once again, for this company and working with these people.

Barb, Gerry-Anni and I will be leaving here that Friday and heading up to get Kip in St. Pete aroud noon. Now, if we leave too early, we may just have to kill some time on the way with a stop or two at some of the scrapbook stores that litter our way up to Kip's. I think the girls are going to really enjoy this retreat. They met several of the 'regulars' at a Sarasota crop and commented over and over how very welcome everyone made them feel.

Off to stuff some kits for my class and for the February Hang Ten kit which is called "Beautiful" and is done in the lovely blue Bohemia papers with pearls, rhinestones, inking, painting, rub ons, flip pages and the "must have" Biscuit books! I'll put up a pic or two as a teaser early next week in conjunction with the reveal at on Jan. 24.

Have a great day and stay warm!
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Monday, January 15, 2007

My Friend Kip

This is my friend Kip. I am trying to do a layout of each of the women who play such an important role in my life. I have done one of my upcoming cruise roomie, Dee and now, this one of the Kipster. I have tons more to go since so many of you have had such an impact on my life. And thank you each and everyone of you!

Wonderful Weekend

What a great weekend: the crop at Lisa's store, Ruban Rouge ( was such fun. It was wonderful to see everyone. Kip, Teri, Robin, Little Amy, Michele, her mom Alice (HI ALICE) and her sister Cheryl and Diana, whom I had not met before but had heard all about from Dee, Linda and the Kipster. We shopped, we laughed, we ate, and we even scrapped a little. Lisa let Kristen bring up some yummy snacks and take some Pampered Chef orders and even invited her back to a Friday evening crop even though K does not scrap!

The guys got lots done on the dinning room. They tore out wood that the termites had eaten, replaced that and worked on dry wall and the exterior of the house as well. We were all so beat from our various ventures that cooking in was out of the question. The kids offered to take us out to supper. We ate at Red Fish, Blue Fish which is a really cute restaurant near their house. We ate out on the deck and listened to the reagge band. The food was super and the atmosphere fun!

Sunday Kristen and I hit Jo's and Mike's loaded with coupons. She got some clings for her sliders as the dogs keep running into the door when it is shut! I found the plastic scrapbook bins on sale for 5.00 instead of the usual 8.00 and got 3. I love these for on-gong projects and pages. Lisa, from RR, is the one who showed these to me sometime last year and I tried them out on her word and love them! I picked up enough foam brushes to last me for the next 3 Hang Ten kits too at 15.00 per.

Speaking of Hang Ten, we have some exciting news to share soon. But I can't tell all right now! Such a tease, aren't I?

I am having connection problems and the cable guy won't be able to get out until Thursday. So, if you don't see the blog change, you'll know why! Love to all!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Those darn cats....

Cute, aren't they? Just Jack the Fat Cat in yellow and white and Goofy in gray stripes. Litter brothers...same mama but obviously different daddys. These are our "boys". Jack has E wrapped around his paw. Jack cries and E jumps...who would have thought it? E and Jack work cross words together, read the morning paper and oogle Giada on the cooking channel.

And then there is my cat...the Goof. He is a sweet baby who loves to cuddle with him mama when she can't sleep at night. We read books together, enjoy the silence in the house when the tv is not going and he even sits with me while I scrap book. What a guy!

and all the lovey kissy came to a screeching halt this morning when we attempted to give both of The Boys their pills for their bladder infections. One cat refused to sit, the other fought like a banshee after taking the pills quietly for the past 2 days. It took forever to chase each cat down (pulling Jack from under the bed and Goof out from under the dinning room table), finding a good grip and opening the mouth. Then we had to try and find where they spat the pill...and repeat same.

I don't think either of us will need plastic surgery or stitches and the blood will eventually come out of our clothes. Tomorrow is another day...and we can just hardly wait (insert caustic look)!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Redo on the Guest Bath and the debate

When we moved in to the house that E and I built together, we decorated in 4 mo. flat. A friend of my sis' gave us the border for the downstairs guest bath: blue moon and stars on a yellow back ground. It was perfect. But, five years later, we are ready for a change. We have no idea how long we will be living here as the house is on the market. Meanwhile, we want to live in comfort so we redid the downstairs bath and our bedroom. The bedroom is done and the bath...well, we are having the equivalent of a Senate debate over the border. I found THE border but the man says maybe. He wants to "look around". Now, he has no time to do this, right?

Last night, he admitted that he wants to cruise some books but will probably, in the end, go with my choice. OK. Let's just cut to the chase and order now! lol Men!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ok, this is my last one of these for a while

Dee had this on her blog...all nicely lines out but the copy/paste left out the


Aphrodisiac. What turns you on? Italian cooking


BFF. Who’s your best friend? JoAnne with whom I have been pals since we were 14.


Celeb. Favorite? Sean Connery Most annoying? Paris Hilton


Drink. What’s your poison? Wine


Everyday essentials. What do you use everyday? My glasses


Fav. color. What’s your signature color? Chocolate


Groove. What music are you enjoying today? Bocelli


Hot! Who’s hot? Keifer Sutherland Who’s not? Donald Trump


Indulgence. Dish about your guilty pleasure. Eating a whole bag of Bach's Bridge Mix


{dream} Job. What would you do? Edit a scrapbook magazine for adults/those of us who don't scrap kids, actually imbibe intoxicating beverages and attend events like jazz concerts and Fantasy Fest in Key West.


Kitchen Companion. Most used item in your kitchen? Ah,that would be E, my honey!


Life is incomplete without. . . ? love


Mc. . . What would you “Mc”? Not sure I understand this one. We're not talking Happy Meals are we?


Natural or dyed? Part nature and part non...


Outrageous Outfit. What’s hiding your closet that you’re dying to wear? Those lacy things my honey bought me ten years ago just to prove I still can/ but I can't!


Pet Peeve People who eat with their mouths open


Quote. "Inhale life" (SARK)


Restaurant you give rave reviews Carrabba’s and Vincenzo's in Bonita Springs


Starbucks order. Yuk!!! (A normal, regular caffinated coffee if I get anything there at all.


Television. What keeps you glued to the couch? Survivor, any CSI or Law and Order


Ultimate Vacation Destination Italy


Virtual Babe Name. What’s your online ID? Jules


Wonder Woman. What woman leaves you in awe? All my friends leave me awestruck in a gazillion different ways.


eX - husband, The Mole


Youth in a bottle. What keeps you feeling young at heart? My kids (who are adults and fun)

Z zodic I am a Gemini

Zodiac sign Gemini

Italia Circle Album

I have been working on the panels for this album for a bit over two weeks. I wanted to capture the overall impression I had of Italy and the sheer richness of the country and its history. I had tons of fun playing with tons of different techniques....I printed my pictures on June Tailor canvas and iron on papers,some vellum I had and onto transparencies. I stamped and inked and painted and used rub-ons and stickers, dyes and embossing powder I am please with how these turned out. Scroll down for a set of 4 more and again for the last 4 panels. And thanks for looking.

Italia Circle Panels Part II

Italia Circle Panels Part III

And the last four.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Found this year review on Michele's Blog

1. What did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before? SWAM WITH MANATEE

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I DON'T MAKE THEM

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?YES
4. Did anyone close to you die? YES

5. What countries did you visit? MEXICO

6. What would you like to have in 2007 that you lacked in 2006? MOVE TO TAMPA AREA

7. What dates from 2006 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? OUR eleventh ANNIVERSARY

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? WE STARTED HANG TEN PAPER ARTS

9. What was your biggest failure? NOT BEING AS GOOD A FRIEND AS I COULD BE

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? MY WRIST AND ARM PROBLEMS

11. What was the best thing you bought? CROP O DILE AND MY NEW SONY

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? MY DAUGHTER'S HARD WORK AT HER SECOND JOB, PAMPERED CHEF

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? A FAMILY ISSUE

14. Where did most of your money go? TRAVEL AND CHRISTMAS PRESENTS

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? BEING ABLE TO SEE OUR FRIENDS AGAIN FROM ST. LOUIS

16. What song will always remind you of 2006? CRAZY BY GNARLS BARKLEY

17. Compared to this time last year, are you: a)HAPPIER or sadder? b) thinner or fatter?ABOUT THE SAME c) richer or poorer? ABOUT THE SAME

18. What do you wish you’d done more of? SCRAPPING MEMORIES

19. What do you wish you’d done less of? SPENDING CASH

20. How did you spend Christmas? FAMILY

21. Did you fall in love in 2006? EVERY DAY WITH MY HONEY

23. What was your favorite TV program? SURVIVOR, ANY LAW AND ORDER, GREY'S

24. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year? THERE ARE A COUPLE OF PEOPLE WITH WHOM I AM NOT HAPPY BUT HATE IS NOT THE RIGHT WORD.

25. What was the best book you read? THE LAST CONVERTIBLE, THE SHELLSEAKERS

26. What was your greatest musical discovery? GNARLES BARKLEY

27. What did you want and get? MY NEW CAMERA, FLASH!

28. What did you want and not get? DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS

29. What was your favorite film this year? PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN II

30. What did you do on your birthday and how old were you? E TOOK ME OUT TO EAT FOR LUNCH AT THE LIGHTHOUSE RESTAURANT...I WAS 59

31. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? SELLING THIS HOUSE

32. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2006? COMFORT FIRST

32. What kept you sane?

34. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? I LUST AFTER SEAN CONNERY



37. Who was the best new person you met? I'VE 'MET' LOTS OF PEOPLE THIS YEAR AND HAVE ENJOYED THE COMPANY OF ALL

38. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2006. DON'T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH
39. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year. NO CLUE



Monday, January 08, 2007

I got tagged!

My friend Dee tagged me and a few other gals so here we go.

Here are are the rules to play:

1. List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets
2. Tag 5 friends and list them.
3. Those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.
4. Don't forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!

Five Weird things about me and my pets
1. I hate talking on the phone
2. I don't like to drive (I'd rather pedal my bike)
3. My cats are territorial: one sleeps with us and the other on the back of the couch. If one invades the other's territory, the first leaves.
4. I have tons (literally) of half finished creations and albums in boxes and in my workroom. I need to take one month and just finish these
5. Our boys (Just Jack and Goofy the Cat)think they are our children not our pets and Jack likes to sit at the table with us for meals.

I tag: Darla, Anne, Shar, Robin and Mama Jayne (from the Monkey Board)...edited as I put the insert in the wrong place...apologies to Mama Jayne darling.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another Day...

E read me my horoscope this morning and it advised that I take it slow and easy and that making no decision was preferable to making the wrong one. Wahoooooo...that sure gave this ol' gal license to chill.

My first stop of the day was the library where I owed a whopping 30cents. I never get out of there w/o a fine of some kind. Now my library is has all the newest and hot novels and I seldom have to wander back into the stacks unless I am looking for something esoteric. But, timing at my library is everything! and today the pickings were slim. I did manage to find about 4 books that were not too bad and if any are wonderous, I'll post the titles and authors.

My second stop was the new outdoor mall in my never ending search for the perfect shower curtain. We (I) am/are redoing the guest bath downstairs from moon/stars blue/yellow to citrus colors and I can not find THE shower curtain to save my life. Until I do, our Christmas Snowman theme will stay up in that room...come May I think E may find the curtain for me!

And then I went to Best Buy and returned the adapter that was too much for our dear departed dancing Santa and replaced our surge/battery back up thingy for Harry, our big computer (who is also on his last legs...but don't tell him, ok?)

And now I am chilling even further watching my master chef, E, cook up something enticing...he knows the way to my heart (and other body parts) is through my man!

Love to all (pics of dinner tomorrow)!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Nibbles on our house

We had a couple come through today who stayed quite a while the first visit and then came back for a second look. They told our realtor to expect an offer by Tuesday...sounds great, right? Well, they are concerned about the steep insurance rates (ours and almost everyone we know here in Florida had the same gouging by their homeowner insurance co.) so they want to get some bids before they make us an offer.

It is always something, ya know? Just once, it would be nice to have someone come in, say, "we love the house" and make us a reasonable bid. The last one we got was so low as to be insulting. These people don't even want to close for 6-8 months which would be ideal for us. We could find a place we like up close to the kids and not have to rent while we look.

We have no clue how much they will offer but I am hoping it is a sincere offer and not a low ball like the last one.

Meanwhile, we have even more people coming tomorrow to look at our house. E is taking me out to breakfast so we don't mess up the Will keep you posted and good thoughts for us would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sun is out; Surf is up!

Well, one of the two is correct. It is a slightly overcast day here so far. I took E to work today as I am off to the Owl and the Pussycat Stamp Arts store for demo day. I get inspired every time I go and I haven't been in eons. I may take my Italia chipboard circle panels up for show and tell even though I still have 3 sides left to do before I am 'officially' done with it.

I should be able to pick up a copy of the new class Regina, the owner of O&P is offering this Winter. She packs so much into a class and I am hoping she will offer one on book binding again.

I played most of yesterday as I couldn't find the boxes I needed in the garage to pack up things inside. E is off half day today and all day tomorrow so we should be able to get most of everything put away. Right now I can't even sit on my side of the couch and watch tv, not that there has been much on.

Off to play a bit before I get cleaned up for Demo Day. Will post anything new I find out or anything that inspires me later...have a good one all.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Just another year in Paradise

E had to work yesterday from open until around noon. We did get the trees down and the big one with all the light problems put out for the trash. We also go the back lights and some of the front down. I figure at the rate we are going, we'll have everything down and packed away by the 4th. of July! lol

Today is the day that always makes me nervous: Jill and my kits go up for sale ( and I try not to check back more than once every half hour to see how well they are selling I am often not good at self restraint. Thanks to all of you who look and buy! We appreciate your business!

We are having the most lovely of lovely sunrises here. Smokey gray clouds lace the sky and the tangerine and cobalt sky is so pretty reflected in the lake. My roses are starting to improve and there is jasmine blooming on each corner of our house...does life get much better?

Have a great day all!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy First Day of 2007

We had such a lovely day yesterday. We met my sister, Janet and her beau, Dennis at Smoking Oyster Brewery and Restaurant on Estero Island near the beach. E use to have his kiosk for the Chamber of Commerce down there and he got to see a couple of his favorite waitresses. I had a buffalo chicken salad that was yummy and the beer was perfectly chilled.

E and I took a walk down to the beach and out on the pier. The temp was about 78 with a lovely breeze. There was still some red algae in the water but it didn't smell like when Linda and Kip were down visiting. We had intended to have a drink at Jimmy B's (our favorite place to toast sunsets during our time share week on the beach during the summer)as they had the top open once again. It was so crowded that we changed our mind and stopped at Plaka's in Times Square instead.

We had our crab legs early at home and were so full from lunch and the legs that we didn't even fix the steaks. Today E is doing what we call "Jadee's Dad's Ribs" and they are in the fridge marinating in the mustard and spices.

Have a great day all.

A word about the score was an 80 as I only had 8 questions up.