Tuesday, January 10, 2017

So much to do...

Lots happening in this country of mine lately:  tweets and counter tweets, marches and protests, facebook memes and counter memes, stars and common people saying what is their hearts.  As I have said before, I respect the right of everyone to feel, to think, to believe and to speak what is their truth, what they feel in their hearts is the truth.  What I don't respect are those who tell us no, we do not have the right and should support and respect those in authority in our country.

To me, respect is earned.  This was one of the hardest lessons most first and second year teachers have to learn.  Know your subject, hold the students to the highest standards, present the material in a variety of ways and maintain your integrity.  The rest follows and the job turns into a challenge with side bars of joy.

The current brohaha is over Meryl Streep using an award ceremony to voice her opinion.  I am seeing lots of people saying, this was no place for her to do this and that "celebs" need to keep their opinions to them selves.  This is what I posted on Face book today to one person's voicing of this.  And, that person is entitled to voice her opinion and I respect that right...so, here goes:
Our country was born out of dissent and it is the right, no wait...the responsibility of every citizen to question and challenge, to investigate and decide the validity of the directions our government is taking. To blindly accept leads to despotism and sheep like thinking. It is like giving up our rights to participate in the governing process. It is to abdicate our responsibilities as citizens. To deny citizens who just happen to be singers, stars, actors or news reporter, the rights guaranteed them by our
Constitution and our Bill of Rights just because of their "celeb" status is to discriminate against them and we could be next.

For two weeks in a row now, I have kept my New Year's resolution...to blog once a week. Good job, me.