Thursday, August 30, 2007

It is happy haircut day here in Paradise

The salon was able to squeeze me in today so I won't look like Cousin Itt for our get away to Phoenix AZ starting next Wednesday. A slew of us are heading out to Creative Escape and I think I am taking more craft tools than I am clothes! Every time I think I have the required list all checked off...another unchecked item appears as if by magic! lol

I have some beautiful papers to play with today but may wait a bit. E is still painting in the master bath and often needs some help. Will post pics when the project is fini.

Chris was feeling better when Kristen picked him up last night after her school open house. Of course, he had just had a vicadin and was not feeling any pain at all! We made sure he took his two pulled teeth with him. I asked if he was going to put them under his pillow for the tooth

Our mighty hunter, Goofy, cornered a little snake in the pool enclosure yesterday. E took a shovel and helped send the critter to the happy snake land far far away. It was a little black snake of the common garden variety according to Chris who should know. I could only peek at it from between my slightly spread fingers that were held securely over my eyes! Eeeeeeeeek. and Yeah Goofy and E.

Off to double/triple check that CE supply list still one more time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Places I'll Remember...

I was roaming through Picasa on my big computer, Harry, yesterday and found a bunch of the pictures I took on a convention trip with Kim and Barb a couple of years ago. We worked the convention for Kim's booth, Scrapbooks n Stickers and had a couple of days after the convention to play. We picked a location at random and took off early in the morning heading towards the Oregon coastline through the rain forest and up in the mountains. I remember we stopped so Barb and I could have a snow ball fight with some snow along side of the road. It was cold and damp when we hit the coast but we found such a great place to stop for lunch, The Pelican Brewery or something like that. We had to get sweatshirts before we could even walk the beach. The shoreline was so beautiful with a prominent rock that our waiter said was called Haystack South(?). I stood right on the edge of the rocks and felt the power of the Pacific when the waves would crash and break just in front of me. This is one of those places that just draws you back and next time, I'll be taking E.

I need to scrap this and the other pics...I've only done one so far! Have a great day all!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Moon Struck

Having missed seeing Mars the closest it will ever be in our lifetime, E and I watched the lunar eclipse this morning first from the lanai and then the front yard until we could see the moon no longer.

The pictures are not the best but I did get a good sequence of the first part of the eclipse. The moon has gone below the horizon here so we'll have to watch the second half of this on tv.

When I was younger, I remember wanting to be an astronomer. The mystery of the sky, the stars, the moon...lured me! My grandmother bought me a star gazer. It was two paper discs secured by a grommet in the middle. I would align the two with the night sky and could locate constellations. I even saw my first satellite standing on the blvd. in front of my grandmother's house the first summer the Russians put it in orbit. I bought another one a couple of years back at Barnes and Noble but have no idea what happened to it. Lost in the move, perhaps.

E shares my love of the night sky and we've been known to jump in the car very early in the morning to drive away from city lights, park and watch a meteor shower. It was easier to do in Ft. Myers than St. Louis as we could roam down to the dock, coffee mug in hand and star gaze.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Too hot to trot!

This is an old expression my grandmother use to use and I never understood what it meant. From what I can gather, it means that it is too hot outside to have horses trot or something like that. Whatever it means, that is how I interpret it and it is so true during these 'dog days of August'...another old saying.

I was burning some cds to get pics off my desktop, when I came across this picture taken at the Castle Winery here in Tarpon (yes, the very same place we almost got thrown out of for disorderly It took this looking up into the grape arbor. It is such a cool and serene photo, that it makes me feel cool too.

Lots of things happening soon...will update later. Have a good one.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wish it was Fall....

About the only season I miss since we've moved to the Tropics is Fall. For some reason, seeing the school buses on the roads the other day, triggered my "I need
Autumn" response. Those of you who have followed my blog (and for that I thank you) know that almost every October, E and I head back 'home' to St. Louis. We combine a visit with his mom who will turn 90 this Oct. with visits to all our friends. The one given each year is that we will go on the Missouri Wine Tour. We meet at one winery, listen to music, have warm fresh bread, amazing cheeses and taste the fruit of the vine. We hope our timing is good to wear sweatshirts for the cool air and that the leaves have started to change. And, of course, my favorite tee shirt has to be my Old Wino one that looks like the Old Navy logo. Match it with the "Got Wine" visor that Kim and Barb picked up for me on one of their adventures, throw in a soft pair of jeans, my one pair of great socks and comfy shoes and I am ready.

We are not sure if we are going to make the trip home this year or not. We generally stayed a couple of days at E's mom's house, took her to some dr. apt. and either out to eat or E cooked one of her favorite meals for her. This year she moved into E's brothers house and hers is up for sale. I'm doubtful that we could stay there. I would be very uncomfortable staying at E's brothers for a variety of reasons so if we do go home, I'll probably stay with friends and try to find a way to visit with mom at least once. Only time will tell how this whole thing will play out but I do know that if we go, the Winery tour is a must!

Off to is hotter than hell here again today and, despite some cleaning I MUST do, I also need to scrap. Will post any projects when they are done. Have a great and creative day!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Enjoying my second childhood!

They say men who go through a mid-life crisis usually buy a sports car...maybe this is my mid-life crisis although, technically, I am a bit past the mid life mark. I prefer to think of this recent purchase as E and my celebrating our second childhood! So let the party begin.

I drove the car home from the dealership with the top down, of course. Who cares that is is currently 94 out or that my hair ended up looking a bit like Maime Eisenhower's. It was fun and I sang loudly to the satellite radio all down 19 and waved at E (who was following in the van) often. I have to practice the top down wave you know. I'll ask the Kipster for lessons...she has it down pat.

Hummmming now: 'get outta my dreams and into my car!'

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Doctors doctors and more

Today is the day to suck it up and head out to my Well Woman check up which sounds a lot better than what my dd calls it, "the girly exam". Long over due for this one as it has been over two years. And I am old enough to know better too!

After that excitement, we are going to test drive the 07 G6 we saw yesterday. It is a hardtop silver convertible and it looks so pretty. I am fairly sure E and I will look just mighty fine in too. We shall see.

Later today comes the mammo (and no, lady, I can't get any more of 'it' up there on that plate!)and then the bone density which I've had before and no biggie. Boy, will I be glad to get all this over with and resume life.

I've got a bunch of stuff on my plate right now and have designated tomorrow as clean off the work table day....anyone want to join me in a purge and put away marathon? Our garage sale is the 3rd. weekend in Sept. and I want to sell tons of stuff I don't use.

Kristen called yesterday to report in on her first day at work. She loves her new school and the women in her team...she says they laugh, stay late like her and she was made to feel welcome and a part of the team. She has 18 kids and wants to know what day of the week I'll be volunteering to help with the wee ones...ummmmmmmmm. I'll wait to see how things go and commit to one day after the garage sale.

Off to take a shower and get all clean and spanky for my checkups...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Counting my blessings

I woke to E watching the horrific reports of the damage Dean is doing on its path. My heart goes out to these people whose lives have been changed forever. The damage we encountered in Ft. Myers from Charlie and the subsequent tropical storms is so minor compared to what these poor people and those who were harmed by Katrina as to be just a splinter.

The force and might of Nature makes all life's irritants pale by comparison. It certainly puts life in prospective doesn't it? Maybe it is time to recount my blessings.

1. I have a great family and we are there for each other.
2. I have my health and am able to participate in the activities that bring me pleasure
3. I have an amazing group of friends who are intelligent, funny, loving and creative who are both scrappers and non-scrappers.
4. We have a good income and still have the capacity to earn more if we need to.
5. I live exactly where I want to live and have enough of what I need.
6. I have the love of an amazing man and am the recipient of his bounty (man, can he cook)!
7. My children have grown up well and are fun to be with.
8. I live in a country where I can vote, go to school, have an opinion and travel where I want. It is not a perfect country but it is better than most.
9 I have access to the internet which keeps me in touch with friends near and far and allows me to share my life with them.
10. I enjoy each day as it comes.

Thanks to all of you who contribute to my blessings.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Monday

It's the start of a new week. The sun is out here, the hibiscus are opening up their colorful array and we even have a nice breeze. I may just put some air in the bike tires and head out through the park to the Pinellas trail. And then again, maybe

I do want to get to the library today. We have the most wonderful new (but smallish) public library. The NEW books section is well stocked and I can always find a couple of fiction books I have not read along with a biography or two. When I could not sleep last night and it was too late for an Ambien, I started rereading the DiVinci Code as it was the first book I found in the guest room closet.

I have to go by the post office and mail off a couple of kits too and can do that on the way home from the library. I may even find some time to finish up that last layout laying on my desk.

I bought some wonderful papers this past weekend at Ruban Rouge. I got tons of the Luxe ones along with almost every jotter they make and several of the new ones by 3 Bugs in a Rug and more by Making Memories. Can't wait to clear my work table and dig in.

Off to breakfast. Great day to all.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pardon the pics....

Big Bertha, my large format scanner, is on the fritz again. I have to shut everything down and do a restart to get the old gal up and running. Meanwhile, these are the pics of two of my layouts from the crop Friday night.

I loved the one of my mom which I printed on canvas and am working on doing some watercoloring onto the photo. If it works out, I'll repost w/both so you can see the difference.

The one of Kaela speaks for itself...she is just the cutest!

I need to enlarge a pic for the 3rd. layout. Kip and I tried to figure out what was wrong with the layout and I've decided it just needs a bigger pic. Will also post that when I am done.

Thanks for looking!

A new week and lots of fun things to do...

The crop was great at Ruban Rouge, as usual. The class in the afternoon with the Luxe gals was fun and we made the cutest little mini to follow later today. And, the best part is that my friend, the Kipper, won the Luxe blog challenge for last week with her Scrap O Dex. You honestly have to see it to believe it. It is so awesome. Click on her blog link here on my blog and she has the link for the Luxe blog on hers. It is well worth it!

My friend, Linda M, has nominated me for Rockin' Blogger Girl and has said to pass this honor on to 5 of my pals. So, without further ado

Kip, Linda J, Terri, Mama Jayne and (two here...I am cheating)Di and Kath (Twinks) who writes so wonderfully of her beloved beach. So, grab the blinkie gals and nominate 5 of your own.

Off to finish the 3 layouts I started at the crop. Will post those later on as well. Enjoy your Sunday. I plan on spending as much time in my jammies scrapping as I can!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Luxe Gals are in the house

and we did have fun. We got to the crop around 5 and set up all our things. I had to shop of course, and Lisa has the best place in town to do that. She was one of the first stores here in the Tampa area to get in the new BG and tons of other new products out of Summer CHA. The crop was held in the new crop room where I taught last Sat. Here is a pic of the two Luxe gals, Jennifer and Emily, Kip and I. And this is the cute card we made...I added the big J rub on and "ules" on the front and the circle behind the Jotters card on the inside.

Speaking of the Jotters, Kip has gone on and on about these things as only kip can. But this time, she is justified...I think I bought every one of these that Luxe makes. They are not only cute but so functional...paint 'em, ink 'em, or chalk them and they work with any project or layout.

The girls, Kip and Di, are heading back up to Ruban Rouge for a card class at ten but I'll be waiting until noon-ish to take the second class of the day. We had such fun last night and more to come. Will post my afternoon project when I can

Friday, August 17, 2007

It is down....

my blood pressure that is. We had to visit 3 drug stores before we found one with a machine and it is down from the dr. visit where it was something over 105 to 137/85. The chart says this is not great but I am no longer sitting around waiting to stroke out! And this was despite a broken whole other story!

I am packed for tonight's crop, taking far more than I'll ever finish as usual. The one layout I do want to work on is one of my mom when she was four. I've printed this out on linen paper and it looks so lovely. Hope I can do it justice.

Can't wait to see the Kipper and Di and I have a small surprise for each of them when we get back to the house...

Will report in when I to Ruban Rouge for tons of fun!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Step away from the Google search

Ever since my visit to the dr. yesterday where my blood pressure was, "way too high", I've been aghast. Well, rather I've been aghast ever since I googled 'high blood pressure'. Now I knew that this was something serious since my mom took high blood pressure meds, my sister does and so does my honey but never thought this could be a problem for me.

All my life, I've had low blood pressure...the dr/nurse often has had to take the reading a couple of times to get an accurate one. I think, having read all the dire warnings on the Google searches, my blood pressure is even higher than ever! Those are some scary things that can happen to a person if the pressure remains high and is not treated.

The dr. seemed to think this is a quirk since my last reading about a month ago was perfectly fine. I have to keep a blood pressure diary for a week, checking it every couple of days at the same time. I'm also working on diet and, thanks to one suggestion, petting my cats even more which they are loving!

So, next Wed. a.m. I go back, diary in hand and with lower pressure I am hoping. That is the morning I get my female check up, and that afternoon, just to finish off a perfect day, I am scheduled for my mammo and a bone density test.

I am at great risk of sounding like my late great Aunt Elfie who was a chronic complainer about her health...but I just want to add that this getting older is a bitch!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I have tons to do today...laundry, a couple of projects that need to be cleared off my work table, bills to write, on and on and on with the daily chaff that fills our lives.

But, I felt compelled, driven, to scrap this amazing picture of my friend, Barbara...and when the muse of compulsion calls, I have learned to heed her!

Barb, this on is for you!

love, Jules

Monday, August 13, 2007

10 Top Memories of the Summer

I was tagged by Kip who got this challenge from Creative Scrap Shack ( Many of my favorite memories are the same as Kip's since we hang out together a bunch!

1. Teaching for Hang Ten at the Tampa Scrapbook Expo (the drive to down town Tampa not included in this event as a fave)!

2. My wonderful birthday party at the Columbia (thanks again gals...I loved it) in Ybor City.

3. Week 29 down at Ft. Myers Beach and getting to see friends we don't get to see all the time. (and having Kip come down for an over night visit)

4. The Fried Green Tomatoes crop at Sebring and hanging out with the smokers rocking on the front porch and cropping with everyone.

5. Girls' Weekend at my house (minus Terri's car getting smushed)

6. Meeting the kids at Miss Vicki's on the Anclote for snacks and beer on one Sat.
(we could not see them so often before we moved up here)

7. Teaching this past Sat. at Ruban Rouge ( I had such a great group of women in my class.

8. Having my niece, nephew-in-law and great niece here for a visit. I think Kaela has to be one of the funniest kids around and a pretty good little scrapper as well.

9. The Hilltop Memories Birthday Retreat ( Linda Jenkins does amazing, food and more fun!

10. (and this is just general memory not a specific one)E and my 'adventures' learning where everything is here in our wonderful new town and our endless search for the perfect dive!

I tag Linda J, Lauri (maybe she will update her blog!)and Twinks (Kath)!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What a great weekend!

My great niece, Kaela, and her parents, Jen and Tony, arrived around noon on Friday and, if Kaela was not in the pool, she was scrapping with either her mom or me or both on the card table E and I set up for her in my workroom. While I taught my class "Things that Touch my Heart" at Ruban Rouge to 14 very funny and wonderful students, our company went exploring in Tampa. By the time I got home, Rob had arrived followed a bit later by Kristen and Chris. Kaela entertained us all with her pool antics and, I don't know about her, but we were all ready for a nap! lol

We had all gone in on her 6th. birthday present (upcoming next week)and she really loved her scrap tote "just like Aunt Julie's". E fixed us great burgers and brats on the grill followed by the richest chocolate cheesecake! Talk about a sugar high.

This morning, after a great breakfast, again by our resident chef, E, we all went to Kristen and Chris' so Jenny and Tony could see their house. The Perez family proceeded on to Disney to celebrate Kaela's birthday and then, in a few days, they will return to Ft. Myers so Kaela can start school. Seems like just yesterday she was born and now she is in school...egads.

I got great news while I was teaching my class. I had been invited to a site on-line by my friend, Tam. Since my term as DT at Little Scrap Box is almost up (also can't believe it has been almost a year there), I gave a shot at the DT at Creative Scrap Shack. It is is great place to play with tons of talented women. Most importantly, the gals who hang out at the Shack have the very best sense of humor. And the great news you ask....I am now one of the DT members at the Shack ( Thanks to Carman, the owner and all the DT members...this is going to be fun!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Scrap-a-thon at my house...

My niece, Jen, and her daughter, Kaela (almost 6) joined me in my work room yesterday afternoon for some serious scrap time. Kaela is working on a mini album with a beachy theme. She still has several pages to go but is making great progress with the help of her mom.

I scrapped a layout for the first time in several days and it felt wonderful. This is a picture of one of the 'mother's helpers' who helped with the visiting babies this summer at the beach.

It is off to teach my class today. I will be missing an all day crop at the Creative Scrap Shack ( with a celeb chat. Be sure to stop by there for some great inspiration today.

We just finished up Summer School at LIttle Scrapbox ( and the DT members came up with some great projects. Bravo girls!

Everyone will be by later today for swimming and a cook out in Kaela's honor. I think she will really like the little scrap tote as she keeps telling her mom as she scraps, "I really need one of these" in reference to the tools I have loaned

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Time Flies when you are having fun...

If the dr.'s office had not called yesterday, I would not have remembered that I was having blood work done today. I honestly thought it was next week. This week has just gotten aways from me some how.

I finally got my class kits loaded and all the supplies organized for the class I am teaching Sat. at Ruban Rouge. I have 13 in the class and 2 kits sold as of last Monday. I'll call tomorrow to see what the final numbers are but I've packed 21 kits just in case.

The Hang Ten Paper Arts August kits go out Monday. While several of these have sold, there are a few still available. You can order them through Hilltop Memories ( Go to the bottom of the home page and click on the Hang Ten logo.

Company comes tomorrow at noon so E and I will be doing house chores in the morning. Hope to get in some scrap time with Jennifer, Kaela and Jaime. Can't wait gals...and you too Tony!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Life in the (half)fast lane

I looked at the calendar this morning and was awe struck by how many activities are on the docket for this month and next. I am really looking forward to all of them and am really excited, now that I've booked my ticket, for Creative Escape in AZ.

This next weekend, my niece, her daughter and husband are coming to visit on their way to Orlando. My great niece, Kaela, tells her mom that she wants to be a scrap booker like her Aunt Julie when she grows up...too cute. Rob, Kristen,Chris, Gene and I got her something scrap related that I hope she will totally love for her upcoming 6th. birthday...we'll be giving it to her on Sat.

Our friend Kim's daughter, Jaime, will also be in town this weekend. She is signing up to be a Pampered Chef rep under Kristen but is coming here on Friday to get a foot up on her albums for her two cute little boys. Looks like there will be a whole lotta scrapping going, Kaela, Jenny, and Jaime! and E will be so happy cooking up a storm.

I am teaching at Ruban Rouge on Sat. so everyone is on their own. and all leave on Sunday around noon.

Kip, Di and I are signed up for the Luxe Girls event at Ruban Rouge the following weekend. I am going in wide eyed and eager to learn!

September is filling fast with two action packed events: Creative Escape and then the MS crop organized by Jackie Dunning (see the side bar for a link and details). Not only is this a worth while charity raising event but should be tons of fun as well. Lots of the Hilltop Memories gals have signed up for the entire weekend and it looks like a pajama party in Tarpon Springs!

I have to find the layout that Gerry-anne did about me. She put it on display this weekend at the Hilltop Memories' Fried Green Tomato Crop and it is so funny. I took a pic and will try to download it this evening. Now you will have to come back for a looky loo! Til then...have a great one!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sometimes procrastination pays...

For a bunch of my younger years, my motto was,"never do today what you can put off until tomorrow". I have worked assiduously on this character glitch for the past eons and have had some measure of success. And then something like this happens which proves I was right to begin

Everyone else in the Tampa group booked their flight to Creative Escape in Phoenix long ago and far away. Did I head the warning that everyone keep saying...ah, no. And then the flight the gals had booked was changed and they now have a looooooooong layover in Atlanta.

This past weekend at the Fried Green Tomatoes Crop in Sebring, my partner in crime (er, ah...that would be partner in Hang Ten Paper Arts)Di told me to check out USAir...thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

I am on a no layover flight out of Tampa arriving in Phoenix mid morning and my pal, Janet, is on the same return flight back to Tampa. I am sure if she and I stand in the aisle right after the 'unbuckle your seat belts' sign comes on and yell back and forth to each other, we'll end up seated next to each other.

My dear mother and my beloved husband....nah nah na nah nah...sometimes NOT doing what one should when one should has better results.

P.S. I do not plan on making this a new drives me crazy not to have all my ducks lined up in a row days before the duck hunt but just for today...ah! lol

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Welcome to the Fried Green Tomatos Retreat...

Linda Jenkins, owner of Hilltop Memories, sure knows how to put on a scrap retreat. Although I have been a "Hilltop Gal" for more than two years now, I never cease to be amazed at the fun locations, the great crop areas, the far too yummy food and Linda's southern hospitality. She added a new crop this year in addition to the cruise, Creep Over and Winter Retreat and this one has to join the others in becoming a regular event...

We are staying at the historic Kenniworth Lodge (circa 1916) in Sebring Florida. The front porch of the lodge looks across to Lake Jackson and I have tried to make sunset each night with my glass of wine,rocking in one of the wonderful chairs and watching the lights twinkle on across the lake. It is a quiet moment and I then feel like we should all stand and applaud like they do in Key West at sunset at Mallory Square. The sunset is not as dramatic but so beautiful in its own way.

The crop has been amazing. The facilities are so lovely and I taught my class in the lobby which was really fun. This group of gals is far too much fun to teach and I should probably be paying them instead of the other way around as they are such a delight. (hush, don't tell them I said

Kip got us a cabana room which has a sweet screened in front porch. We are on the pool and several of us had a delightful dip before dinner last night. Of course, we had to show off our aquatic skills with our Ester Williams moves. We mush have struck the other guests in the pool as too good to compete as the pool emptied almost immediately.

While the picture here is not of our cabana abode, it is one we are considering asking for next year. There is an entire row of little houses like this one with screened in porches, lovely landscaping and all are nestled among the towering live oaks that drip with Spanish moss.

The crop has been fun and I actually got some things done. I played with microscope slides and alcohol inks and will post the results soon. I also finished all but 2 pages of the "What I Did on my Summer Vacation" kit and have about 5 sign ups already...yeah!

For the most part, I hung out on the front porch a lot getting caught up with the pals I don't get to see often, teaching my class, and eating and eating and

Kip and I will head back west sometime later this afternoon. We want to stop in the historic downtown as it has a town circle with small shops and a great view so watch for these pics sometime tomorrow.

Time for that second cup of to all from Sebring!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Heading to Sebring

for the Hilltop Memories' Fried Green Tomato Weekend Crop. Around 11 ish, E will drive me down to Kip's and we will head to Sebring. We have a cabana room pool side and I am really looking forward to this weekend.

It will be good to see Jayne, her sister, Gerry-anne, Lisa and Barb from Ft. Myers, Jill from the Carolinas and all the other Hilltop gals that I only get to see at the crops. My class is scheduled for ten am on Sat. and has filled up quite nicely.

I need to repack things as Kip's car, Florence darling, while quite cute, is not as roomy as our ugly old van. She and I have managed, in the past, to get quite a bunch of stuff into Florence but I'd hate to overload the car. E is really happy that Kip offered to drive so he can grocery shop to his heart's content this weekend while I am gone.

I have a few more things to do for my class next Sat. at Ruban Rouge in Palm Harbor, Fl. ( but can complete those early next week. Jill will be coming back to my house after the crop on Sunday and we have my niece and her family coming for a visit the following Friday through Sunday. August is a busy month for us but it will be slowing down after the 18th. when Kip and I take the Luxe Girls' classes at Ruban Rouge.

Will check in from Sebring if I can...I'm sure there will be many memorable pictures to post and scrap. I love hanging out with these rowdy girls!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Slow but sure

I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night so took the first of my new Ambien sleep pills. They work fast and gently (which means E took the remote out of my hand, turned off the t.v. and light and I slept through it all).

While I do feel rested, I feel slow and a bit like I am 'hung over'. I've never has this residual affect from the old and unimproved Ambien. I'll give it another shot next time I can't sleep and hope for better morning after effects.

I have errands to run to finish up the kits for this weekend's class. E and I are heading out to lunch at one of our favorite places in old town Palm Harbor, Peggy O'Neal's, and then return home to rain, rain, and more rain.

Hope this ends before tomorrow or Kip and I will be pool side with umbrellas!

Later, gators!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sneak Peek of Hang Ten Paper Arts' August Kit

I had a blast designing this one. You get an assortment (7 full sheets)of Crate Papers and Creative Imaginations papers, several sheets of matching cardstock, ribbons, buttons, flowers, a 12x12 CI transparency and a sheet of coordinated stickers. The covers are the 8x8 Decor Boardz by Junkitz. The kit includes step by step directions and color photos.

If you are interested, you can place your order through Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on the Hang Ten logo.

Thanks to Madeline at the Little Scrap Box, the mystery flower has been identified as a banana tree fruit and now, again thanks to Madeline, we know what to do to cultivate and care for the tree and its produce. Yeah!

I have some sorting, cleaning and packing to do today for the upcoming Hilltop Memories Crop at the Kenilworth Hotel in Sebring. Kip got us a pool-side Cabana Room and I simply can't wait. This event is the kick off for the busy month of August and I can't wait to see everyone again!

Have a scrap happy day all!