Thursday, June 29, 2006

Decisions, decisions

I had been thinking more and more about my workroom in the front of the house with that full wall of windows looking out to the porch and am having second thoughts. Once I get a Murphey bed on one wall that only leaves me part of another for my dream workspace of a long counter with drawers and shelves both under and over it. So, I've almost made up my mind to relocate my workroom to the second bedroom. Not only is it about the same size as the front room, and it does have a nice big window that over looks the bike path, but I would have 2 full walls with which to work even after the Murphey bed. This has the added bonuses of 1) getting some privacy for company and for us (the work room would seperate our bedroom from the guest room) and 2) I wouldn't have to keep every thing all picked up as I could just close the door if we have visitors.I took an Ambien to sleep last night...I've been waking in the middle of the night worrying about how we are going to handle this mess if this house does not sell. Yesterday, I got my TSA update and felt better. We do have a realtor coming Fri. to check out the house for an out of town buyer and the virtual tour has gotten lost of hits by brokers all over the area. Good wishes are appreciated!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fun Day Planned in Paradise

Posting from Paradise

I dropped E off at work early this morning so I could have the car to attend demo day at Owl and the Pussycat here in Ft. Myers. If you are ever in town, you should call the store or go in and visit. The owner is such a talented and creative woman and her store is filled with great products. She taught me the photo transfer technique that first got me published about four years ago. She will call here when she has a class she knows I would enjoy and, moreso, use in my scrapping.

Funny thing about blogs. I have been getting a bunch of hits from a strange source and finally clicked on it to see where these assorted hits were all coming from. Now, my friend, Kath, and I have called each other Twinks (short for Twins) for eons since we met on-line. Little did I know that "Twinks" is some sort of designated word in the male gay community. No wonder none of the hits lasted more than the second it took to realize this was not another gay site, but musings by a hetero old lady! Sorry guys!

I have some fun news I have been sitting on and hinting at for a bit now....and, tease that I am, those interested will just have to Hang Ten for a little bit longer.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Where little cable cars reach halfway for the stars...

Still in my San Francisco mode. When in the City by the Bay, one has to ride the cable car! We were playing tourist our last day in town and hit the Presideo, drove through the zoo (buffalo for my pal, Kim) and lunch in Sausalito (sp?)....and then,down to the pier and the the cable car. I tried for the back so I could get some shots of the hills as we headed up towards China town but go pushed to the inside. I was still able to get off a few shots and had the ride of my life...for a roller coaster freak, this was perfect.

Here is the crew turning the cable car around. Right across the street is the place that claims they invented Irish Coffee...yum! Posted by Picasa

The Sea Lions of San Francisco

When I visited San Fran about a year ago, one of the most interesting things we did was to visit the pier with the sea lions. The loll, they play, they fight and they are loud! The babies were just too cute, cuddling close to their mamas. None of my pictures turned out very well, so I have no clue how I will ever scrap these wonders. I love the little bird who was hopping among these huge animanls.

This is a work day here in Paradise...and we need to start early...the rains are moving in sooner than usual and we want to get the lanai cleaned before they do. We have a prospective buyer coming to see the house either late this week or early next and we want the house to look its best.

The roses are running amok (I like that word!) and I want to cut some for the house today. I always try to keep a nice bud in a vase next to our bed...the aroma drifting off ensures sweet dreams I am certain. Before I got up this morning, I gave myself a reminder to be happy this day. So often I get caught up in all that has to be done and all I want to do, I forget to enjoy the moment. I need to pull out my Moments book and continue to read!

Enjoy your moments... Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 26, 2006

The BIG WAVE goes out to

Posting from Paradise
Port Credit, Ontario...and welcome!

No vinyards like this in Paradise

Our friend, Nick, called us this weekend. He and the gang were heading out to enjoy the weather at a couple of the wineries near where they live. Out of nostalgia and, because we will probably not be heading to St. Louis this Oct due to the new house, I pulled up some of our pictures from last fall's visit home.

We do have a winery here near us, Eden Winery but it is just not quite the same. There was no live music playing, no groups sitting at tables or lounging on blankets, no one dancing or sharing picnic hampers filled with cheeses and sausages and no smell of fresh baked bread from the vinyard bakeries. And, all the wines are super sweet and made from things like oranges and grapefuit and kiwi...not exactly what we had in mind when we first visited the winery. I confess, we are spoiled by the wonderful wines of Mo.

Hope you all have a great day! Now where did I put that corkscrew? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lunch in Lutz

I am not exactly sure where Land O Lakes stops and Lutz begins but somewhere near both is where we stopped for lunch yesterday before we headed back to Ft. Myers after visiting our new home.
This is the cutest place on a lake called Ukelele Brand's Restaurant. I had the Buffalo Chicken salad and it was so big, I couldn't finish it. Tons of chicken too...not just lettuce. E had a juicy burger with all the fixings and loved it .
This is our kind of place: cute, friendly help, good food and cold beer. The prices were very reasonable too with daily specials. I loved the little area that is out over the water. The dining room is screened but there is an area under air towards the street side. We'll be returning to this and the other restaurant, Rapscillions for sure!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Welcome to the Arbors at Connerton, Land O Lakes, Florida

And welcome to our new home! This is a view of our pool and hot tub...picture us floating with frothy foo foo drinks (complete with paper umbrellas) in hand! Come on down...the water is fine.

So, all we need to do now is sell this house. The typo in the ad has it listed for 289,000...first we freaked and the laughed....maybe this will get some movement through here.

We were quite surprised to find our house not just in framing but under roof. It is going to be so beautiful!

Welcome to our new home...

I have no idea what order the pics are printing out here as all I can see are red xs.
The one with E is him in his new kitchen. The one with me is in my new scraproom which looks to the front of the house and has maginificient windows. One is of the front our house. We are going to petition the architectural committee to put up railing and eventually, screening on the front like in the house we have now. Another is a view down the side of the house. The first set of windows is the bath between my work room and the guest room, the second high set is our dining room and the last set is the one above our garden bath.
These look out onto the bike path...ah, lots of nice plantation shutters, etc. lol
One view is of our dining has an arched alcove and two high windows which I plan on some sort of stained glass thing. One view is of our pool and the hot tub which waterfalls into the pool and another view is of our great room looking out the french doors to the lanai and pool.

Gotta sell this heart has moved.

Friday, June 23, 2006

THE BIG WAVE and a blog update

Posting from Paradise

The Big Wave goes out to Ames Iowa (land of the tall corn...I should know; I "borrowed" enough for corn roasts as a kid)

Blog Update: I didn't do a lick of work today...instead, I created. Take a look at Jules' Creations and let me know what you think. Thanks.

The other side of Paradise

I've been thinking a lot about all our friends in St. Louis lately. It has always been our tradition to reunite at our times shares on Ft. Myers Beach for a fun time each year. Some years a few miss for one reason or another but we all try hard to meet up. This is the St. Louis contingency...DeeDee and Steve, Jill and Kelly, Linda and Chuck. We also have our pals Kim and Jerry and, on alternate years, Jadee, Kristen and Chris. Nick and Kay are oft times visitors.

This year we are going to be missing a few of the regulars. DeeDee and Steve are going pub hopping in Ireland, Jill and Kelly will only be down half the week and Kristen and Chris are doubtful if they will make it at all. Those of us who will be there will miss you all. We will celebrate with you in mind and will be sure to hoist our drinks, as we do every day, to "the working people". Know we love you and hope to see you next year.

This picture was taken last Oct. during our annual visit "home". This is the Wine Tours Crew who make sure we get a much needed dose of Missouri Wines and crisp fall weather. This was at Blumhoff Winery for any who might be Mo. Wine Tour fans. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Working in Paradise

This is the closet in my workroom and I would love to say it always looks this neat and clean but it doesn't. Right now, I can't find the desk top as I have 3 projects, 2 layouts, and a bunch of ideas in the works all stacked up both on the desk top, on the futon and on the table that sits under the window in the room.
It has gotten so bad at times that I have found myself scrapping and designing on the floor! And I wonder why I can't always find
I went to part of the stamp demo day at Owl and the Pussycat yesterday and boy, did I ever miss a great class last Sat. They did braided bound journals and they were so lovely. I looked and that technique is not in my new book on how to create minis so I guess I'll just have to hope Regina, the owner, repeats that class.
I did buy a couple of beautiful stamps and some cat's eye sized Brilliance inks in colors I didn't have. I can't play until I finish the project on my desk and the one on the table and...well, you get the picture.
Watch this spot for some fun news. I can't spill the beans totally without my partner doing so at the same time but those of you who wanted to take my classes but don't live near enough....well, just watch this spot! What a tease am I! lol Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fly by from Paradise

I had to take E to work bright and early this morning and need to hit the shower pronto. Full day for me here. I have an overdue mammo scheduled for 8 am, a follow up dr. apt. for my kidney problem at 10:15 and, if all works well, I'll be able to make most of Demo Day at the Stamp Art Store.

I need to get to the cleaners, the library and pick up some supplies for the Altered Artists' Society meeting coming up next Tues.

My next class is up on Jules'Creations and I sure had a blast designing this one. The papers are fantastic. Each kit bag contains 5 papers, the mailers, a complete chip board alpha, the tage, clip and lots of fun embellishments and lovely ribbons. I'd sign up if I wasn't already teaching it!Have a great day

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday under the palms

Posting from Paradise

I've got a busy day here in Paradise. After I drop E off at work at 10:30, I am heading to Naples to meet Arlene for lunch at Tin City, a cute toursisty place on the water with great food. I'm thinking a foo foo drink with an umbrella and a seafood salad! We'll shop, eat and chat. Arlene and I try to get together and catch up with one another once a month or so. We met through a scrapping message board and I think she is just too much fun!

Within one hour of signing with our new realtor (who happens to be married to my favorite niece), he had arranged for an ad in Friday's Open House paper and has an open house, with plenty of signs, for this Sat. I think we may take a road trip up to see our new house which is being framed as we speak. I am more optiomistic about a sale than I have been in a long time...crossed fingers and assorted other body parts are appreciated!

Since the start of June, I've had a letter accepted for publication in ScrapBook Answers magazine and yesterday found out one of my tips is going to be published too. I wrote the editor back and told her that I was "slowly but surely worming my way into their hearts" so they'd publish one of my many submissions to their mag. I do believe name recognition does play a part in getting published or at least in getting your work looked at more seriously. Who knows?
This is and has been my favorite scrapping mag since it came out!

Off to the hot tub with my java and my achey back and body after all the scrubbing we did yesterday. We do have a sparkly clean front porch, fountain and front of the house!

Enjoy your day all!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Grouper in Paradise

We don't eat out often because E loves to cook and is so good at it. When we do eat out, we have so many wonderful restaurants from which to pick here, that we work up a big hunger just trying to decide.

One of our favorites is the Lighthouse Restaurant which is right before the toll bridge to Sanibel. Their crunchy grouper is the best around. We went here for my birthday and sat on the screened in back porch overlooking the water and marina.

We are blessed with many, many great restaurants here: Parrot Key with its Carribean flavor and live entertainment on the Back Bay, The Fish House which is also on the Back Bay and specializes in calamare, Matanzas on the Back Bay with its fantastic fried clams and two birds named Pete and Repeat (honest!), and on and on and on.

Is it lunch time yet? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blog Challenge

Posting from Paradise
I want: the war over and our young people home safely

I have: a great life

I wish: this house would sell NOW!

I hate: not having things resolved.

I miss: my mom and Papa Joe, my Aunt Marion and Uncle Harlan

I hear: the birds outside my window

I wonder: whatever happened so some of my high school pals

I regret: not much. My past has contributed to my present and I am pretty fond of who I am.

I am not: a patient person

I dance: slow with my honey in the kitchen while he cooks

I sing: loudly in the car and shower but not well anywhere else.

I cry: over the Publix commercials during the holidays

I am not always: considerate

I make with my hands: art

I write: fun poetry

I confuse: lots on the computer

I need: quiet me time

I should: get serious about this weight thing

I start: my morning with coffee, paper with my hubby and a chat with the girls on msn.

I finish: each day with a kiss and a smile.

A beautiful day

Posting from Paradise

It is an absolutely lovely day here in Paradise. I went out to get the paper and my jasmine and honeysuckle are so incredibly sweet.

I had a great weekend and we enjoyed our niece and nephews visit last night for supper so very much. This couple does a super job with their daughter, my grand niece, Kaela Rose. Kaela is going on five and extremely well mannered and behaved. I see so many kids these days in stores screaming at their parents, calling them horrible names and being pains in the butt, in general, that it is refreshing to see parents who have guide lines and insist their children mind them. Kaela is bright, pretty as can be and very sweet.

I need to unpack my things from my Coaster Class at Whims. What a fun day that was. I had some of the funniest ladies in there...3 had signed up for the class sight unseen. I handed out a few of my business cards and hope they will stay in touch. They'd love the Hilltop Memories crops and we made sure to tell them all about them.

I have 3 more projects for classes at Ruban Rouge that I need to get done and sent in for approval and dates. I stopped by the store Friday and picked out papers, etc. The staff seemed to like the two I had with me and I had such fun creating them.

Our house in Connerton is being framed. We are really starting to get into a bit of a crunch and need to sell this place ASAP. We know we have to drop the price as we overpriced to start with. Now we want a reasonable profit on our sale so we can get on with things. We will be making our new realtor selection on Monday. E talked with 3 this weekend and has a question for a couple of them.

Off to bike ride and get some of the kinks out of my back. I have a follow up apt. with the dr. on Wed. about my kidney problem. I have felt measurably better the last few days with a decrease in the pressure. Maybe the blood results will tell more.

Have a great day all and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Home again, home again!

Posting from Paradise

Just wanted to let everyone know I made it home from St. Pete and in just under 2 hours. Ran into a few rain drops but not anything noteworthy.

We have my niece, her husband and my great niece coming at 6 for supper so need to unpack and change.

I had a great weekend...thank you Whims' (Jen,Dee and the rest of the staff), for the great students in my class, to Kip for putting me up having just arrived home from Az the day before and for the gifts from Kath and Kip (I'm sure she'll finish it Love them and you all.

More tomorrow!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Off to St. Pete's for the weekend...

This will probably be my last blog until some time on Sunday. I leave early tomorrow a.m. heading for St. Pete's. I am teaching the Coasters mini album class (see Jules' Creations) at Whim So Doodles and Kath and Kip and Linda are in my class so it should really be a blast.
I need to get up to Ruban Rouge and pick out some papers for my next two classes. My kids gave me a gift certificate there for my b'day and of course, it is burning a hole in my pocket!
One of the best parts is that tomorrow night I'll be hanging out with the Kipster (welcome home have been missed lots) and Kath. Kath even offered to help me assemble the remaining kits...what a pal.
My honey will be interviewing new realtors. One who called asked if we would have a problem when she sells our house in the next 30 days...ah, NO! We really are looking for an aggressive realtor who is hungry and can move this place fast! Lots of local advertising will help without a doubt!
Keep your fingers crossed for me...I'll be going over that horrific bridge twice two days. I really don't like driving the Sunshine Skyway Bridge! Look out St. Pete....

(USO Director for the Flying Monkey Squadron) Posted by Picasa

Jules' Creations

Jules' Creations

I have been advised that I need to remind viewers of my classes and layouts that these are copywrited and no replication without my permission for profit is permitted. Please contact me if you are interested in any of my classes or for complete techniques on any of these layouts. Thanks.

Cheers to my Twinks from Paradise

This is a pic of the first time Kath and I ever met after a three year friendhip on-line. Anne and I were working a convention in Tampa and Kath drove over from the East Coast. She has since moved to the West Coast and lives only a couple of blocks from the Kipster in St. Pete.
I've made the best friends on CKMB on the old board and just want to acknowledge that without that mb (the old one) what a bunch of us found, friendship, could not have happened as fast elsewhere. Many of us go way back to at least 5 years ago with the Scrappin Sisters of Ohio, Pete and Moni. I've visited them twice and they've been to see me. We've cyber cropped and had so many good laughs and crys! Then Anne, Janet and Kath joined in. We had the Early Birds and Shar, the Night owls for my insomnia. The Cabana Boy cyber parties on the mb rocked and rolled and the very last one we hosted broke all records for number of posts ever (and still to this day) at CKMB and that includes the license posts and reposts and more Many of us have served on DTs together, met in real life and hang out on msn on a regular basis. Darla and Shar, Teri, Linda, Cindy, Tami, Cam, Jillybean, Mae, Jan, Audrey, Jill (who is my CHA pal along with Janet), Janet Planet, Kelli, Karen, Maria, Gail,Wendy, Z, Sue, Pam, Yvonne, Cat, Julie,Maggie, Nic, Robin, Cheryl ,Helen, Ruth, T, Amy, Peggy and on and on (If I left off your name it was not for lack of trying...please add yourself here and know I love you! I'm old, ok?) These women and many others from the mb have made my life richer and fuller and have added to me by the nature of their being.

Kath, this is for you. You, my Twinks, are a wonder. And I have to agree with janet M...we are damn cute girls! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And the rest of the story

I love this pic of the kids and I. This was taken on my Mother's day Celebration on Clearwater Beach...left to right is my favorite and only son-in-law, Christopher; my dear baby girl, Kristen, and my son, Rob (the one who is SINGLE and 35) Nothing like advertising on the web, right?

My sis and I ran hither thither and yon today and got lots done. I found the HP at Big Lots that I got and that Kip wanted one of so that is done. (You'd think I'd have learned by now to buy two or three of everything and the Kipster shoud too).

We didn't go to the beach for lunch and that was ok, as I left my camera on the top of the scrapdesk. I'd have been kicking myself if we had gone to the beach and there were awesome waves and I was camera-less.

My sis is heading to Vegas over the 4th of July and has tickets to the Circus solea ( or something like that) all done to Beatles music. She is a huge fan of the Beatles and has been to two Paul McC concerts that I know of. She will have a blast in Vegas!

For some reason my blog hits doubled just since last night. I wonder why? lol Just too Wicked! Gotta love those flying monkeys! Posted by Picasa

Scrap Happy under the Palms

Posting from Paradise

Yesterday I tried a challenge of sorts. There is a call out for layouts done with only pictures and embellishments, no stickers, etc...just cardstock. I created 2 layouts so far and am totally having fun! This is like the good old days when I first started scrapping. I did one where I traced a picture of coral from a magazine and then cut it out and my second was inspired by a picture of a dresser in another magazine.

I found myself, rather than spending tons of time sorting through my patterned papers, my stamps and inks, my charms, ribbons and other embellishments, focusing on how to best showcase the pictures I had chosen. This has been a very liberating experience and I have a couple more I'd like to try.

I am running my sister on errands to day. She does not drive and often has chores in places she can not go in her golf cart. I am hoping we can get to the beach for lunch and see the high surf that is being reported here as a result of Hurricane (now Tropical Storm)Alberto.

Have a great this spot for beach and surf pics with any luck.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Friend Kath

Posting from Paradise

My Twinks is a woman of high standards and has such a heart of gold. She has earned the respect of so many of us over the years that I and others have known her that I must post her 'goodbye' to the message board where The Cabana Crew met and came to be. Love ya, Twinks:

don’t know how many folks remember me – I started on this mb in 2000, and used to be a real high-numbers poster – I practically lived here. I left, unofficially, about six months ago, and haven’t seen or heard of a ‘whatever happened to…’ post about me since. I do keep up with the goings-on over here, and have tried to tentatively step back in a time or two, but it is with great regret that I find that this is no longer a place I want to be associated with, much less spend time with.
In the coming months, “Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker’s Soul” will be published, and in it will be a story from me about this mb – a story about how we pulled together as a group to help someone in need. That’s the mb I will remember and miss – the one where we had Early Bird coffee together, played on the beaches at the Cabana Boy parties, met for afternoon coffee, chatted with the night owls, scrapped all day in our jammies, and partied all day when QVC was on and we were spending tons of money – together. We saw each other through marriages, moves, illnesses, births, and deaths.
It seems that CK has created a new message board that is totally devoid of history and that history was HUGE for many people. In CKMB's quest for a new beginning, they have wiped the board clean and started over and created a whole new environment and it seems that is exactly what they wanted. In doing this, they have disbanded former bonds that had been created that were very important to people and made new rules and guidelines for their new "city". It IS very apparent that CK is after new blood. Yes, they are providing some nice new attractions like the gallery, contests, spotlights, etc, but in doing this, they didn't ADD to what they had but seem to have deleted all the old, for the new. They have created a totally new board and I think that is what they wanted.

The people who have been on this board 5+ years in some cases and thousands of posts, have been swept aside and they were the people who made this board what is was and who promoted this board, CK products and its' projects. Scrapbooking is about history, first and foremost and they have recreated the history to their satisfaction.

The layouts being picked for POTD, although mostly very good work, seem to come predominantly from new members who aren’t very involved in this community and seem to be from more professional-type scrappers than true newbies who have just now joined the mb for fun and companionship. If they are going to spotlight someone, I don't think it's too much to expect them to CONTRIBUTE to the MB so that people can learn to do some of the things they do and get to know them. Members of other message board communities are putting their LO's out there for one reason- to have CK pick them up for publication. Period. That is their goal. Is it wrong? I don't know but again, I think CK will drive away others if they continually do this and never recognize people that are faithful to the ck community at large. Also, many of them are not the type of scrapping that the "average" person who buys CK, does. What is wrong with sometimes picking LO"s that are just pretty or have techniques that people might want to try that don't involve going to 10 classes to learn or spending a lot of money in extra embellishments?

I think the "hostess" needs to be more tactful and I also think the board should not revolve just around her, which it seems to do now. The relentless banning of anyone who speaks, even mildly, against this mb, or questions the guidelines or CK authority figures only enforces the feeling that a whole new board with all new members is the goal. The guidelines have been tossed aside and members are being banned with no warning, nor are they given an explanation as to why they were banned. If those in authority don't follow their own guidelines, they can't expect their membership to know what is and is not allowed from one day to the next. If this continues, the board will be in the same boat a couple of years down the road, and the search will be on once again for what made this community the family it used to be. When will they see that it's not the moderators or the hostess or the guidelines, but the members who posted here that made it a warm and welcoming place. Many of those family members were banned, and those who weren't banned have left home. The CK board will never be the same again.

Frankly, I think ck could care less what people think as long as their revenues are up.

The BIG WAVE for today goes out to...

Posting from Paradise

The person in Cape Coral, Florida who spent almost 20 min. reading my blog one day last week. Hello, Neighbor!

Happy Hurricane Season

Last night, the little fella pictured with me, was a snuggly cat . The wind raged and the rain fell loudly on our tin roof and Goofy, the cat, could not get close enough to me.
This hurricane is a small, disorganized one and, with any luck, will be the worst of the many the weather folks say we will be getting this season.
The waves at the beach from what I've seen on the morning news, are big enough for surfing which is rare for this coast. I am sure some of our local Gidgets and Moon Doggies will be giving them a try today.
I have some kits to put together today for my Sat. class at Whim's in St. Pete (see Jules' Creations for a sample of this class). I created another fun class that we'll turn into a kit for sale next fall and will post that when I make arrangements to teach it somewhere.
My honey and I bought a beautiful painting of an Italian coast that goes great with our two Chao Youngs' of Venice. When E brings it home today, I'll post a pic. This reminds me of Burano which was one of my favorite stops on our tour last summer.
We are on the search for a new realtor. I feel going with a "big name" may be just what we need. No one can buy this house if they don't know it is for sale, obviously. There we no pics in the local papers at all and that is what we need. Wish us luck. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006

My birthday just keeps on going and going

I went to get the mail a bit ago and there was a box on my front porch. Inside was this amazing tote from my good pal, Jillybean. Kip and Kath got theirs a couple of weeks ago and I have been so envious! I love it! Thanks so much Jill!

Happy Monday Blog Visitors

My honey took this pic on my b'day where we had lunch. I love the backdrop of the hibiscus and boy, do I need a haircut!lol

We have been feeling the effects of Alberto (or soon to be Tropical Storm Alberto) as he sweeps up the Gulf coast. Rain, rain and more rain! We've need it so I am not complaining. I am sure I will get antsy being housebound by it and unable to ride my bike.

I think the next few days are going to be scrap happy ones. Nothing is better than hearing the rain on the tin roof and me snug in my workroom scrapping jazz or oldies but goodies music. I want to get several more layouts done before my trip to St. Pete's this coming Friday. I also need to organize my supplies for my class on SAt. at Whims (see Jules Creation link to the right). I need to print out my directions with pics for the kits.

I got a new printer at Big Lots of which I am very proud. It was only 30.00 and is an HP. It fits into my XXL and I can take it to crops, journal and print photos. Usually I get all of a layout done at a crop but have to wait til I get home to more! My son set up some shortcut programs for me this weekend and I've been playing with videos and music for the blog (see the post below with the Monkey). I've also been downloading fonts to the laptop for future journaling.

Signed up for the Hilltop Memories CreepOver in Oct. with Kath and Kip and am really looking forward to hanging out with all those crazy girls. There is another crop before then that I've also signed up for and will go with the Kipster. Kath has co. in town or she'd be right there with us too I am sure.

Have a great day! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006

What a great weekend this has been

Right after I put out the "Open House" sign yesterday, the door bell rang. And, just as good as having someone come look at our house, was a man holding this beautiful bouquet of flowers. "Flowers for you!" , he said. And they were. Janet and Bob sent these to me for my birthday and they are so lovely! The vase has this fetching sprite on the front and the whole thing just took my breath away. Thank you both so very much. Also, many thanks to all the cards, well wishes, e-mails, e-cards and phone calls I have received this weekend. So many of you went out of your way to make sure that this was a special occassion for me...thanks. You have touched me in ways you many never know. And Gail, the Paradise Found plaque is on the shelf right abouve my printer!
The kids are starting to rouse and I need a lift to Big Lots to get a 30$ printer to use in my classes and for crops. I don't want to take my good one(s)but need one for a photo transfer class I am working on and for printing away from home. More later...enjoy your day!

Posting from Paradise

Posting from Paradise

Hope no one takes offense by this tribute to monkeys! lol

It's the Weekend under the palms

Posting from Paradise

It is a bit overcast here in Paradise today. We all slept in some after sitting up late chatting about 'the good old days' while Rob and Chris worked on my computers. I had a great birthday and thanks to those who send me well wishes in all kinds of ways.

I am still having problems with my kidney but am feeling a tad bit better as each dose of the meds goes down and as each day passes. I spoke with a dear friend of mine whose husband is having actual renal failure problems and that certainly puts my health issue in prospective. (Moni, keeping Nick in my thoughts and prayers!)

We have a full day planned here in Paradise. The kids are going to contiunue working on my computer, E is at work until 2:30 when he will pick up my sister and bring her over for my Birthday BBQ. We are all on South Beach of some sort so the chicken and veggies will be grilled.

I am feeling good enough to even try a short bike ride this morning. Not planning on going far as I get tired so easily. My SU rep said her mom was very tired when her body was trying to pass a kidney stone and this is what the dr. thinks is wrong. Blood results come back mid week so we'll see.

I miss the is time for you to come home, if you are reading this. If you have not been to Kip's blog, do so. Her pics of AZ are amazing. Glad you are having fun, pal.

Will upload some pics from my birthday lunch out tomorrow. It is hard to do that from Harry but Minnie the laptop is a dream. Unfortunately, my son in law, has me accidently (always assume the best, right? lol) locked out of Minnie!

Have a great day!

Friday, June 09, 2006

A Birthday in Paradise

I put this picture of one of the ancient arches in Rome into the blog to remind me that I am not just getting older but, rather I am aging like a bootle of fine, and very expensive I might add, wine. And we all know how much I love the fruit of the vine.
Our society does not value the elders like many societies do. We have also had to redefine what older is. My great aunt, the maiden one, was the one who lived with her parents, taking care of them, until their death and then, in turn, took care of each of her brothers' families. She helped raise me as well until she died when I was five. We would drop her off on Sundays at the Catholic Church and procede to the Methodist one every Sunday. And, after church, we would visit relatives I did not know, actually chatting with them, in the two cemetaries. Maybe that is why I still chat with my Mother, Aunt and Uncle when my sis and I change the decorations at the cemetary here.

We have a tradition in our family, it's origin lost in time, of calling a member on their birthday and singing the Birthday Song as off key (not hard for any of us) on one's birthday. The phone will ring today and it will be my sister. She and I are the only two left of our family besides our kids and she and I carry on this odd tradition. My kids will sing to me tonight when they get here. And E started my day off right with a kiss and a Good Morning Honey, which is how we start each day.

I'm off to enjoy my morning at a cyber crop and then out to lunch at one of my favorite places. More pics to follow. Watch this spot! Enjoy your day all. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 08, 2006

One day left of being 58!

Today is my last day to be 58. When I wake tomorrow morning, I will have turned 59 and will be on my way to the big 60. This is the year I said I would bike 30 miles in one day. This is the year I swore I would give up one more bad habit. This is the year I declared I would move into the slow lane and enjoy the scenery and the moment more. Sounds like I need a plan!
This was the amazing supper that my personal chef, my honey, fixed us last night. It is called a Tropical Spinach Salad w/Fresh Basil Vinaigrette dressing. I love it when we eat fresh and healthy. The best part is the goat rich and creamy and, my personal favorite fruit, raspberries!
We were up bright and early and off to what I call the Vampire Clinic. I had to have blood drawn to try to find out what is up with my left kidney. The dr. kept talking about kidney stones which everyone tells me passing are worse than child birth. This will be a relief to me to find out that is all that is wrong. My mother's cancer started in her kidney. Best case scenerio is an infections. The gal who drew my blood is my new heroine. I have "floating veins" and they are small so hard to get the needle in easily. I ususally either get light headed and pass out or throw up afterwards with all the prodding etc. This wonderful woman just slid the needle in, drew the blood and done. All the while E was holding my hand and chatting away a mile a minute to distract me. The blood gal was great.
Off to eat...I had to fast for ten hours for the blood work and I am starving. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

BIG WAVE ing to .....

Posting from Paradise

Columbia MO...go Tigers go!

Traveling from Paradise

Last year a convention took me to San Francisco. After working the booth and teaching some classes, we had a break and played tourist. I had not been to San Fran in over twenty years and Brian and Dana were ready to explore too. We had lunch in Sausalito at this wonderful little restaurant. It was very cute and quaintly nautical and the food was freash and flavorful. We did it all: the pier, Golden Gate Bridge, the trolley car rides, the curvey streets, China town and the Presidio, which, for some reason just intriqued me.
Due to time constraints, we skipped the boat trip to Alcatraz but it is always there in the Bay.

I am ready for a road trip of some kind. My wonderlust has kicked into high gear. What with my honey working more than part time hours, I don't think we'll be able to give in to craving for some time. I do have a short trip planned to visit Kip and teach a class at Whim's (see Jules' Creations for times and dates of my June and July classes) so I guess I'll have to call that a road trip. Of course, driving over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge is always an adventure for me! Have a good one. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Posting from Paradise

Today the BIG WAVE is going out to Staten Island, NY...and a hello there!

Soft Morning in Paradise

It is actually cool this morning in Paradise with a little breeze off the Gulf. The birds are just starting their song fest and the sunset is all corals and lavendars. Our fountain in the lake behind the house is stll lit.
I love this time of day. The neighborhood is quiet with only a light on here and there. An occassional morning walker moves through the shadows down the road, around the block towards the dock and back around.
This is the time of morning I enjoy having coffee in the hot tub, chatting on msn with my long distance friends and planning my day.
Join me for a cup of coffee? Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 05, 2006

BIG WAVE time....

Posting from Paradise

and today's howdy goes out to Redding CA....

Catch a Wave...

For New Year's Eve this past year, we were invited to join our friends, Kim and Jerry (who live in Titusville) and Steve and Dee (who flew in from St. Louis) and we played tourist!
We hit the boardwalk by the beach and took pictures of each other posing.
Now you know what The BIG WAVE is that goes out to a visitor to the blog every

Nothing big planned for today: some of this, some of that and a trip to the library for some more summer reading. I have a few layouts to submit to a magazine call and that is my day in a nutshell.

Off to ride my bike, Hank, up to Curves so I can spend the rest of the day guilt Have a good one! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hamburger in Paradise

We took this pic just off Times' Square on Ft. Myers Beach at one of our favorite seafood places, Smokin' Oyster Bar. The food is tasty, the beer cold and the music on the weekends is beach music all the way. The place has it's own brand of bottled beer but I sure wish they would change glues. I have yet to successfully get off one of the labels for a scrapbook page. We really like SOB. When my honey worked for the Chamber of Commerce, his kiosk was in the parking lot next door and he and one of the cooks use to exchange recipes.

Today is one of those 'do nothing at a slow pace' kinda days. It is suppose to be hotter than Hades without much of a breeze. If I am going to bike, I'd best do it early.

Taste of the Beach is today but my honey is working and with the heat, I think I'll opt to stay in a play or take a good book up to the pool. Want to join me? Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Sat. BIG WAVE goes out to

Posting from Paradise

Whomever is visiting my blog from right here in FT. Myers, and let me know who you are, mystery guest!

A Toast in Paradise

Here we are with Dewey and Karen on the left and E and I on the right. The waiter had been in Italy the year before, E and I last year and Karen and Dewey were just back from a cruise that included Rome etc. so we had lots to chat about at this wonderful Italian restaurant. I had veal with artichokes, spicy green beans and garlic and horseradish potatoes and the most decandent slice of chocolate cake...I could feel the calories mounting on my hips, my teeth decaying and I didn't care one bit...worth it. I did share with Karen and the guys each got a bite. Posted by Picasa

Our Anniversary in Paradise

This is the view from the restaurant where we met our friends, Dewey and Karen, to celebrate. We had learned earlier this week that they had gotten married just before their cruise through the Med. This was an even better celebration because of this.

The food was divine, the company wonderful and the view, breathtaking and serene.
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