Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lunch with Leighton Kaye

Sometimes, the photos speak for themselves and nothing more is needed.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

That was the week that was

It seems like the weeks are speeding by.  I use to blog every day and sometimes more than once a day and now, I feel I am lucky if I work in a post a month.  I am not going to quit is my journal so to speak and I can go back and see what was happening a year ago or two or three.  Meanwhile, I'll do my best.

E and I tried a new restaurant just up the road opposite from in town, Salt and Pepper.  While I was not thrilled with my meal (white gravy on a pork tenderloin and no mention of the gravy which was way too heavy and without much flavor on the menu).  E's fries were good and so was my Navy bean soup.  This is just a picayune complaint of mine but I do NOT like to be referred to as 'youse' and my husband called 'pal' by the wait staff.  A bit too familiar for someone we did not know.  Just sayin'.

 It has been an incredibly busy week for us.  Met Jacque and Cynthia at Posh on Wed.  Our pal, Diane, was not feeling tip top.  I had xrays and ultra sounds on my knee and now have to make an ortho specialist appointment.  No one has mentioned the lump and that was my problem, not pain. Oh well.  E also had a dr. apt. for his hip...this getting old is not for the faint of heart!  I had WW weigh in and was a lb under my goal weight.  Yeah! Thurs was my first of the drop in crops, Come Crop with Jules at Posh Scraps.  Had 3 ladies come by and one is my ever favorite, Eileen Scott. Missed you, Diane (my other ever favorite student).  They are both going to the Cheeky Chics crop in St. Pete in Nov.  This is going to be such fun.

The school called Colvin's dad on Thrus saying C was running a temp of 103.  Chris was home sick himself.  We picked up Landon that afternoon after my crop and watched the kids a bit.  By the time we got to the boys' house, Colvin's temp was down to 99.6.

Thurs night we met up with Janet and Bob at the Crab House in Palmetto which is almost half way for both of us.  The company was excellent as always and the food was pretty good too.

The four of us shared the most decadent dessert to celebrate Bob and E's Sept. birthdays.  They had reverse ones this year...Bob at 76 and E at 67.

We had all 3 kids on Friday.  Kristen had a chiro apt. and then she and Leighton were leaving for the airport and St. Louis.  Colvin could not go back to school until 24 hours after the temp had gone down and we threw Landon into the mix for the fun of it.  E took Leighton and K to the airport and Chris came over after he got off work, had supper with us and then took the boys home.  E and I collapsed .

Spent most of yesterday working on some projects for Creative Imaginations and Gecko Galz so watch my other blog for some updates.  I am also working on a JOY mini album to teach at Posh Scraps in Palm Harbor in early Nov and a fun make n take for Halloween at the store.  Dates and times to be announced later along with some sneak peeks.

Got some great news today.  Our friend, Pam Bennett, is coming for a visit in Feb.  She, Janet and I along with hopefully about a dozen of our pals will be attending Dee Wishart's Cheeky Chics crop Feb 2-4 .

Janet, Jacque, Cynthia, Diane and a few others are all heading to the Krop for Kids in St. Pete at the Forum next weekend...counting the days.

Hope everyone has a great week and Happy Fall to one and All.

Hope your week was a good one.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catch up Sunday

My it is already the 16 th. of September...where has this month gone?  And I don't even have my fall decorations out.  Guess I should put that on the To Do list for tomorrow.  Last week went so fast and we were so busy I can hardly remember what all we did.

Oh yes...The Knee!  That consumed far more time that it should have and we still don't know what the lump is.  No one from my family dr. on down to the radiologist seem overly concerned so guess I'll find out from the ortho surgeon more when I make that appointment.  Why I had to wait 48 hours to make it, I'll never know.
We had Leighton on Thurs instead of our usual Wed. due to  The Knee (caps as it has taken on an entity of its own) I cropped with the Ladies Who Do Lunch Bunch on Tues. and then for lunch on Friday.   and E's b'day was on Friday with the whole family here.  Rob is staying with us through Monday as his apartments is being tented for termites and he moves the week end after that to St. Pete.

Sat. we headed out to Miss Vickies on the River for some cold beer and some music by a local band, The Bayou Boys.  Love Miss V's fried clams and gave the coleslaw and fries to Rob and E.  The guys headed up to Loggerheadz for some foot ball and I am enjoying the peace and

Now, you know I have some pics of the kids, right?  Here ya go

Have a great week and I will try try try to be a better blogger.  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Three days on Anna Maria Island with some really WILD women

 Frankly, darlings, this was one wild and crazy weekend.  I had been invited to teach a mini class by my dear friend, Janet Miller.  She said she would pay me in wine and honestly, I think I owe her another class, perhaps too.  Janet is a design team member at Kitchen Keepsakes, a challenge blog.
What Janet neglected to tell me was that these women were wonderfully demented.  I felt like I had known most of them forever.

Now, I am a walker.  So, early Sat. morning, I took myself off to the Pier for some coffee and chat with the local fishermen...oh yea!  and then I took pics as I walked and here are some of them:

 When I got back, I had not only locked myself out of Janet's beach house but my phone had no bars thus no reception.  Ummmmmmmmm long story short, I did NOT throw shells at Janet's windows and DID remember she had an intercom on the front door.  And so went the day...

We headed off to my fave place...St Armands' Circle (spelling error minus 1pt.) and who should be there to greet us but Her Royal Self

 And of course I just had to give her my views on the world's affairs, don't ya know?  Then it was on to the Columbia...Janet and peruse the menu time after time and it never fails...we always get the same bean soup and the 1905 salad,.

 Now some people do not know that Sangria is the drink of choice at the Colunbia but Suzanne sure had a winner with the chocolate martini.

Then it was back to the beach house for sunset, a walk on the beach with wine, a dip in the pool and moving right along to Sunday

 I started Sunday's walk aok but ended up almost swimming back to Janet's .  The surf was rising and the winds blowing but when the palm fronds and the acorns from the trees were smacking me in the face, it was time to boogie homeward.
 And, lo and behold...there was my dearest bff's bird, Fred, leading me on my way.  About five years ago, I met  a dear women, Vera, on a walk on this island.  Now Vera is not a high tech kinda gal so we only connect now and then during my morning walks.  This is her bird named after her late beloved husband, Fred.  She and I had a lovely talk this visit about the environment, beach erosion and Al Gore.  There are few people one can share these views with who truly understand.  (poor Clare and Janet, Anne and Pam are under the mistaken belief that Vera is my 'imaginary' that I say HA!)
 Sunday morning I taught a mini class with Creative Imaginations' Luminarte Twinkling H20s and Shimmering Mists.  Fun morning.
 The rest are scenes from my morning walk...enjoy!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Mea Culpa

Once again, I've fallen behind on my blogging.  Bad me.  I do have a good excuse and a note from my doctor.  Ok, I don't have the note but I can sure get one.  We have been working on the concept of 'share' with the little boys (along with potty training) and they learned the first far too well.  E and I have bronchitis  and some kind of sinus infection thing going on.  On meds and on the mend (I hope).

We were so busy and having as much fun as we could this weekend (considering our stopped up heads) that I forgot to take pics and so this is all I have to show.  The twins graduated from Stage 1 Seal School  and I finally got their "Chicks dig me" layout of them on Tom's huge motorcycle done. 

So, without further ado...