Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cheeky Chic's Spooktacular Crop is over but....

the memories will be with us for a long long time...along with all the incriminating photos. lol

Val of Val's Baskets and Home Decor and Diane Parsons did an amazing job setting up a photo corner just out side the crop room. And JD and Dee did a wonderous job inside...the atmosphere was so cool.

Our lovely Jacque won first place in the costume contest and we won 3rd. in the table deco contest...I chose this darling little witch for my prize.  Jill Goodhart made some of the most amazing prizes for the contests and darling little ghostie pins with our names on them. 

Loved sharing a table with our gang: Michele, Jill, Val, Baby Di, Jacque, Cynthia, and Lady Di.

Looking forward to the next Cheeky Chics Crop.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bragging on Nana's Boys

( I promise I will post pictures from the Cheeky Chic's Spooktacular four day crop tomorrow...but my little guys have to come first!)

Last Thurs. was awards morning assembly at the boys' school.  They are in 3year old pre K and love it!  All the school was there and four awards were given in each class : Respect, Aiming High, Staying on Task and Responsibility.  The first 3 only were given out in the preK this assembly and two went to the boys.  Papa said he is quite sure it had nothing to do with the fact their mama teaches first grade at the school and I totally

Here is Mama in the pink shirt with the long hair.

And here are our boys before the ceremony...guess who Colvin is waving

Landon was given the award for Aiming High

And Colvin's was for Respect.

Proud Nana.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ziggy Zaggy, Ziggy Zaggy Oi Oi Oi

Tarpon Springs hosted its first annual Octoberfest this weekend and it was such fun.  Dan Jenkins, owner of Tarpon Tavern, did an incredible job and, speaking for us, provided a great time for our city residents and visitors. 

We headed up last night for a light supper and ended up staying for quite a while listening to the ooopa music. 

 And while that was a wonderful evening, being wakened at 11:30 by our dear friend, Steve, to include us in the celebration of our beloved CARDINALS going to the World Series was the icing on the cake.

I did a long ride this morning through Zombie infested forests and trails (I wish I had know there was a 5K walk too...hey, Steve Schmidt, are you going to join me in this next year?), I came home, cleaned up and E and I headed into town to work our volunteer shift for the Octoberfest.  Thanks, Dan Jenkin, for letting us be a part of this soon to be renowned event in our town.  I took the money (after we all discovered that tapping was not my forte) and the brewmaster, E, did the pours.  People were fun, kind and so enjoying this event.

The food was tasty, the beer cold and the music fun...there is still time to head on down to Tarpon Tavern for the event...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hanging out with my best gal

Today, after school,  Leighton and I headed to Dunedin, a lovely little town south of us, for some walk and talk and looking at lots of pretties in stores. 

 Her new trick is to remove shoes and socks as soon as she can and ask me for a foot massage...then she puts the socks on her hands.  Don't you wonder sometimes what goes through the mind of an almost two year old?
When I got home, a wonderful surprise awaited me in the mailbox....a fun treat from my dear friend in New Zealand, Clare.  She so knows I am not a wine snob but we will faithfully record our "good" bottles of wine in this book starting with the ones we had in New Zealand.  As I asked on facebook, what is wrong with this picture? lol

Thank you so much darling Clare. 

It is only Wed. and I'm having a wonderous week...hope yours is going well.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend fun with friends and family

We had a great weekend here in Paradise.  E got some trim work done in the garden and I did a bit of weeding.  We also got to have a large dose of fun. 

Sat. we met our dear friends, Bob and Janet Miller, at the Riverhouse Reef and Grill Restaurant.  This is a wonderful place right on the water about an hour ten from our house.  It is well worth the drive as the food is simply amazing, fresh and tastefully prepared.  The view is outstanding and the company was, as always, wonderful.

There was a large school of dolphin showing off right off the deck of the restaurant and a wide variety of seabirds serenaded us. 

Bob and E continued their quest for the "perfectly prepared" oysters and both agreed the ones they had here were among the best so far.

I had the lobster and crab pot pie and the pastry was the flakiest and lightest ever. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and we had to part and head our separate ways.  The Millers will be back in Jan. and we have plans already to exchange visits.  Since E was driving, I didn't even mind (much) the usual 'dreaded' bridge.

Sunday, my daughter and I had the rare opportunity of spending several hours together just the two of us.  We usually have one or all of the Grands with us and, while I do love those little ones to pieces, spending time with my daughter alone is time to be treasured.  We headed to Hyde Park for some shopping at two of our favorite stores:  Pottery Barn and Anthropology.  We also hit a toy store where we scored with light up bracelets for H'ween for the Grands and Nana found 3 "hot wheel" type school buses for their Christmas stockings.  

Hope your weekend was filled with family, fun and good friends.