Sunday, May 26, 2013

Save the DATE...

This is one event for such a good cause that you are not going to want to miss.  "Like" Cheeky Chics Scrapbooking on facebook and check back often for updates and information on how to participate in the cyber crop to raise funds for Moore, OK relief and check out the companies who have donated.  Don't scrap but still want to contribute?  We'll have a way for you to do that too! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Tiki Hut Gals hit Tarpon Springs

I can't believe how much Lynda Kay and Janet Lebeau and I squeezed into about 29 plus hours but we did.  Janet live sin OH and flew down to Ft Myers to visit with Lynda who then drove up here to spend Friday/Sat with us.  The girls made the mistake of telling me they wanted to see Tarpon Springs...ok.  Fasten your seat belts

I gave them the 50cent tour with an over all drive around and then it was a walk about on the Sponge Docks (don't worry Clare, you  Cuban cigar rolling honey was not there) with lunch at Dimitri's on the River.  Once refreshed it was full speed ahead.  Our next stop was the historic district sauntering here and there and then on to our favorite watering hole, Tarpon Tavern as we were 'thirsty'.  A bottle of lovely pinor grigio later, after a stop at Posh Scraps last Friday crop and a meet up with The Women Who Do Lunch bunch,  we headed home for E's French Market meatloaf with tomato gravy.
 A bit of chit chat and off to beddy bye.

This morning E wow'd us with his  Baked Apple Pancakes with Caramel Sauce and a rasher of bacon on the side. Fortified, we headed back into town to hit two places we missed yesterday, Tampa Bay Salvage (where I am salivating over another window but should finish the first first, right?)  We also checked out a new "kid" in town and were awed and delighted...check out Paul and Stephanie Stropes' uber cool shop on the Trail in Tarpon Springs, Off the Beaten Path.  And they are already expanding. Watch for the Grand Opening for Off the Beaten Path in Nov. 

At Dimitri's On the River

 Off the Beaten Path

Then we headed to Dunedin, second favorite town after my beloved Tarpon Springs.  We hit the shops I love .  Lunch at CeeCee Riders and the girls headed south to Ft. Myers and I caught the Jolly Trolley to Tarpon Tavern in Tarpon Springs to share a glass (or 2 ) of wine with my honey.

I miss you gals already...come back soon and Janet Lebeau, Jack is pining for you!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If it is Wed., then we're with the Grands

What started out as an early morning photo shoot with Colvin ended up with Leighton posing like a model and Colvin in his usual busy mode.  These are from before and after school.  Enjoy...we did!

 While the other children restricted their coloring to the papers, Landon branched out and did some lovely body painting instead.  lol

Have a great tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alive and well and living in Paradise

Sometimes things pile up and tend to overwhelm but I have found that I can knock the list down to manageable with my daily walk.  Things come into perspective, answers to problems arrive out of thin air and inspiration flows. 

So, without further ado...the Grands by popular demand.  The Twins are a few weeks shy of 3 now and our girly girl is 18 months and finally getting some here they are!

Their new super wagon...canopy, six cup holders, extra long handle (Papa loves this!), and a 'trunk' for storing necessaries.

 We had the Grands over for Mother's Day and Leighton and her tank-kini were the hit of the day!

 Joe Cool !
 Our rides to and from school Wed.-Friday are a laugh and a half.

 Colvin needs a photo shoot all his own.  He sits behind my seat and getting pics of him is hard.  He is a kit on the go and most of my shots of him are blurry.  Nana and Colvin are going to have a chat and he'll be getting his very own photo shoot!
 NOOOOOOOOOOO! not the camera again!
And this one is priceless...looking for title for this scrap worthy picture!
 Practicing for shopping with Papa.

Been busy getting product ready for the Wine Walk in Tarpon Springs May 15th (check out Bottle Works blog), participating in some challenges (see the Altered Art blog), having some fun with my gal pals, and getting ready for two dear friends to visit this weekend.  And you?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone

We're in recovery mode here in Paradise.  We had such fun, perhaps a tad too much, with our dear friend, Steve.  We took him to the airport Sat. around two and I crashed on the couch catching up on my missed programs:  Hawaii 5-0, Blue Bloods, the Good Wife and NCIS LA (not that last one was a cliff hanger!)

Our one cat, Just Jack, has not been the same since Steve left.  He keeps hunting in the guest room and in the kitchen for him.  Poor Just Jack.

I just finished two projects for Gecko Galz now that my sabbatical has ended and it was so good to work with Leanne's images once again. 

And now I am going to brag on my honey.  When we were browsing in Dunedin, I admired a bracelet and he surprised me with it as an early anniversary gift.  I told the clerk that I am truly spoiled!

So much happens in June for us.  June 1st is our 18th. Anniversary, June 6th is the kids' anniversary, June 9th is my (gasp) 66th. birthday and June 10th. is the Twins' 3rd.  This bracelet is perfect as a remembrance of all the wonderful things that have happened in the merry merry month of June!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday in Dunedin and Friday morning breakfast

After we got back from taking the Grands to school, Steve and I walked and then we all got cleaned up and headed to Dunedin for the day.  We started with lunch at Old Bay Cafe on the Gulf.  The weather has been wonderful and yesterday was perfect for sitting on the water

After a side trip to the Dragonfly Garden (and acquiring two new metal butterflies for our fence in the back), we moved next to Rosie's Tavern.

 And, since this is American Craft Beer week, we sampled one of Tampa's own.

Our next few stops were to humor me and for Steve to find a something special for his wife and our friend, DeeDee.

And this one is for my mermaid loving friends.  I'm thinking maybe Santa needs to bring our little Leighton one of these beauties.

 We strolled down Main street for some retail therapy and so Steve could find a pretty or two for his wife and our friend, DeeDee, who was working back in St. Louis.

 Sun glass Fun!

Our next stop was down the Trail to Jolli Mon's for some fun atmosphere and cold drinks.  They guys had a beer and I sampled the white Sangria which was very very nice. 

 The Beer list is for Pam Bennett and look Cynthia, Gluten free beer!  .

.Our next stop was the Dunedin Brewery and then Flanagans where I switched to iced tea.

 We made one final stop at Loggerheadz in Palm Harbor to see our friends Bob, Suzie and Justin before heading home to ribs and sides. 

This morning we met up with Kristen and Chris who had taken the day off work to get their backs adjusted.  Lucky Dill was our restaurant of choice and breakfast was wonderful. The company was even better.  It is seldom we get to socialize with the kids when they do not have the Grands.  (Pam Bennett, are you clicking on all the links to read the menus? I'm linking just for you!)

We're chilling around the house til later this afternoon.  Our plan is to walk downtown Tarpon, stop a couple of places, meet friends at Cap'n Jacks and then end the evening listening to live music and having some good food at Tarpon Tavern

Tomorrow is Steve's last day as his plane leaves tomorrow afternoon.  All we have planned is for he and I to walk into town on the Trail ending at Toula's Trailside and meet up with E for breakfast.  Steve's visit has provided us with an opportunity for a "staycation" and it has been so much fun! We'll hate to see him go.