Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My new friend from Koreshan Settlement

Posting from Paradise

Happy Wednesday to all. I had the best bike ride through the Koreshean Settlement State Park. I had only ridden once through there in the past couple of months and it was great to be back. I love this place. The sense of history is amazing. This was a utopian settlement and the members lived here until the last one died in the early 1960s and deeded it to the state for a park. The settlement started in the late 1800s and the buildings are amazing. Here is one of the current inhabitants whom I met in the course of my ride...quite a hunk, what?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Posting from Paradise

Posting from Paradise

Three Cheers for the Bench Warmers...

I figure I came within a hair's breath yesterday of joining our now famous Bench Warmers, those who have been banished from the kingdom of ckmb. I asked of Selena who was once again justifying her nastygram to Kip by saying comparing herself to pastors who cheat. I never got that one but I am older you know! lol

I am really curious about the criteria used to pull posts. Sometimes all it takes is to ask a question or defend a friend or a belief and bammmmmmmmm! there goes the post. It seems to be who you challenge or rather who is doing the challenging Others, on the otherhand, are allowed to rant and rave and name call and that remains intact.

My second question to the powers who be on our mb is why some people are banned and others who post the same or even worse allowed to remain? Again a question of criteria. The reasons for repremands and bannings is not being enforced equally, I do know that.

My third searching question concerns just that...the search engine.
When I did a search to find Selena's confess that it really was her who sent Kip the horrible and profane e-mail, and then her attempts to justify this, the only thing that comes up is her original post where she goes mistakenly after MomtoGrace. Although I understand why the mb would want to completely delete the others responses to her post, her confession is missing. Why not leave the whole thing or delete even from the search, the whole thing?

I am posting this sunset picture as it is so peaceful and serene and dedicating it to the Bench Warmers!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

What a wonderful weekend

Posting from Paradise

I can't remember when I have had so much fun...probably the last time the Crew as together for Pete's baby shower. Everyone on the mb has been so funny and seems to be really enjoying themselves this weekend...we've been playing games, applauding each others efforts with layouts and in trying to live our lives and supporting each other with genuine caring. This is how the mb is suppose to be.

Recently two of my friends were banned from the mb...neither received warnings or even notification that they were banned...they just couldn't post any more. One was defending the victims of New Orleans and the other was defending me. I miss these women. The real culprits, those who used racial slurs and those who instigated the attack against me are still around although not posting much at all. I am sure they will come up with some excuse as to why they were not active on the mb these past few a matter of fact, a couple of them already have, late at

I want to applaud some of our gals last night...this just made me smile and smile. One of the newbies posted asking gals to look at her e-bay sales items (I think it was layouts or something like that). Instead of jumping her and telling her how awful she was for posting an advertising and making her feel about 2 inches tall, these wonderful women first applauded her e-bay items and then gently told her she might not want to post that way as the mb police might misconstue it as advertising which we all know is a no no. They went so far as to give her help in getting out of any problems she may encounter unknowingly posting what she did.

You Woman ROCK...that was such a wonderful way that you handled did it with love, grace and tact. She'll be very comfortable posting again, thanks to you. BRAVO.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fall is in the air!

Posting from Paradise

It is a cooler day here in Paradise. I can almost feel the crisp air of Fall but I am probably just fooling myself. Since we have moved to the tropics, the only season I miss is Fall...we have a form of Spring; winters are fantastic and summer is no worse than the summers we had in St. Louis. But Fall....ah, I do miss fall. My friend, Gail,and my friend Moni have sent me beautiful leaves to help me placate my homesickness and that does help.

Fall leaves (no pun intended) me waxing nostalgic for "the good ol' days". We'll be heading up North in October just as we usually do and I can't wait!

Friday, September 23, 2005

A day to remember

Posting from Paradise

Today was one of the most awesome days...we took back the mb from the Negs...even a few of the "followers" joined in the fun and seemed to really enjoy themselves.

What a lot of gals forget it that a sb mb is suppose to be about having fun, challenging each other to be the best we can be and accepting each other. Who gives a flying fig if someone announces for the 18th time that BH had a baby...good for the poster. Good for the mb that someone (everyone) feels comfortable to post it whenever their heart wills them to)

I am far from being a perfect person...I have many a 58, I am well aware of myself. What I do know is this...a mb is what we (yes WE) choose it to be...not what we "allow" others to pick for us!

Do not let the NEGS take control again...we have had too much fun today to allow that to happen and yes, it is within our control!

Having a hell of a good time on the mb today...

Posting from Paradise

I got up this morning determined to have the fun on the mb that many of us have been missing. It has dawned on me (duh) that waiting for someone else to reclaim the fun times was an act of futility...that if I want something badly enough, I have to take the first step.

I've had a blast...the food poll garnered great recipes, and I don't even cook. The polls have been fun and I am really getting a kick out of the ABC game. I may not get any of my chores finished today but there is such fun to be had on the good ol' CKMB...crossing my fingers it stays this way. Back to fun!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Interesting day...ya, right!

Posting from Paradise

Well, this was one for the books. I saw a post on the mb where some gal posted that BH had her baby and some of the members chose to have some fun at her expense. She was a gal with only a few posts and was very excited about sharing something with the mb. If I were her, I'd never post again.

It seemed to me that we should stop the negativity at least for 24 hours. When I posted a challenge to the mb, someone who shall remain nameless, posted that people should take a close look at me and my posts to Kip's blog. She said I was a negative person, or insinuated this and the melay took off from there.

First, I never claimed to be a saint. I posted the 24 hour positive post to move beyond negativity for myself as much as for the mb. Negativity reproduces itself ten fold and it seems to invaded our mb. I posted the challenge for ckmb and no where else.

I meet lots of gals at conventions who know me from the mb but tell me they are hesitant to post as someone will either make fun of them or correct their spelling or the way they type so they lurk. This is such a sad thing.

And many gals wonder why I moved Smiles N Frowns to another site...that is my puppy of which I have raised carefully over the last two years and I could not bear to see that trashed by the Negs. I think :) and :( were the next target.

This is my blog and if you find offense with what I have to say, contact me here. Don't take this back to the mb...or, if you least have the decency to quote me accurately (typos and all).

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gal Pals

Posting from Paradise

Have been thinking a lot today about how important my women friends are in my life. I moved to Paradise four years ago and knew only my sister and a couple of friends of my mom's. Thanks to scrapbooking and the CKMB, I met and was fortunate enough to have made 'bestest' friends with a group of women who, in addition to being cute and having pretty feet, are the mostest of all pals.

Without these women and others I have met along the way, I'd be a very lonely gal! Thanks Pals!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Posting from Paradise

Posting from Paradise


Posting from Paradise

this layout is for should read "Sixty years young today!".

It's my honey's 60th b'day and I get the gift!

Posting from Paradise

I woke to an e-mail from Scrap Stop telling me I won first place in their Aug. contest. I had forgotten I had even entered. I was reading the e-mail newsletter and for a change, read all the way to the bottom and there it was...I won and had to contact I did and now have $25.00 gc to play with...Yeah.

Off to the dentist and then to cook French toast (one of my few edible meals) for my honey for breakfast.

We both went to the dermatologist and Gene's report from some biops was negative except for one...a spot on his neck is melanoma but HAS NO ROOTS which is the very good news. He will have this further cut away early next week...the one he has is the least harmful of all and the dr. was very optomistic (97% recovery) and will watch the spot carefully for several months after the surgery.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Smiles N Frowns has moved....

Posting from Paradise

I have reached a decision today that I am relocating Smiles N Frowns to the Deli section of Scrap Village. I post there mostly on weekends when a few good ol' gals and I hang out at the cyber fountain, occassionally filling it with soap bubbles but mostly just discussing our days.

Thena led me to SV about 3 years ago and it is a very kind and gentle site. I think Smiles N Frowns will be very happy here.

My sb room is a total mess....

Posting from Paradise

Part of the problem is I have far too much stuff, too little time, and take on too many projects all at once and this room is teeny tiny. I have tackled the reorganization and deep clean of this sty and have made far more messes in here than I have progress, or at least any I can see.

I still have tons of stuff stacked up all over the place but can't put it away until I create a place for it. I've cleaned out drawer after drawer and have gotten rid of tons (well, some).

I would love to say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel itself has disappeared under cardstock and patterned papers!

Back to work...argggggggggggggggggggggg!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Just another week in Paradise

Posting from Paradise

Today is Monday and the start of a brand new week here in Paradise. I have about six smallish projects to either finish or start and two big ones to work on. I have a lunch date with my dear artist friend, Maya on Tues and am taking my honey out to supper on his birthday on Wednesday. It is his big 60. I have a dentist apt. on Friday and then we leave for our second house hunting expedition in Tampa when I am done. I like keeping busy but this is nuts! lol. I need to clone myself. Memo to self: I am retired!!!!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sitting here high atop my pedestal....

Posting from Paradise

Last night was an interesting one. I was told that someone on my beloved message board has mentioned me in her blog. Of course, I just had to take a look/see even though I am on a sabbatical (except for the Early Birdies). Sure enough, there was a link to a blog by its owner and this was what it said:

Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Creating Keepsakes Message Board
I must say that I'm extremely tired of this message board lately. Since I
can't truly speak my mind on the board I'll use my blog to do so. Why 90% of
the people who frequent the board think we have to post about hurricane
Katrina 24/7 is beyond me! Yes, I'm sad about what has happened but we don't
need to constantly post about it. I have some beefs about certain people who
post there. Here we go. Flkipper, who died and designated you queen? Why do
you have to be such a bitch? Jules, I'm not sure what makes you think you're
better than others but you need to be knocked off that pedistal you think
you're on. Scrappingmomof4, hahah you're such a fake. I can't believe people
believe some of your crap. I could go on and on about some people but I'm
going to sign off now. That's just enough to wet your whistle.

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