Tuesday, March 01, 2016


noun: bliss

perfect happiness; great joy.
"she gave a sigh of bliss"
synonyms:joy, happiness, pleasure, delight, ecstasy, elation, rapture, euphoria
"she gave a sigh of bliss"

I've been giving lots of thought lately to bliss.  I've had time to think restricted by my knee surgery and the prolific amounts of physical therapy and doctor appointments that have followed.  And I am opting for BLISS.  When someone is in pain or recovery stages, I found I have a tendency not to appreciate the things around me that bring me bliss.  I become almost narcissistic in the focus on "poor poor me".
So, today I am turning outward and trying to focus on things that bring me bliss.   Here are just a few in no particular order.
Spontaneous hugs and kisses from the Grands

                                                      Time spent relaxing with my honey.

                                                     The beautiful flowers in our garden.

 and my morning walks around our bayou, the sunset concerts at the beach, reading on the lanai, quiet times and a day without anything to do.

I'm going to do a couple of more posts on Bliss and the feeling is lovely and, I hope contagious!