Thursday, September 22, 2005

Interesting day...ya, right!

Posting from Paradise

Well, this was one for the books. I saw a post on the mb where some gal posted that BH had her baby and some of the members chose to have some fun at her expense. She was a gal with only a few posts and was very excited about sharing something with the mb. If I were her, I'd never post again.

It seemed to me that we should stop the negativity at least for 24 hours. When I posted a challenge to the mb, someone who shall remain nameless, posted that people should take a close look at me and my posts to Kip's blog. She said I was a negative person, or insinuated this and the melay took off from there.

First, I never claimed to be a saint. I posted the 24 hour positive post to move beyond negativity for myself as much as for the mb. Negativity reproduces itself ten fold and it seems to invaded our mb. I posted the challenge for ckmb and no where else.

I meet lots of gals at conventions who know me from the mb but tell me they are hesitant to post as someone will either make fun of them or correct their spelling or the way they type so they lurk. This is such a sad thing.

And many gals wonder why I moved Smiles N Frowns to another site...that is my puppy of which I have raised carefully over the last two years and I could not bear to see that trashed by the Negs. I think :) and :( were the next target.

This is my blog and if you find offense with what I have to say, contact me here. Don't take this back to the mb...or, if you least have the decency to quote me accurately (typos and all).


Doug Bagley said...

you go girl

Tawnya's Scrappin' Blog said...

:) My thoughts exactly!!

Doug Bagley said...

You're welcome and thank you for the compliment. I have had some stuff published, but I hope to have a collection of the humor column I wrote for various publications published in book form.

Kellee said...

Jules...just gotta tell you...I love you, girl!

And my heartfelt thanks for always replying to my posts, especially when they aren't always happy ones...It's nice to know someone who's 'been there, done that' and understands!

Big hugs from Massachusetts...

Doug Bagley said...

Please do! That would be great. Anyone else is more than welcomed to also.

Sandy Gentry said...

Hello Jules
Say you had a interesting day. I was off today, so I have been on here more than I should have. I did get my laundry and ironing done.We had quail for supper, it was really good. I miss your smiles and frowns but i can undrestand why you moved. I miss Kip in the mornings, yours and her posts are the first ones I look for. Stay safe, I pray for the people in the path of Rita, sounds like it may miss Houston. Love ya Sandy

Maria said...

Hi the latest layout of your girlfriends. I'm the lady that posted about the picture of the pier, asking if it was in Naples. I saw your response that it was in Ft. Myers. WOW, it sure does look like the Naples pier. Anyhow...I also saw where you posted about house hunting in Tampa. Are you thinking of moving there? My daughter lives there and I am considering making a move there myself sometime soon. Anyhow, take care...and sorry about all this CKMB mess. I miss the Smiles N Frowns. LOL!


Lee said...

Ah, Jules. I couldn't agree more. Some people are so petty. I am very selective about which posts to read on the CKMB. I have a life outside of it, and I don't spend much time on there. I do appreciate the positive people on there, though... like *YOU*!