Friday, September 09, 2005

Sitting here high atop my pedestal....

Posting from Paradise

Last night was an interesting one. I was told that someone on my beloved message board has mentioned me in her blog. Of course, I just had to take a look/see even though I am on a sabbatical (except for the Early Birdies). Sure enough, there was a link to a blog by its owner and this was what it said:

Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Creating Keepsakes Message Board
I must say that I'm extremely tired of this message board lately. Since I
can't truly speak my mind on the board I'll use my blog to do so. Why 90% of
the people who frequent the board think we have to post about hurricane
Katrina 24/7 is beyond me! Yes, I'm sad about what has happened but we don't
need to constantly post about it. I have some beefs about certain people who
post there. Here we go. Flkipper, who died and designated you queen? Why do
you have to be such a bitch? Jules, I'm not sure what makes you think you're
better than others but you need to be knocked off that pedistal you think
you're on. Scrappingmomof4, hahah you're such a fake. I can't believe people
believe some of your crap. I could go on and on about some people but I'm
going to sign off now. That's just enough to wet your whistle.

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This blog was removed shortly after I posted a reply. So, inspired as I am by the odd and the unusual, the layout here is the result of this person's blog. Thank you sincerely...I sure had fun with this one.

Scrap on darlings!

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