Monday, October 03, 2005

Ready for Fall...

These cool Florida mornings are such a tease. The days are still in the lower 90s but less humid and often with a nice breeze off the Gulf. We are even seeing a few days in the upper 80s which is always a good sign too.

I have been playing with my new Wishblade cutting machine. I can do lots with it but still can't get it to accept the commands to cut when I try to import from my font stash. This is something that is going to take a while to figure out. Sure hope I don't forget what I do know by the time I get home from the Orlando convention and then our trip to St. Louis.

I am really looking forward to long days of play soon. I am ending up teaching at this convention from 9 am until 5pm with only half hour take down/set up time inbetween. Someone is suppose to pick up one of the classes on Friday and Sat. and I sure hope so. Standing on concrete all that time sure takes its toll on this old gal!

Bring on Fall!


Shar said...

Good morning Jules! Well, it's still morning here, way out west. LOL Love the fall layout. I'm anxiously awaiting more fun from your Wishblade too. Fonts especially. Have fun playing with it. Definitely an awesome scrapping tool!!

We have rain this morning. MUCH NEEDED rain. We've been in a drought situation for a while now here in the desert half of Washington state, so this is a nice surprise to wake up to. (Don't tell anyone that we don't get the rain we are reputed to have--it helps keep out the transplants if they believe the hype. ROFL) ;)

Have a lovely day in paradise. :)

mae said...

Hi, Jules!
I bet you ARE enjoying that new WB. I have an Apple computer and am waiting for them to put out a Mac version. I emailed Xyron week before last and their reply said that they should have a Mac version by Christmas. I hope so--it will make the perfect Christmas present for me!
What have you and your DS been up to--lots of sight-seeing? I imagine that you celebrate his arrival and hate to see him leave. I am lucky to have all of my children in the same town. However, I am sure that will change. My DIL is a 4th year med student and is praying to be able to stay here for her residency. But, she will not know for sure until Match Day in March. The other three are well established here in the old home town.
Enjoy your beautiful weather in Paradise--will "talk" soon.


Ruth said...

Hey Jules, is it criminal to say I dont even know what a wishblade is? But you make it sound so much fun perhaps I should find out. Then again sometimes Australia is so far behind I shouldn't get too excited until I am sure it is here. Have a good one mate.

Kip said...

Love that LO Jules! Talk to u soon. Was just talking to Gene as you were on the phone, lol!