Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ready, Jules, run!

Morning all, today starts the marathon I call my life! lol. Today I have a luncheon date with a pal from down the road. We meet at a tiny but very cute lss in Naples, Fl. and then go out to lunch to chat and discuss our shared passion...scrapbooking. My son arrives on Friday evening to help his "poor ol' puter illiterate mom" for the weekend.

I leave next Friday am for St. Pete to pick up Kath and Kip and we are off to the Hilltop Memories Winter Retreat where we will hook up with Terri for tons of fun. I am teaching one class, assisting with another and taking 3 myself. Can't wait.

On Sunday, I drop off Kath and the Kipster and I head home to unpack/pack and catch an early morning plane for Vegas and CHA the very next day. This will sure be fun and I will get to meet the members of the Design Team irl. They seem to be a great bunch of gals and my roomie, Kelli, is so funny. I'm taking 3 classes there and will head home on Thurs. That following Friday, we head up to Tampa to meet with the design center for our new house and with the electician the following Sat....yeah!

I'll have my laptop with me at all times (heehee) so I can stay in touch.
So, on my mark....get set....Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


mae said...

Sounds as if you will be racking up some frequent traveler miles over the next couple of weeks. I am trying not to be too envious and instead will wish you "Happy Trails", safe traveling, AND will expect lots of pics and tales!

The planning for the new home now begins in earnest. How much fun that will be for you. The time will fly and you will be all packed up for the next big life adventure before you know it. Relax, relax, relax, Jules!


Pam in Moncton said...

Have a great time at the retreat! I keep getting the emails about it and it sounds like lots of fun, especially with the crew that will be there. Happy travelling and also getting started on your house planning.

crazydarla said...

GOOD MERCY GIRL! You'll be GREEN after all that running! LOL He he! Hope you have a total blast and make zillions of good new memories to scrap and share! Don't forget the 'little people' while your gone! XOXO Darla

Kath said...

Hey Twinks! Sounds like you weren't 'down' earlier this week as you'd thought, but perhaps more like 'recharging', lol! Heaven knows you're gonna need it.
Am so glad that one of your stops involves ME! Can't wait!!!