Friday, February 24, 2006


We made it to Land O Lakes and saw a house just like ours under roof....we are going to love it! We went by the pool guy and left almost 12,000 over the budget we had set...but ya only live once, right? I have visions of us floating with foo foo drinks in hand and cool evenings in the spa!

We also checked out another lss in the area. It is too far away to be a concern. We stopped at a commercial realtors and got ideas on costs for rental space in a well traveled area...not too unreasonable.

We also learned that the development across the street from ours is also going to be a mega one...over 8,000 homes. Betting some of those women scrap, stamp or alter! That is in addition to the 8,000 planned in our community and the 5,000 plus in the one just down the street! The demagraphics are there!

Can't wait til tomorrow for the Heidi Swapp class but even more excited about seeing Kip, Anne, Janet, Kath and Teri...look out Heidi!


Pam in Moncton said...

Oh you are going to have so much fun tomorrow! Now about that pool...I can just about picture muself in there with a drink at hand! Sounds good for the store too.

Ruth said...

Looking forward to hearing your class news. What fun it will be and in such great company. Just what is the percentage of people who scrap in the US. It is still a growing business here in Australia and yet there are already so many.