Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ten things I DO NOT want to do before I die

Anne and I were talking the other day about doing layouts about the things we have done that we wanted to or things we want to do but haven't. Then we discussed things we had no desire whatsoever to do before we died...and just laughed ourselves silly.

Here is my List...what is on yours?

1. Parachute out of an airplane (bones don't heal as well or as fast at my age)

2. Find out if tapping a gator on the nose makes him shut his mouth (I also don't sprint as fast as I use to)

3. Get "Hell's Angels Forever" tatooed on my chest (although there is ample room for this and a motorcycle tatoo as well, I'll pass on the pain).

4. Parasail, paraglide or any other para event (see #1)

5. Travel to the Orient (I'd rather go back to Italy or Germany...and I don't like sushi)

6. Climb Mt. Everest (my upcoming 30 mile in one day bike ride will be sufficient, thank you very much).

7. Run a marathon (too much sweating)

8. Ride a bucking broncho (although I almost rode the mechanical bull one night out with some friends after a sb convention...and that was before we had a few toddys but we all went to another restaurant instead)

9. Take up white water rafting (I like the thrill of a quiet kayak ride down our docile Florida streams much better...more conducive to cat naps)

10. Write a book (this has been a maybe thought in the back of my mind since I was twelve but realize now that the best stories are those told by others)

What are your ten things?


Kath said...

Wow - 2 of your 'wouldn't want to do' are on my 'would definitely want to do'.
First, I LOVE white water rafting. OMG, it's so thrilling! Scary, but thrilling.
Second, write a book - lifelong goal since I was 7 yrs old. But I don't even know what I want to write it about, lol.

My ten wouldn't:
1 - agreed - wouldn't want to jump out of a plane. Would, however, love to hangglide, but am too much of a wimp.

2 - agreed - no mountain climbing for this girl - that would be more like a punishment for me!

3 - don't want to ride one of those big roller coasters. Never have; never will.

4 - don't want to go cliff diving.

5 - don't want to ride a horse nekkid thru town.

6 - don't want to pierce anything other than my ears.

7 - don't want to go spelunking - deathly afraid of caves.

8 - don't want to scuba dive - deathly afraid of being that far under weater.

9 - don't want to be a stunt woman.

10 - don't want to ever be the kind of person who'd say that if the situation were perfect, I still wouldn't do any of the above - I'd like to think I might. Just don't want to today.


Jules said...

LOL your list of ten!

Whippet said...

Hi Jules: I have to say I agree with most of your 10. I'd have to think about this subject. I still do want to write a book, ride a mechanical bull (yeehaw) - but I agree on sushi and anything that involves too much sweating. I had to get rid of my Nordic Trac for just that reason, LOL. Hope you and Anne are having wonderful days.

crazydarla said...

ROTFLMBO these are great Jules! Here goes :

I would NOT want to...
1- travel anywhere in Mexico ever again
2- survive the erruption of the great Yellowstone volcano they say will erupt someday
3- learn to drive a bus and have the responsibility of all those children on my head
4- live in a climate where the temperature is NORMALLY in the upper 90's or higher for more than a week or two of the year (ack! heat!)
5- get misc body parts tattoo'd or otherwise destroyed
6- learn to belly dance (there is just too much belly on this gal)
7- watch my children sky dive, parachute, bungie jump or any other insane activity
8- never ever again would I want to live with ANY of my in-laws
9- be left all alone in LA California for a single moment
10- shave my head, move to the woods of Northern Idaho and live amongst 'nature' with no modern convienences...nope!

Pretty wimpy , aren't I?

Pam in Moncton said... more or less have stolen my list, although I'll leave off write a book and add Kath's cliff diving! Anything that involves heights, falling or fast moving vehicles is right out of my list of things to do!

Ruth said...

Pam and I have a lot in common, not liking heights and speed are two of them. The book writing would be fun. However, I would love to belly dance, all the spare tyres would make it belly dancing with gusto! Caving, scuba diving dont think so. So many things I have no desire to do, not even sad about it. I have trouble fitting in all the things I do want to do! LOL. Sure you do too.

Lisa said...

Great list Jules. Some of those I couldn't agree with you more. I have to say that I am so intrigued by para sailing. Hang gliding also looks like a fun ride......Don't think I'll ever do it though.