Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Welcome to Limbo Land...

Our open house on Sunday brought 2 couples and 3 realtors through and no offers, at least on our house. One couple wrote a contract on the house similar to ours (but it has a small lot, no front porch, no tin roof, etc.) for 34,ooo less than our asking price. This house needs lots of work too as renters have been in and out for over a year. Oh well.

The mb is all over the place and it is hard to find people. The new mb seperates everyone even more into the nsbr and the sb crowds and the new gallery, easy as it is to upload layouts has a "popularity" factor built in...how many and who actually view your layout. Hmmmmm. SSmb is slow but picking up the pace. Thank heavens for the Monkey Board. What a refuge this has become.

Limbo Land: not much movement back or forth and that is what my problem is. I don't sit still for long periods of time well. I need to figure out a way to cope as I have absolutely no control over any of this constant Limbo Land thing. Perhaps that is the problem....


KelliBlueFrog said...

Aw, wish it had been better Jules! Of course, as soon as it sells you can make a big scrappin mess again :) You need to get out of limbo land gal, I don't stretch that far!

:Jayne said...

I got took a few minutes to check out the new gallery at CK. Seems no one is following the post directions, including the poster.


Kip said...

I think they turned off that part of the gallery where you saw who viewed what, already so that's good. I thought it was kind of interesting myself!

Hope your house sells quickly for sure as you sure don't need two mortgages!!

Whippet said...

Hi Jules:
I spent quite a bit of time in Limbo Land and it will get better. You are at the front gate and I'm almost getting ready to exit at the back gate. May we be better, stronger women for having gone through it. Oh, don't forget, I moved twice in 6 months, ROFL.