Sunday, May 21, 2006

As the waves break upon the shore...

Happiest of Sunday Blogger Folks, and it is going to be a warm one here in Paradise. My honey works from today and, depending on when he gets off, we may take a bit of our time and head to the beach for a walk.

The realtor yesterday only had one person come through our home and he was not qualified to buy it. Curiosity I guess. We have decided on a plan and, if we do not see more advertising and actual walk throughs, we will be going with a bigger realty company. I do not want to have to make two mortgage payments!

I ordered two see through containers from the Container Store to compare to the ones I got at Ruban Rouge. The ones from CS are nice but not nearly as nice as those from RR. I can't get the (what I call egg cartons) inserts to fit in the CS ones and I can only load them with about half the page kits I've put together for layouts as the RR ones. So, guess it is back to RR for more of those.

I am getting excited about teaching my class at Whims. I am hoping I get enough sign ups to do a class both Friday night and Sat. morning which makes it more worth my trip up. Can't wait until this sell the house thing is over and our new one done. I'll be about an hour out from Whims, about 30 min. from RR and my dd and ds and lots lots lots closer to my pals. Look out HIlltop Memories gals: I'll probably become a fixture at your crops.

Off to read the blogs! Have a great Sunday Posted by Picasa


:Jayne said...

Wonderful Beach Pic!
Good luck on selling the house!


Kip said...

We're eagerly awaiting your move up here! You would have had fun with us today!


Tami said...

Love the picture Jules... I have to tell you, you are so very lucky to have so many fabulous ladies so close to you, I am a bit jealous I must say, you all have a great friendship, and have the chance to share your passion with each other! You are Blessed!