Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Essence of Time

Posting from Paradise

Now that I have made more space in my life, I have returned to reading a wonderful little book called, The Art of the Moment, by Veronique Vienne. This isn't a book you have to start at the beginning and read til you are done, but something to pick up the first thing in the morning and read a page or two while sipping that first, most wonderful cup of coffee or tea or right before you put out the light and slip into lala land at night.

One line that struck me profoundly today is this: "Welcome unexpected interruptions for they are often the lead-ins for happy accidents". The phone rings, the door bell, someone pings on msn, a bell lets me know I have an e-mail , my honey asks me questions and I react and often not pleasantly. Interruptions have meant a cessation of what I had my mind set upon. I like the line. It reminds me, life is often what is happening while I am planning my life (to paraphrase J. Lennon, I think).

So, my thought for the day is to be more open to interruptions and more receptive to the opportunities they present.

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Kip said...

I have that John Lennon quote in my kitchen!