Friday, May 26, 2006

It's the Weekend in Paradise

I wasn't going to blog today because I am dealing with some issues that I would prefer not to deal with and feeling kind of blah. Then I thought of all the good things that are happening to me now and the blahs just lifted. Kind of like that old song my mom use to belt out in the kitchen, gonna leave my worries on the doorstep and (something something) to the sunny side of the street!

One of the best things in my life, besides my wonderful honey and the kids (ok, and the zany cats) are my girlfriends. First of all, they have the best sense of humor both collectively and individually. They are also outspoken, tolerate crap minimally and are there when I need them in a snap. I only hope I am half the friend that they are.

This pic was taken the evening we met for supper after our Heidi Swapp class at Ruban Rouge in Palm Harbor, Florida. We went to the pier to a Spanish restaurant and, as you will notice, we even took our honeys with us for a change. There is nothing better than good friends, good food and good wine on an evening like the one we had. I revel in their love and support.

Now, how could I have a case of the blahs when all this good and more is in my life? The only thing I do wish is that my mom could be here to celebrate what would have been her 80th. birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom! I miss you so. Posted by Picasa


Whippet said...

Congratulations on your pages being picked up. I came looking for you because I haven't seen you around lately. Sorry about the blahs - I've had them for a week now myself. I'll join you in the kitchen for a rousing version of The Sunny Side of The Street :-)

Cindy said...

Yup, we have to always focus on the positive and not waste precious energy on the negative stuff we can't really control anyway. You have much to be thankful for, and good friends are right up there next to family.


MrsLeftyFixIt said...


Sorry 'bout your blahs today. I know what you are feeling, as I lost my mother, father, grandmother, and a younger sister all within the last few years. I do miss them, but then I think of all the GREAT and GOOD times...and I thank God for all those times.

You seem to have great friends, friends that are always there when you need them. Rely on them, as they rely on you. Time heals...enjoy the memories.

Kip said...

Hugs to you and how wonderful about the LO's being picked up!! I know you've weathered some tough stuff today but it's over and you can get on with your life now. I remember that night well too- what a night of friendship for all of us!


~pam~ said...

You are the cream of the crop, and will always rise above the blahs.

Your friends are lucky to have you, and vice versa.

Eljay said...

Love ya Girlfriend and if I was there I put a big old hug on ya! Us who know and love you number greatly, and we will not allow those one or 2 to do this to you. My road is sunny today, come crop!!!