Friday, May 19, 2006

My Prima shoes

I have to stop collecting Prima flowers. I have tubs and glass bottles and plastic bins filled with Primas. I was going to give these velvet shoes to Goodwill but decided to play first. I love them now and just have to keep them for some special occassion! I hadn't had my hot gun out for eons.

We have an open house scheduled here for tomorrow from noon to three. Please keep your fingers (and all other available body parts) crossed for us. Getting an offer would be nice!

Off to swap the deck here and try to get rid of the floating cat hair dust bunnies. Bathrooms are clean and laundry done. All I have left to tackle is the (shudder) workroom. I hate having to box everything up every time we have an open house but there is no other recourse. For me, art is messy and I thrive in being surrounded by all my stuff! Posted by Picasa


mae said...

velvet slippers with primas---how adorable!!! now, that's thinking creatively!

it is time for a good offer on your house. let's hope it is this weekend!!

mae : )

Kelly said...

Those shoes look great Jules..

How long has your house been on the market? When we sold our first house to move here, our house was listed for 5 days..We got 3 offers on day 6 and even accepted one of them!

I'll keep my everything crossed for you that it sells quickly! Good Luck!!

Cheryl said...

I love them!!! I need to use some of mine to alter some of Adelina's white tennis shoes.