Friday, May 19, 2006

Tag Post: Ten Sounds I Love to Hear

Posting from Paradise

1. "Hi Hon, I'm home" from my sweetie.

2. palm fronds rubbing back and forth in a breeze

3. beach sounds (kids laughing, waves slapping on the shore,
the ice cream guy, the pop of beer

3. my gkids calling me with good news!

4. ping ping on msn which means one of my pals is wanting
to chat on-line.

5. my cats' purring

6. our realtor calling with a solid offer on our house (haven't heard this one yet)

7. great jazz

8. laughter and giggles

9. sighs of contentment

10. "Hello, is this Jules? We'd love to publish your layout entitled...............(fill in the blank!)"

I have tons more than ten sounds I love to hear but these will do for Tell me where to find your list.


Kip said...

why you can find it on my blog of course! I like beach sounds too..forgot about that one!

Cindy said...

Cats purring is a good one!

Whippet said...

Love your list. Palm fronds are great. Hope it stays quiet enough here so I can here them :-)

Anonymous said...
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