Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday in Paradise

Yesterday was pretty much a bust as I was just too tired to do much at all from my night before without much sleep. Did marginally better last night. At least after an hour of tossing and turning, I did get back to sleep.

I am knee deep in the scrapper's lament, "I have too much stuff" and part of the reason for that is that if I find something I really like, I get a couple just in case the co. stops making it...lol. I have got to purge again as, despite my continuous cleaning, sorting and giving older stuff to my dd for distribution to her scrapping pals, I still have too much.

And then there is my addition to toys: I have all but one of the Xyron adhesive machines and these take up one whole shelf in the hall closet with their replacement cartridges (big sale on those so I had to stock up, right?). I just got more ink and another cute cartridge for the Design Runner and now am thinking about a new camera. I love my 5.0 Sony Cyber Shot but it only goes to 3x on the telephoto and I could have sure used more than that at the Air and Boat show. We got talking to a guy who had a great camera (Cannon Sure Shot)that has 12x telephoto and yo could almost see the pilots teeth in the plane shots he got!! It is bigger than my Sony Cyber but WOW...the pics.

We have Altered Artists' Society meeting tonight. We're doing something really cute with wooden serving spoons, paints, Mod Podge and pictures. Will show and tell tomorrow.

The pic is a shot of the beach on Sunday....wall to wall umbrellas and people. Posted by Picasa


Kath said...

I'm beginning to think you and Kip and I need to throw all of our 'stuff' into a big pile in the middle of the floor, lock the doors, and not come out for a month! Why DID we buy all this stuff and when will we ever have time to use it all??? Oh well - enjoy trying! Hugs, Kath

Kip said...

holy shit, look at all those people.....that's why I'm glad I have my own pool and you will too...very soon!!!

Tami said...

OMG, I so wouldnt want to be on that beach! But its a great shot!!
Get some sleep jules, I know how it feels when you cant sleep, and how wonderful it feels when you do!