Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And the rest of the story

I love this pic of the kids and I. This was taken on my Mother's day Celebration on Clearwater Beach...left to right is my favorite and only son-in-law, Christopher; my dear baby girl, Kristen, and my son, Rob (the one who is SINGLE and 35) Nothing like advertising on the web, right?

My sis and I ran hither thither and yon today and got lots done. I found the HP at Big Lots that I got and that Kip wanted one of so that is done. (You'd think I'd have learned by now to buy two or three of everything and the Kipster shoud too).

We didn't go to the beach for lunch and that was ok, as I left my camera on the top of the scrapdesk. I'd have been kicking myself if we had gone to the beach and there were awesome waves and I was camera-less.

My sis is heading to Vegas over the 4th of July and has tickets to the Circus solea ( or something like that) all done to Beatles music. She is a huge fan of the Beatles and has been to two Paul McC concerts that I know of. She will have a blast in Vegas!

For some reason my blog hits doubled just since last night. I wonder why? lol Just too Wicked! Gotta love those flying monkeys! Posted by Picasa


ZoraF said...

Hi Jules!
Cirque de Soleil (I think that's how it's spelled, but not positive.) is awesome. It's REALLY modern and different, but a lot of fun. We saw Mystere when we were there a couple of years ago. The costumes and acrobatics are amazing. How fun that they're doing show with Beatles music! It sounds like you had a nice day and that's a great photo! Have a great evening! -Zora
ps.. don't forget to turn on the oven! LOL!

craftyncer said...

Oh I so wanted to make it to the Cirque that came here but missed it. Hmmm single huh? LOL to bad I'm married Oh well LOL.

crazydarla said...

Jules, you sure do know how to live it up in paradise dont' cha babes!!?? GOOD FOR YOU! I love hearing about your fun adventures and wild times and yes, your kids are beautiful!!
Loves you, Darla

Just another JULES BLOG ADDICT...hee hee

Pam in Moncton said...

That's Cirque de Soleil, Jules! It's French for circus of the sun and they are originanly from Montreal (like me, only I'm not nearly as good at the acrobatics). I'm going to that same show at the end of June with Alix. Nice picture!

mae said...

I have never been to Vegas. I think everyone should go at least once before they die. I guess that means I will be here for a while longer!

Cute "kids", Jules. Isn't it great when they grow up and allow you to be their friend?

: )