Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blog Challenge

Posting from Paradise
I want: the war over and our young people home safely

I have: a great life

I wish: this house would sell NOW!

I hate: not having things resolved.

I miss: my mom and Papa Joe, my Aunt Marion and Uncle Harlan

I hear: the birds outside my window

I wonder: whatever happened so some of my high school pals

I regret: not much. My past has contributed to my present and I am pretty fond of who I am.

I am not: a patient person

I dance: slow with my honey in the kitchen while he cooks

I sing: loudly in the car and shower but not well anywhere else.

I cry: over the Publix commercials during the holidays

I am not always: considerate

I make with my hands: art

I write: fun poetry

I confuse: lots on the computer

I need: quiet me time

I should: get serious about this weight thing

I start: my morning with coffee, paper with my hubby and a chat with the girls on msn.

I finish: each day with a kiss and a smile.

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:Jayne said...

Love your list!