Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Happy Hurricane Season

Last night, the little fella pictured with me, was a snuggly cat . The wind raged and the rain fell loudly on our tin roof and Goofy, the cat, could not get close enough to me.
This hurricane is a small, disorganized one and, with any luck, will be the worst of the many the weather folks say we will be getting this season.
The waves at the beach from what I've seen on the morning news, are big enough for surfing which is rare for this coast. I am sure some of our local Gidgets and Moon Doggies will be giving them a try today.
I have some kits to put together today for my Sat. class at Whim's in St. Pete (see Jules' Creations for a sample of this class). I created another fun class that we'll turn into a kit for sale next fall and will post that when I make arrangements to teach it somewhere.
My honey and I bought a beautiful painting of an Italian coast that goes great with our two Chao Youngs' of Venice. When E brings it home today, I'll post a pic. This reminds me of Burano which was one of my favorite stops on our tour last summer.
We are on the search for a new realtor. I feel going with a "big name" may be just what we need. No one can buy this house if they don't know it is for sale, obviously. There we no pics in the local papers at all and that is what we need. Wish us luck. Posted by Picasa


Pam in Moncton said...

I always think of my friends in "hurricane land" and I hope you don't get as many storms as last year, though they are projecting a bad year and even some that will make their way to us. Cute that the cat was so snuggly. We have a BIG dog who hides in the bathroom whenever there is a thunderstorm, and as it is a small bathroom, he takes up all the floor! Love your tote, by the way. Jillybean is a sweetheart!

Kath said...

I love that picture, twinks! Can't wait til Friday! Kath

Tami said...

So glad you all are safe down there, I was watching CNN late last night, and thought about you all. Stay safe there in Paradise!

nickle831 said...

Love the picture!!

Sunny said...

Jules, I LOVE that picture of you and Goofy! Peggy