Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's the Weekend under the palms

Posting from Paradise

It is a bit overcast here in Paradise today. We all slept in some after sitting up late chatting about 'the good old days' while Rob and Chris worked on my computers. I had a great birthday and thanks to those who send me well wishes in all kinds of ways.

I am still having problems with my kidney but am feeling a tad bit better as each dose of the meds goes down and as each day passes. I spoke with a dear friend of mine whose husband is having actual renal failure problems and that certainly puts my health issue in prospective. (Moni, keeping Nick in my thoughts and prayers!)

We have a full day planned here in Paradise. The kids are going to contiunue working on my computer, E is at work until 2:30 when he will pick up my sister and bring her over for my Birthday BBQ. We are all on South Beach of some sort so the chicken and veggies will be grilled.

I am feeling good enough to even try a short bike ride this morning. Not planning on going far as I get tired so easily. My SU rep said her mom was very tired when her body was trying to pass a kidney stone and this is what the dr. thinks is wrong. Blood results come back mid week so we'll see.

I miss the is time for you to come home, if you are reading this. If you have not been to Kip's blog, do so. Her pics of AZ are amazing. Glad you are having fun, pal.

Will upload some pics from my birthday lunch out tomorrow. It is hard to do that from Harry but Minnie the laptop is a dream. Unfortunately, my son in law, has me accidently (always assume the best, right? lol) locked out of Minnie!

Have a great day!

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