Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lunch in Lutz

I am not exactly sure where Land O Lakes stops and Lutz begins but somewhere near both is where we stopped for lunch yesterday before we headed back to Ft. Myers after visiting our new home.
This is the cutest place on a lake called Ukelele Brand's Restaurant. I had the Buffalo Chicken salad and it was so big, I couldn't finish it. Tons of chicken too...not just lettuce. E had a juicy burger with all the fixings and loved it .
This is our kind of place: cute, friendly help, good food and cold beer. The prices were very reasonable too with daily specials. I loved the little area that is out over the water. The dining room is screened but there is an area under air towards the street side. We'll be returning to this and the other restaurant, Rapscillions for sure!

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