Thursday, June 08, 2006

One day left of being 58!

Today is my last day to be 58. When I wake tomorrow morning, I will have turned 59 and will be on my way to the big 60. This is the year I said I would bike 30 miles in one day. This is the year I swore I would give up one more bad habit. This is the year I declared I would move into the slow lane and enjoy the scenery and the moment more. Sounds like I need a plan!
This was the amazing supper that my personal chef, my honey, fixed us last night. It is called a Tropical Spinach Salad w/Fresh Basil Vinaigrette dressing. I love it when we eat fresh and healthy. The best part is the goat rich and creamy and, my personal favorite fruit, raspberries!
We were up bright and early and off to what I call the Vampire Clinic. I had to have blood drawn to try to find out what is up with my left kidney. The dr. kept talking about kidney stones which everyone tells me passing are worse than child birth. This will be a relief to me to find out that is all that is wrong. My mother's cancer started in her kidney. Best case scenerio is an infections. The gal who drew my blood is my new heroine. I have "floating veins" and they are small so hard to get the needle in easily. I ususally either get light headed and pass out or throw up afterwards with all the prodding etc. This wonderful woman just slid the needle in, drew the blood and done. All the while E was holding my hand and chatting away a mile a minute to distract me. The blood gal was great.
Off to eat...I had to fast for ten hours for the blood work and I am starving. Posted by Picasa


Gail said...

Any chance you can post the recipe for that delicious-looking dish? Are those mango slices on there? Looks wonderful! I want some of that.

Jules said...

Recipe: (baby spinach 5 oz, mango slices, 2; red onion sliced half med.; crumbled goat cheese 4 oz;raspberries 1 cup; chopped pistachio nuts 1/3 to 1/2 cup)

For basil vinaigrette: process 1/4 c fresh basil, 1/4 c raspberry vinegar, 1teas Dijon, 1 garlic clove, 1/4 teas salt and same pepper. With processor running, add 3/4 c EEVO. Process til smooth. Serve with citur marinated (E used Lawry's Tequila Lime)grilled shrimp, pork tenderloin or chicken.

Arrange spinach on lg. platter, top evening with assorted goodies(see ingredients list) and serve with fresh basil vinarigrette dressing.

Jillybean said...

OMG! That looks so good!! Thank you for posting the recipe. My kids will hate it, but dh and I will love it.


mae said...

YUMMY---that does look delish! So colorful! Beautiful picture.

Glad you had a nice vampire!


Cheryl said...

What a salad! I'm printing out the recipe now and putting the ingredients on my shopping list.

One day, huh? So, are you going to send it off with a BANG?

Have a great day Jules and I hope you DON'T have a stone.


sue said...

Hugs to you. Glad your blood work went smoothly. I can relate with blood work/test/whatever....
My mother (what an angel she was... just 37).. passed away of cancer when I was just a young girl. I pray you will be up and feeling chipper tomorrow on your wonderful special day!!
Luvs and hugs.

katie said...

I'm pretty slick when it comes to getting blood, so if you're ever up this way, or I down yours, will be glad to oblige you. Many of my patients ask me when I'm going to take their blood and are surprised that I am already done.
Hope all the news is GOOD!!!!!