Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Traveling from Paradise

Last year a convention took me to San Francisco. After working the booth and teaching some classes, we had a break and played tourist. I had not been to San Fran in over twenty years and Brian and Dana were ready to explore too. We had lunch in Sausalito at this wonderful little restaurant. It was very cute and quaintly nautical and the food was freash and flavorful. We did it all: the pier, Golden Gate Bridge, the trolley car rides, the curvey streets, China town and the Presidio, which, for some reason just intriqued me.
Due to time constraints, we skipped the boat trip to Alcatraz but it is always there in the Bay.

I am ready for a road trip of some kind. My wonderlust has kicked into high gear. What with my honey working more than part time hours, I don't think we'll be able to give in to craving for some time. I do have a short trip planned to visit Kip and teach a class at Whim's (see Jules' Creations for times and dates of my June and July classes) so I guess I'll have to call that a road trip. Of course, driving over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge is always an adventure for me! Have a good one. Posted by Picasa


Gail said...

Jules, you just hop on a plane to Burlington or Manchester and I'll take you on a road trip of the Northeast. We can hit every LSS and Early Bird in 4-5 states, okay?

Cheryl said...

OOOOOO, I love San Francisco!! I was sent there for a month for training and Vince joined me one week and we had a blast. You can hop over to Texas anytime you want! We can get in the RV and head down to the hill country and see Nichole & RobinR.


crazydarla said...

That is just ONE of the many many things I love about you Jules, your sense of adventure and "wanderlust"... (always loved that word!!) You have so much love for life... for adventure, I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU!


Sunny said...

Hey Jules, I know what you mean about wanderlust. DH and I are thinking about taking a 1-day bus trip to NYC next weekend. I've never been to San Francisco. Want to go??

Whippet said...

Good Morning. When you get all finished moving, head on over to the east coast :-)

sue said...

Oh my gosh... I hope it's not too late to add....
Jules if you are ever in N. CA. I would love to meet you!! San Fran is just two hours or less (traffic) from Sacramento. I would be there in a heartbeat. We'd have a ball!!