Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday under the palms

Posting from Paradise

I've got a busy day here in Paradise. After I drop E off at work at 10:30, I am heading to Naples to meet Arlene for lunch at Tin City, a cute toursisty place on the water with great food. I'm thinking a foo foo drink with an umbrella and a seafood salad! We'll shop, eat and chat. Arlene and I try to get together and catch up with one another once a month or so. We met through a scrapping message board and I think she is just too much fun!

Within one hour of signing with our new realtor (who happens to be married to my favorite niece), he had arranged for an ad in Friday's Open House paper and has an open house, with plenty of signs, for this Sat. I think we may take a road trip up to see our new house which is being framed as we speak. I am more optiomistic about a sale than I have been in a long time...crossed fingers and assorted other body parts are appreciated!

Since the start of June, I've had a letter accepted for publication in ScrapBook Answers magazine and yesterday found out one of my tips is going to be published too. I wrote the editor back and told her that I was "slowly but surely worming my way into their hearts" so they'd publish one of my many submissions to their mag. I do believe name recognition does play a part in getting published or at least in getting your work looked at more seriously. Who knows?
This is and has been my favorite scrapping mag since it came out!

Off to the hot tub with my java and my achey back and body after all the scrubbing we did yesterday. We do have a sparkly clean front porch, fountain and front of the house!

Enjoy your day all!


katie said...

All apendages crossed here.
Lunch sounds fun.
Achey backs seem to be the trend today. Have been busily trying to make some neatness out of my chaos all night and am now off to bathe and bed and hopefully sleep, as yesterday was "pitsy" for sleep, but hopefully have tired myself out as it's back to work tonight.
House-selling vibes sent your way.

nickle831 said...

Hey Jules how about dropping my name in one of your letters? LOL J/K Great Job on getting your tip published!

Pam in Moncton said...

Congratualtions on the publications Jules! It's only a matter of time before we see your layouts in there. Keeping fingers crossed that your new realtor does some magic and you get the house sold soon.

Ruth said...

Good news on the home selling front. Everything sounds a lot more promising. Hope your aches and pains are easily controlled and short lived.