Saturday, June 24, 2006

Welcome to our new home...

I have no idea what order the pics are printing out here as all I can see are red xs.
The one with E is him in his new kitchen. The one with me is in my new scraproom which looks to the front of the house and has maginificient windows. One is of the front our house. We are going to petition the architectural committee to put up railing and eventually, screening on the front like in the house we have now. Another is a view down the side of the house. The first set of windows is the bath between my work room and the guest room, the second high set is our dining room and the last set is the one above our garden bath.
These look out onto the bike path...ah, lots of nice plantation shutters, etc. lol
One view is of our dining has an arched alcove and two high windows which I plan on some sort of stained glass thing. One view is of our pool and the hot tub which waterfalls into the pool and another view is of our great room looking out the french doors to the lanai and pool.

Gotta sell this heart has moved.


Kip said...

wow, looks terrific!! I"m surprised they didn't do french doors from your bedroom out to the pool or did you not want that?

Shar said...

Oh wow! It won't be long now, Jules! Woohoo!!!

Cindy said...

Oh Jules, this is going to ba a fabulous home. Isn't building fun? Larry and I have done it once and I would love to do it again.