Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Living in Limbo in Paradise

Posting from Paradise
We've had 3 people looking at the house in the past week. This is really good news for us and is one more than looked then entire 3 months the other realtor had the listing. One guy is a walk in from the street and E gave him the grand tour, one is a realtor looking for his client who travels lots and one guy came with a realtor and loved the place. All three are due back later this week or early next (the two lookers with their wives) so keep those body parts crossed.It is like we are living in Limbo lately. Everything is taking place north from us (or near where we are moving). When this house was being built we came by every day to watch the progress. Now, with this new house, we get by once every six weeks or so. There are activities we are having to miss and being able to spend lots of time with our friends and family. I got an e-mail this morning from a friend of mine asking if I was going to the Scrapbook Answers Retreat in AZ...boy, I sure wish I was. My pal, Jen, is going to be there and I'd love to crop with her. She has the cutest little dog and I know she has an on-going album. I also think a couple of other friends are planning on attending too but it is out of the question for this year. If I knew we had a contract on this house, I'd book it so fast!I am looking forward to the retreat in Aug to the Paradise Found and the swim with the manatee...I need to find a face mask and take the bows off an old pair of glasses so I can see when I do this. (thanks for the idea Ginni). Kip is going so this will really be fun.I'll post some pics of my grandpuppies that I took this past weekend later today. These babies now both weigh 50lbs each!


mae said...

Kip, sounds like switching realtors was a good decision. As long as there are people looking, the house will sell, hopefully anyday now. THEN, you can get back to the basics of living, enjoying your friends and family.

: )

mae said...

OOPS! of course I meant to say "Juls". not Kip. Too early for me!LOL!!!


RobinFL said...

...a second showing on a house is definitely a very good sign. I really hope one of these works into a contract for you...so you can move on. Being in limbo stinks!!

Robin :-)

Jennifer said...

OOh...this sounds like it could be promising. Maybe they will get into a bidding war and you get more money then you are asking...I will keep my body parts crossed that you get a contract soon.


:Jayne said...

Have everything crossed, even the hairs on my head! Sounds promising!


Eljay said...

One of these 3 are going to be it, I can feel it in my bones. This is going happen. Soon you will be in the thick of things here!!

Ruth said...

What sort of puppy weighs 50lbs? That sounds huge. Good news on the house, crossing my body parts (well the ones I dont need anyway).