Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More from the weekend

Here are the Rubber Suit Girls ready to leave for our Manatee Swim.

Name that Rubber Suit Girl! We all looked lovely beyond compare in our slimming black attire and the fashionably colored goggles and snorkle.
And here is another of the gentle giants. These manatee are amazing creatures and seemed just as curious about us as we were about them. And the last pic is of one of the two crop areas. Some gals got lots done...me, you ask? Hmmmmmmmm. I did start two layouts which I finished at home yesterday. They are posted below.

And now it is back to reality. My laundry is done, my scrapbag unpacked and the futon in my work room is covered with its usual array of papers, supplies etc. I'm really home now.

We have been told that we will PROBABLY (key word there) have a contract on the house by the end of the week. The couple want to look over the community associations' documents. It will have to be a contingency contract which means that them buying our house is contingent upon them selling theirs. Not really ideal from our point of view. We had our realtor tell them that we will continue to show the house and they will have first right of refusal when we get another buyer.

Our new house is coming along wonderfully. It is nice to see things like the pool tiles and the cabinets in place as neither of us could remember what we ordered. lol Will post a couple of house pics tomorrow. Posted by Picasa


Gwyn said...

Such fun! I too had a wetsuit experience recently in Scotland when we went whitewater rafting. No one had waterproof cameras, however, and I kind of regret that. Kind of. LOL

KLC said...

The memories this brought back - LOL! I got your hints about classes - will be looking forward to when Ros and I can join you!
Thanks for the laughs!

mae said...

Congrats on the possible contract on your house. Maybe things are beginning to fall into place? LOVED the pics!