Monday, August 28, 2006

Reinventing the wheel

Posting from Paradise

Have you ever had to reinvent who you are? I've done this several times. It is something everyone has to do but the important thing is not lose yourself in the process. My dd called tonight and, due to a shortage in numbers at her new school, she is no longer a classroom teacher which is what she has been for the last 8 years of her life and now she is the Assistant Librarian and one of the Reading Specialists...but no one has given her a job description for either or a place to hang her hat.

The first time I had to reinvent myself was the change from high school English teacher to pregnant Army officer's wife. I was asked to "hold my water" during various tours of the base, to wear more attractive maternity clothes (no pay for 2 mo.) and to get calling

The next reinvention was when I was trying to get back into the teaching field. I was a substitute for a bit and then got offered at teacher's assistance job (at the time, this was a sure shoe in to a teacher's job). The first day, I was told that I would be working for two teams...I graded all the papers for 6 teachers, averaged all their grades and wrote lesson plans and for this glorious job, I made 2.75 an hour. I did it for 5 mo. and got my job. I had more experience than 4 of the 6 teachers and was treated like someone hired off the sidewalk.

My next reinvention took place when I retired. As glad as I was to get out of an intolerable situation (no discipline enforcement, no students held accountable for their actions, etc.), I had to figure out exactly who I now that I was no longer Teacher.

When I got divorced in 1986, that was a reinvention too. I had been the wife of someone who owned his own company. I was the woman behind the man. What I eventually discovered was that the woman behind the man wasn't always the woman under the man! LOL...on to being a single gal!

Then, my honey and I connected and I was once again a I was someone's honey...the love of someone's life, probably for the first time. And retirement brought still another reinvention of the wheel that is me.

Through my many reinventions has come me: I am a vibrant, interesting, funny, happy and slightly chubby older woman. I have a wonderful husband, two great kids, a super son-in-law, a life and many friends who support me in whatever it is I am up to at the moment....bless you.


Yvonne said...

Isn't it something how each time we have to reinvent ourselves that we end up growing and learning something about ourselves. Yep, I like us just the way we are now.

crazydarla said...

I love your analysis of 'reinventing' cool, so fresh. I guess I have had to reinvent myself a few times, but nothing too major, does that make me lucky? hmmmm?

katie said...

Never thought of it exactly thatway....will ponder on it, I feel a SB page coming out of that idea.
Can't wait to see you new "invention."

Eljay said...

I know I would have loved you as any of those. Glad to know YOU.

Ruth said...

Yes, I think I am a woman of many reinventions myself. Necessity has made me highly adaptable. Perhaps life has made us adaptable but it is a good way to be. Reinventions have taken place from house to house, state to state and town to town. With every reinvention we learn something new about ourselves. But you know what, those reinventions have made us unique and special. You my dear friend are one very special unique lady.